Late night thoughts

Monday, 6 July 2015

Feeling a little heavy-hearted as I always do the nights before H leaves for his work trips. He has been travelling frequently for work lately and I'm just :'( :'( :'(  There is the incessant worry about his safety when he leaves home. As I go about the days doing my things, I spend my nights looking forward to his return. Nights at home alone are well, lonely. I am totally fine with my own company, and alone time like these bring me back to my flying days. Only now, the roles are reversed. I fully understand the emptiness H felt for the 3 years when he dropped me off at the airport for my flights and the relief when I was safely back in his arms.

A lot of people know me as being "cold", "quiet" or "not easily amused" but I prefer to describe myself as "calm", "mature" and "not as expressive". I am only talkative, crazy and willing to share my opinions around selective people because to be honest, a lot of humans feel easily offended these days. Perhaps it is due to the low level of understanding among different parties or perhaps the horoscope/zodiac signs just don't get along. I don't like arguments and I would largely avoid it before a spark is even ignited because...pointless, a waste of time and all parties get hurt.

I didn't mean to digress but I just thought about how amazing it is to have H who truly understands me, stands by me and supports me in all ways. I believe this is the best kind of love and trust someone can give to anyone.

Looking forward to picking H up from the airport already. <3

Northern Lights in Iceland

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

One of the main reasons why H and I headed to Iceland last December for our honeymoon was to catch the aurora borealis, also known as the northern lights. We did not do much research on it as I previously came across the Northern Lights tour provided by Reykjavik Excursions. It costs approximately S$70 and any one can book direct through the website or through the hotel concierge up to an hour before departure like what H and I did. And the best thing is, if you didn't manage to catch the aurora borealis on your first night, you can join RE on consecutive nights UNTIL you see the dancing lights, with no additional charges.

If you saw my post from half a year ago, you would've known that catching the northern lights is HARD WORK. Of the 5 nights we spent in Iceland, it rained on one of them and the other three nights were spent in the cold/on the tour bus as we waited in vain. Just imagine our excitement when we finally saw a streak of pale green stretching across the pitch black northern sky on our last night in Iceland. It was the start of a beautiful (though freezing) night.

We enjoyed a magnificent display of lights in a vast plain field with nothing but strong winds and snow/ice beneath our feet. I stood in awe under the skies, forgetting the cold for a moment as I admired what was before me. My eyes couldn't take everything in at one glance. I turned myself round and round as I saw the northern lights changed its shapes. It exploded from a slim long streak and gradually filled up the entire canvas with green, red and plum. It was magical. The Earth always surprises. The world is so huge and amazing. My heart was bursting with joy, love and gratitude as I took in the sight before me. I feel so thankful and blessed to exist as I get to realise my dreams and do the things I want. Thank you, Universe.

Iceland was an unforgettable experience. I miss that country so much and I will definitely head back again.


Nanning Snaps

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Last week saw H and I taking a trip back to Nanning (南宁) to visit his parents. A lot of people usually ask, "Where's that?" when they heard that H's hometown is in Nanning. I guess my husband is now used to that because I have also never heard of this city, the capital of Guangxi (广西) province, till I met him. When he mentioned Guilin, a 3-hour car journey away, many (including me) went "OOHHHH". Guilin, also in Guangxi, is like the favoured child with its scenic landscapes and mountains whereas poor Nanning, the neglected child, has no iconic tourist attractions. Well, unless Dazzling Cafe counts?

Armed with our camera after a bowl of 老友面, H and I went in search of a location to take my flight outfit and we found this busy street with a non-stop flow of traffic. I was photobombed by women with umbrellas and honked by locals on electric scooters. Shopkeepers looked on in amusement as I crossed the street countless times trying to get the perfect shots. It was fun though I wish the weather could be a little kinder to us, especially to H, whose shirt had a huge patch of perspiration on the back when we were done, and a straight line as a mouth.

Also, I'm definitely gonna make an effort to go for monthly hair treatments at Pro Trim because I am finally seeing improvement in my hair texture after all the Keratase treatments Elva (my hair stylist in JEM) arranged for me. Not only that, my tresses are so much more manageable after absorbing all the nutrients so I actually spent lesser preparation time in Nanning to look presentable!

OOTD details:
Vest from Theory of Seven
Top from Taobao
Shorts from Forever 21
Shoes from ECCO
Bag from Balenciaga