#followmeto Jurong Point Shopping Centre

Friday, 1 July 2016

Watch the video I did with Jurong Point here

If you are wondering what am I doing in Jurong Point Shopping Centre, well, because I travel for food and shopping. I recently discover I can have all my favourite Asian food under one roof. Jurong Point has a Malaysia themed food court - Malaysia Boleh and so, HELLO THERE KL black hokkien mee! Penang char kway teow! Please also treat yourself to the Hong Kong delicacies at Mongkok (located on Level 3) and do stop by Tuk Tuk Cha for authentic Thai Iced Tea! Ahh, simple food like these make me so happy and I'm glad I don't have to fly to separate destinations to get my cravings satiated.

Thankfully, other than food, there's lots to do in Jurong Point (it's the largest suburban mall in Singapore, after all!) so you will see me popping in and out of stores after my meal. In fact, I can spend an entire afternoon in the mall because it's so huge and there is everything I need.

I thought it'll be fun to do up a shopping guide as you #followmeto Jurong Point, your next fashion destination, as I play dress up in the stores and share some of my picks since it's the GSS, also known as the best time to shop during the year.

First stop, Esprit (#01-34, JP1)!

I picked 3 outfits from the huge selection available in store. For something more formal/dressy, I don't think you could go wrong with a maxi dress (the chambray fabric was so soft on the skin btw!). Add on a straw hat and a knit cover-up for that beach vacation and there you go, additional mileage for the dress!

If you are doing casual for the weekend, my picks are the soft printed blouses and shorts or the off-shoulder playsuit. The leather selection in classic and earthy tones will add an edge to your outfit.

Other similar store alternatives I'd recommend are Uniqlo and G2000.

Moving on, located in the same wing as Esprit, is Bonia (#01-02, JP1).

Aren't those floral embellished bags the cutest designs you've seen this week?? I love Bonia's recent trendy designs. They are fun and cute and are definitely gonna make a statement with your outfits. If girly is not up your alley, opt for the safer colours and classic silhouettes!

I guess it is pretty obvious the petite cross body is my favourite of all. In fact, it was the first bag I reached out for after I entered the store!

So we've got our outfit and bag settled, it's time for the shoes.

Contrary to popular beliefs, Anna Nucci (#01-11, JP2) is not just for the brides-to-be. Personally, I feel there is a good mix of the style of shoes available for different occasions. I am not very adventurous when it comes to footwear and I tend to stick to simple designs and colours but the denim sandals with embroidered wedge stole my heart. The height was comfortable and they were so easy to walk in!

Head over to Charles & Keith, DMK and Jelly Bunny for more shoe shopping!

And for my last stop of the day, I went to browse for some accessories at Talisman's (#03-67, JP2) to spice up my wardrobe. This is the place if you are looking for a funky headgear, chunky necklace or costume jewellery.

You can also check out Lovisa on Level 1 if you are looking for accessories adorned with precious stones.


I hope you are getting excited because Jurong Point Shopping Centre has even MORE to offer. As if >100 fashion retailers at Jurong Point are not enough, from today till 10th July 2016, there is a 10-day pop-up event known as "Wardrobe U" happening at Jurong Point, level B1 of JP1 and JP2! Shoppers like you and me can look forward to first-to-launch island wide collections and enjoy discounts of up to 75%!

The event space has been uniquely transformed into a 200-metres long walk-in wardrobe, housing the season’s latest styles. Here, you’d be sure to find fashion forward items or style staples to build your dream wardrobe.

Some of the participating brands are:
- Chomel
- The Dress Society
- Kappa
- Mitju
- Nu Jelly
- Purpur

What's more - first 500 shoppers to spend $100 ($150 at partner merchants, max 2 combined same-day receipts) at Wardrobe U retailers* will receive a $50 fashion voucher!! You're literally spending to save!

*Visit http://www.jurongpoint.com.sg/mallpromotions for more information.

Hang on, there's MORE. Get yourself in the Jurong Point lucky draw by spending a minimum of $50 (maximum 2 same-day receipts) at any fashion stores and/or Wardrobe U from now till 31 August 2016 to qualify for the fashion e-draw! Every $50 spend gives you one chance ($150 will give you 3 chances!) and ONE lucky winner will walk away with $10,000 (what!!) worth of JP gift vouchers!

If you've been eyeing that bag/dress for a while now, I hope I gave you enough reasons to shop this month :) See you at Jurong Point this weekend if you're gonna be there too! x

Staying Cool with GRANA

Friday, 10 June 2016

I'll be honest - I love wearing long pants. However, most times I'm not seen in long pants or even a maxi skirt is due to the warmth and humidity we get in Singapore. You have no idea how often I change in and out of a pair of jeans/pants at home before settling on something above the knees because ugh, weather!

I'm excited to share the solution to staying cool is none other than wearing Chinese silk! I paired the Silk Ankle Pants in Off White and Silk Shell in Chocolate, both from GRANA. This is probably the first time I'm wearing delicate silk and the breathable fabric feels insanely luxurious on the skin, almost like second skin. The outfit kept me cool and my legs definitely do not feel suffocated!

One thing I love about GRANA (other than the fabrics they use) is the huge array of colours they offer. Depending on the colours you choose, pairing the same designs can give off a different feel or it can be worn for different occasions. You should head over to GRANA's Instagram to check out how others are playing with the colours - lots of inspiration there!

GRANA (https://www.grana.com) is offering 10% discount + free international shipping for all orders with the code "JESSxGRANA". The code is valid till 10 July 2016, so head over, get some colours and let's stay cool together ;)

p/s: I wear XXS for both the Silk Ankle Pants in Off White (Short) and Silk Shell in Chocolate.

Nara Deer Park

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

When H and I were in Osaka, we took a half-day trip to Nara with my sister and her boyfriend. Our only reason for heading to Nara was to the deer park to spend a couple of hours with the sacred deers and it was so much fun!!

Here's a selfie with a chillin' male deer.

Our hotel, Hotel Sunroute Osaka Namba is located at Nippombashi and there is a direct JR train to Kintetsu Nara Station which costs 560yen and takes approximately 40 minutes. Very convenient and easily accessible.

There's a supposedly famous mochi store near the train station so we went in search for it before making our way to the deers.

I don't know what's the exact address, just google map Nakatanido and you'll get there in about 5 minutes by foot.

We only got a piece each and it was actually quite good! I think there's only one flavour available and it's filled with smooth red bean. 130yen/pc

The 4 of us were feeling a little cautious when we first spotted deers 'cause I've heard people mentioned how they're aggressive?!

They're not at all!!

My sister's friend took a video of deers bowing/nodding to her because they want the treats she's holding in her hand hahaha it was super cute. I didn't take any videos but you can go to the Nara Park geotag on my Instagram (@tippytapp) photos to see what others upload!

After walking around for half an hour and observing how others behave around the deers and vice versa, we finally decided to buy the deer biscuits (150yen) and get ourselves surrounded hahaha.

I kept the biscuits in my pocket because I didn't want to finish them so quickly so I only took out one piece each time and break them into smaller pieces. The deers were sniffing my clothes/bag for treats but they didn't get aggressive at all. Pretty unlike monkeys I guess?

I started attracting them the moment the biscuits were out and it was a little overwhelming initially. Towards the end of the day though, I was waving my biscuits in the air to attract them to come to me hahaha.

The deers always want more, moreeee and after a while, we realized THIS is the sign to show them we've no more treats. Yup, surrender with your hands up and they understand! They'll leave you alone after that to bug other tourists haha.

There was this lone deer chilling by himself so I thought we should go get a picture with him 'cause I like the antlers haha. We were trying to "coax" him to turn his head towards the camera (yeah, like he understands ya) but I think he got annoyed with us after 10 seconds and he just stood up and walked away.



Never mind, we joined a bunch of others for a group photo 😎

Feeding with my sister who towers over me 🙆

Osaka isn't that exciting to us so I'd totally recommend taking a half-day trip out to Nara.

The deers are very endeering and they are pretty docile in nature. I think many mistook greedy for aggressiveness...although one of the deers did chew on H's shirt - too hungry, probably hahaha.

Do note there's nothing much to do in Nara though! We had a late tonkatsu lunch (which wasn't fantastic despite ranking high on Tripadvisor) then headed back to Osaka.

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