LolliPOP-Up Jipaban x Blogger Bazaar Party!

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Hello guys!

How are you spending your Sunday afternoon?
I'll be at the Jipaban x Blogger flea held at Zouk!

There'll be lots of fun, food and discounted shopping with other favourite bloggers of yours!

Yup, they spelled Tippytapp without the extra 'p' at the end.
Happens too often like how some misspell my email address haha.
Anyhow, my booth will be right under the DJ console so come over and say hi okay!

I will be selling clothes, shoes, books, etc, all for less than $10!
Will also be bringing the Hermes CDC cuff so if you're interested, 
you can actually check the condition, 
try it on there before deciding if you want to purchase it!
I'm letting it go at $950 :)

Find out more about the party here and remember to mark your attendance!

See you all then!!

It's all in the details

Sunday, 26 May 2013

This post's title says it all - It's all in the details.
On the surface it looks just like another B/W outfit.
But if you take time to notice,
 you'll love the intricate lace sewn on the sides of the shorts,
and the surprise the basic tank top has in store at the back.

。A blogshop's tank top 。
。Miss Selfridge shorts 。
。Vintage Chanel bag 。
。Overworn TippyJess necklace 。
。Overworn Melissa flats 。
。Massimo Dutti watch 。

p/s: we have a pair of similar shorts coming up on TippyJess,
wait for it! ;)

p/p/s: I am unable to view all the comments from my last few posts
probably due to a glitch in the new Imotiv system.
Will reply accordingly when it's been fixed!

My shopping haul from Sephora!

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

I've previously informed you girls about the storewide sale Sephora was having right! 
Did you get anything??? 
I think I spent at least an hour browsing and deliberating 
in the store before deciding on my final purchases!

Guess what!
Looks like a telephone set hahaha

I finally bought the Clarisonic Mia 2!
I was instantly SOLD when the sales assistant tried it on my hand.
Pores were visibly smaller/nonexistent, 
and the back of my hand felt much smoother and cleaner!
I couldn't wait to try it on my face!

It's not easy for promoters to hard sell me and get my money.
When I cave in, it is usually something good!

I've been using it every night since the day of the purchase, 
will post a review of it after a longer usage!

I rotate between a couple of facial cleansers so I got another tube from Fresh :)

I've always wanted to try Fresh's face mask so I decided on the Rose Face Mask out of the three
as this promises radiance, hydration, toning, brightening and calming.

I couldn't leave without getting another lip colour 
from one of my favourite lipsticks' brand - Makeup Forever!

Anniversary at JAAN!

Saturday, 18 May 2013

I must say, almost every single dish we had at Jaan was aaaaammmazingggg!
Be it the taste, the presentation or the variety.
Our tastebuds were on a treat!
Even the view from the 70th level was spectacular!

The service was very personalised and immaculate, 
something that's pretty rare in Singapore. 
Unless you're paying a premium, which in this case, I guess we were.

H and I were over at Jaan 1.5 month ago for our anniversary dinner. 
We didn't even celebrate the previous two years... 
I don't why the sudden urge to this year. Haha. 
OH because we finally decided that our anniversary is on the 1st of April 
hahahaha yeah, April's Fool. 
Or maybe because H felt alotttttt of love for me days before The Proposal 
so he decided to bring me for a nice dinner :)

Anyhow, we enjoyed the dinner thoroughly 
though sparkling water was a total ripoff at $20/bottle. 
But I guess that's expected. 
Just like how there's airport prices ($5 for a 500ml bottle of water) 
and high-end restaurants prices (in this case, $20/bottle).

First up, we were served amuse bouche complimentary from the chef 
when we were still deciding on which set menu to order. 
I'm a sucker for pretty food and nice presentation. 
So photogenic! 

Everything was good except the jar in the middle which contained hummus cooked Indian style. 
H hated it hahaha. 
I thought it was okay but I'm not a fan of it.

Our first dish - Obsiblue Prawn & Avocado Canneloni. 
I was so happy to see caviar and ikura. 
My favourite eggs of all time!

One of Jaan's famed dishes - 55º Rosemary Smoked Organic Egg.
I saw the other tables having this and I remember telling H this must be damn good.
I enjoyed this SO MUCH.

Don't be fooled by this small little simple looking truffle brioche... 
I had to ask for second serving.

I like scallops and I love ordering scallops but the dishes were never memorable.
Neither was this Norwegian Hand Dived Scallop.
I like the scallop but the broth was a little too sour.

Very interesting fusion concept.
Grilled 'Landes' Foie Gras in Spring Broth.

Because we made the reservation too late, we weren't able to get a window seat :(

I still remember the taste of this dish!
Confit Atlantic Turbot 'Tournedos'
I actually really like the grilled leeks and corn haha we wiped the plate clean!

And finally, our main.

I was reallyyyyy excited about our main course because I like pigeons!
Cooked pigeon, that is.
As you can see from the pictures, this was kinda red, 
a little rare and being a typical Asian, I love my food cooked (except sashimi). 
So this was a total disappointment :(
The server even checked with us beforehand how we would like it to be cooked.
He suggested "Medium, with a little blood", 
and I told him I wanted it fully cooked.
Oh well.
I didn't like the black truffle barley either.

But that's alright, dessert(s) more than made up for it!
Pre-dessert sorbet

Choconuts 4th
Dessert! Everything chocolate!
Reminded me of my dessert at Joel Robuchon's (Tokyo) 
but I think this tastes better and there's more texture.

Yes, I'm aware you can't see the dessert.

Okay, this came after dessert and I don't know what's this called.
Probably complimentary of the chef to go with coffee/tea.
From left to right: lollipop ice-cream coated with chocolate, 
sorbet on a stick with those "jumping" sweets, nuts coated with chocolate, 
and can't-remember-flavour marshmallow.

Overall, I would say dinner was good.
But if I were to compare, I still prefer Joel Robuchon's :)

The other restaurant on the same level had an even better view!

Selling it at $25 mailed. 
Email me if you're interested!

So much love for my man!


Tuesday, 14 May 2013

If you've been following me on Twitter (@tippytippytapp) and Instagram (@tippytapp), you would already know that I am now LEGAL TO DRIVE ON THE ROADS YAYYYYYYY!

Thank you all for congratulating me and sharing my joy! 
Indeed, this has been a fantabulous year for me thus far and I'm so blessed!!! :))))))

I've driven a couple of times in H's car and to be honest, 
I don't really like driving that much.

H is the typical annoying male driver who goes, 
so you can imagine how it's like whenever I'm in the driver's seat.
But I'm not confident enough to drive alone yet so... 
I still need him as a passenger no matter what SIGHHHHH. 

I drove us home on the day after I passed. See what I mean? pffft

This was my second try. 
During my first test, I was sooooooo nervous 
and the tester wasn't exactly your friendly neighbor.
(Or maybe he is when he's not on the job.)
Less than a minute after we got in the car, 
I mounted a kerb

Both of us weren't in the mood anymore after that. 

I would have appreciated it MORE if he had just said, 
"End of test, let's go back.", 
instead of continuing with the drive 
because he was soooooo grumpy and impatient, 
which made me feel even worse. 
I made so many mistakes and I felt like he was picking on me. 

Oh well.

But the second time was soooo much better! 
I was more calm and composed, 
and I KNEW my confidence was going to get me a PASS hehehe.
And I was right! 

I didn't even wear a short skirt or anything revealing to pass my driving!

H isn't too happy about the triangle plates on his car hahaha.

No candy coloured fairy dust

Sunday, 12 May 2013

No prizes for guessing my favourite bag at the moment, or my favourite colours ;p

。Topshop cropped top 。
。Miss Selfridge pinafore 。
。Chanel Boy bag 。
。Melissa shoes 。

I love love LOVE this outfit so much!
Especially the pinafore which I went back to the store on 3 occasions to try 
before purchasing it on my last try.

The pinafore and me are definitely true love even though I looked like I was wearing an apron.

TippyJess' Update!

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Is it TippyJess' or TippyJess's?
Anyhow, some updates for you girls!
We'll be launching our biggest collection yet with 12 items!! :)

First up, everyone's favourite - this B/W Mesh Top 
which sooooo many of you have been asking where I got it from! 
Soooo I've decided to bring it in to share the joy :)

Who can resist this Floral Overlay Dress!!
The details are soooo pretty!

We also have it in pure white if you think lilac's too sweet for you.

This is the season for stripes and we have it in pencil cut suitable for work 
or a striped skater skirt for fun!
Comes in sizes S and M for both.

I'm obsessed with this pair of pants/jeggings and necklace!!

Jeggings' extremelyyyyyyy stretchy and so comfy!
Comes in sizes S and M!

Next up, this entire outfit is for sale!

I haven't worn the Geometric Printed Pants out yet but I'm loving the flattering cut :)
Good news - we also have this pair of pants in sizes S and M!

Our basic top - Pocket Tee comes in white and tiffany green!
Just throw on a basic tee for those lazy days and accessorise like mad.

How do you like our loud Bejewelled Skirt?
Hehehe you'll definitely get lots of approving looks as you walk down the street!

Fake collars are so yesterday.
Match your tops and dresses with our Collared Teardrop Necklace!

Have you "LIKE" our Facebook page yet?
What do you mean no????!!!!
(or you'll miss the launch ;p)
Unless you're already on our mailing list?
Else subscribe to it at the bottom of our homepage!

<3 <3 <3