Hello, future!

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

There is no better time to shift out of Livejournal than now when my life is stable and almost perfect. I was with Livejournal for almost 8 years and that space had seen me grown and contains the turbulent stages I went through from a youth to a young adult.  Some things never change though - I'm still the most stubborn person I know and even though I'm already a quarter of a century old (almost anyway!), I still feel so much like a child a l l  t h e  t i m e.

Anyway!! Can you believe how fast 2 years have gone by??? If I pass all my modules this semester, I will officially be a graduate this Thursday! Keep your fingers and toes crossed for me till then please!! With studies out of my life now, I can concentrate on this new (old) project of mine - blogging religiously!

Some pretty pictures taken after lunch in Maldives :)

Instead of resting before checkout, I decided to watch the sunset right outside my room. My first Maldivian sunset and the clouds hid the sun...

It was paradise - watching the sunset on the beach with free wifi and talking to H on the phone. Didn't feel so lonely after all :)
And look, no makeup needed after a good night of rest!

p/s: I'll be heading to Shanghai for holiday next month and if you've any recommendations on what/where to eat or where to go for shopping/sightseeing, throw them this way please! Thank you!! :)