Nanning Snaps

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Last week saw H and I taking a trip back to Nanning (南宁) to visit his parents. A lot of people usually ask, "Where's that?" when they heard that H's hometown is in Nanning. I guess my husband is now used to that because I have also never heard of this city, the capital of Guangxi (广西) province, till I met him. When he mentioned Guilin, a 3-hour car journey away, many (including me) went "OOHHHH". Guilin, also in Guangxi, is like the favoured child with its scenic landscapes and mountains whereas poor Nanning, the neglected child, has no iconic tourist attractions. Well, unless Dazzling Cafe counts?

Armed with our camera after a bowl of 老友面, H and I went in search of a location to take my flight outfit and we found this busy street with a non-stop flow of traffic. I was photobombed by women with umbrellas and honked by locals on electric scooters. Shopkeepers looked on in amusement as I crossed the street countless times trying to get the perfect shots. It was fun though I wish the weather could be a little kinder to us, especially to H, whose shirt had a huge patch of perspiration on the back when we were done, and a straight line as a mouth.

Also, I'm definitely gonna make an effort to go for monthly hair treatments at Pro Trim because I am finally seeing improvement in my hair texture after all the Keratase treatments Elva (my hair stylist in JEM) arranged for me. Not only that, my tresses are so much more manageable after absorbing all the nutrients so I actually spent lesser preparation time in Nanning to look presentable!

OOTD details:
Vest from Theory of Seven
Top from Taobao
Shorts from Forever 21
Shoes from ECCO
Bag from Balenciaga

#wiwt: Love & Bravery

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

I haven't done a compilation of #wiwt in a while so I'll try to start the ball rolling again and hopefully keep up with the momentum!

Last month, I went down to Love & Bravery's Bugis outlet to pick out a variety of outfits which dressed me for a wedding dinner, weekend outings and styles suitable for both casual and events.

Wedges from Dorothy Perkins

Nude and cream are one of my favourite combinations for a soft, girly look for a date with my man.

Off-shoulder Top from TTR
Loafers from ECCO

Floral Top from One Daisy
Shoes from Taobao
Bag from Celine

I wore the Tennis Wrap Skirt on more than one occasion because I find it really easy to go with all my tops. I tried minimalist sporty with an off-shoulder top and then floral casual, both suitable for day-to-day errands.

Bag from Chanel
Shoes from LB

Bag from Chanel
Shoes from Seoul

I always love a flirty little dress that gives me the flexibility on dressing up or dressing down. I wore this to meet Yoon Eun Hye at the L'oreal media conference then for dinner with H on another day!

TTR Swing Dress
Shoes from ECCO

I am a big fan of vests and I sincerely wish SG's weather can be a little kinder so I can actually wear my outer wears and not perspire a bucket. Love the length, timeless design and colours of this piece. Not to mention, the pockets are the best accessories for picture-taking!

Clutch from ASOS
Shoes from Taobao
Earrings from Taobao

The luxurious fabric and elegant cutting make this the perfect evening dress to wear to a dear friend's wedding.

p/s: I wear size XS for all Love & Bravery apparel. 

Also, cart out with "jessicaxlab8" for 8% off your LAB orders. Happy shopping! :)

Experiencing Kyoto in a Kimono

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

When asked to choose an outerwear for myself, I was stumped. There I was, in a vibrant red kimono with a bright yellow belt and I have to choose another floral piece to match with it?? I told one of the lady helpers I can't do it, to please make the choice for me. And I was truly pleased when she selected this navy number with muted florals because I wouldn't have thought they'd complement each other so well. Floral on floral is truly an art.

We spent 2 days in Kyoto as the city is relatively small, pretty laid back with a slower pace of life. Other than a bigger crowd of visitors, I would say Kyoto is pretty similar to the rural/village areas of Japan, such as, Furano and Toyako.

I highly recommend spending a day in kimono just to experience what it's like. On the day when we were in Kyoto, the temperature was between 5-14 degree Celcius. It is surprising that the traditional outfit actually kept me warm (warmer than the clothes I was wearing) and I didn't want to return the kimono at the end of the day haha!! Can't say the same for the men, they couldn't wait to strip off the yukata because their materials are a little too thin for the cold.

It was a little hard getting used to walking with socks and clogs initially because the surface of them clogs are slippery. So I took tiny, demure steps and wondered if I was ever gonna finish touring Kyoto hahaha. It was easy to get used to wearing them after a while!

I'm sorry but I can't tell you the exact location/store where we rented our kimonos because I followed the group blindly. The only thing I know is, we walked about 20minutes (or longer) from Gion station to the kimono rental store. But if you google "kimono rental Kyoto", I'm sure a whole list will appear! I paid around ~8000yen or ~S$90 for 8-hour rental of kimono and H's yukata was around S$50.
What is included for the females:
- Kimono (there will be someone to help you wear it)
- Handbag
- Slippers
- Toe socks (kept my feet really warm so I brought them home hehe)
- Hairdo (choose from a selection and there are stylists available. love my braids!!)
- Stowage of personal belongings

What is included for the men:
- Yukata
- Toe socks
- Slippers
- Sling bag
- Stowage of personal belongings

There is also a cheaper option available for the ladies (~5500yen, ~S$60) but the prints on the kimono are not as intricate and vibrant. Also, hair styling is not included in this package.

Some places of attractions to note:
- Fushimi Inari-taisha (temple with the orange bamboos)
- The food street leading to Arashiyama (bamboo forest). The snacks there are good.
- Gion, bustling area which reminds me of Asakusa. You can also spot geishas here! They are expressionless but their hair, immaculate. Which reminds me, I should re-read Memoirs of a Geisha. My interest in these white-faced ladies sparked after having seen them in person.

Till the next time, Kyoto!

Photos of H and/or I are taken with Canon 650D / 50mm f/1.8

Shopping in Marina Square for GSS!

Friday, 5 June 2015

I'm sharing LOTS of outfit pictures in this post is the time of the year again to go SHOPPING! *throws confetti* It is our annual Great Singapore Sale (GSS) from now till 26 July and this year, I popped by a couple of stores in Marina Square and got first dibs on some of the best deals and most stylish items that are going on promotion!

With over 200 specialty shops in Marina Square, one is easily spoiled for choice. There is something for everyone, be it the fashionistas, mum-to-bes, the little ones, foodies and the home owners! But of course, today I'm gonna be sharing on my favourite topic - shopping!

I visited a couple of stores, namely, Levi's, Pazzion, Desigual, Promod, IORA and Michelangelo to style a few looks without breaking the bank as all of these items are on sale! There is an ongoing promotion for all shoppers at Marina Square during the GSS so read on to find out ;)

First up, I decided to jazz up my usual white top + denim jeans ensemble with neutral tones.

"Take A Hike" Tank Top $49.90 - Levi's (#02-311)
Revel Skinny Jeans $189.90 - Levi's (#02-311)
Embroidered Leather Jacket $204 - Desigual (#02-110) 
Woven Pumps $69 - Pazzion (#02-301)

Not only does Levi's have a fabulous fit for their denims, the tops made of quality materials come with a flattering cut and timeless designs that will remain in your wardrobe through seasons. You can also receive $30 off with $120 spending and $60 off with $200 spending (on regular-priced items only) at Levi’s this GSS!

The leather jacket embroidered with flamingoes caught my eye when I entered the Desigual store because the colour was right and I love the unique stitch details at the back. Completed my outfit with a pair of pinkish nude woven pumps from Pazzion to take me from day to night.

Long Sleeved Boyfriend Shirt $89.90 - Levi's (#02-311)
Denim Shorts $69.90 - Levi's (#02-311)
Pointed Pumps $69 - Pazzion (#02-301)

For something more playful, I chose a pair of denim shorts in dark wash. They are so stretchy I feel like I could do anything in them! Matched with my favourite kinda top - a white shirt(!) and a comfortable pair of pointed pumps from Pazzion, I can picture myself running around for errands without feeling the least bit restrictive in this outfit.

Drop-waist Dress $69.90 - Promod (#02-153/154) 
Birds and Florals Shoulder Bag $164 - Desigual (#02-110) 
Cross-strap Wedges $79.90 - Promod (#02-153/154) 
Accessories (Necklace $298 (UP: $423) and Rings $70-$75 (UP: $99.90-$110)) - Michelangelo (#02-118A) 

Contrary to beliefs, I do wear colours. I reserve bright, happy colours for days when I need that extra perk-me-up. As you can see, this outfit was an explosion of happy colours with bird and floral prints on my Desigual tote bag. The size is huge and spacious and I see myself bringing it on beach vacations or travelling. A simple dress like this requires some accessorising and I picked out some intricate rings from Michelangelo. There was so much effort put into curating each piece of accessory, I promise it is hard to find another like it.

Bohemian V-Neck Blouse $69.90 - Promod (#02-153/154) 
Cuff-up Shorts $39.90 - Promod (#02-153/154) 
Bow Pumps $73 - Pazzion (#02-301) 
Straw Hat $39.90 - Promod (#02-153/154) 

If it isn't due to the humidity, I would wear long sleeves in Singapore all day because we have some really harsh sun here. Thankfully, this cotton blouse keeps me cool and prevents me from getting a tan at the same time. I matched it with a pair of khaki shorts so I don't look like I'm "drowning" in an oversized top. A pair of nude pumps help in elongating the legs too!

Textured Top $36 - IORA (#02-302/303) 
Textured Shorts $39 - IORA (#02-302/303) 
Beaded Necklace $9 - IORA (#02-302/303) 
Envelope Clutch $59 - IORA (#02-302/303) 
Strap Heels $76 - Pazzion (#02-301) 

I love all-white ensembles because they are clean, simple and most times, sadly, understated. IORA offers the working ladies a vast selection of office wear but after a little mix and match with help from the sale assistant, I managed to style a top that is appropriate for work and also trendy enough for the weekend when matched with a pair of shorts. I guess this is what they meant by "killing two birds with one stone". Of course, always wear a pair of "loud" shoes to stand out in an outfit like this!

IORA has extended an exclusive promotion for Marina Square’s outlet for the clutch featured in the outfit! Shoppers who spend a minimum of $300 at IORA will receive a complimentary clutch!

In addition, Pazzion is extending an additional 10% off on sales items when you quote “TIPPYTAPPXMARINASQUARE” at the Marina Square outlet!

Marina Square rewards shoppers generously! Redeem a zipper pouch with minimum spend of $80* and personalise it with their customised SG50 stamps! When you spend a minimum of $150*, you can receive a $10 Marina Square Gift Voucher. Qualifying period: 29 May – 26 July (while stocks lasts).
Hair by Elva from Pro Trim (JEM)
Styling by me