Home Renovations: Part 2

Monday, 27 April 2015

Hello guys! Sorry I haven't been updating much. Ever since we got back from our holiday, we have been busy with the new place. We brought most of the small, loose items over whenever we popped by and sigh, it's looking so cozy nowww. And it smells so wonderful because I brought home this "White Powder" diffuser from Seoul and I love it so much!! My favourite scents are the light, musky and powdery kind (strong ones give me a headache) so you can imagine how thrilled I was to have chanced upon it. I believe once we are settled down, the place will exude more warmth and will feel more "complete".

Anyway, it seems like we are set to move in this weekend!
*pops champagne*
*throws confetti*

Thing is, I am not done packing hahaha.

The household shelter of shoeboxes you previously saw on my Dayre post? Yup, my mum and I cleared/tidied it, threw away almost 100 shoeboxes and now, I am bringing around 50 pairs of shoes over to the new place with me hehe.

I will spare you the mess that is my bedroom and living room because my belongings are littered all over the house...and show you work-in-progress pictures from where I previously stopped (you can read Part 1 here)!

Cement screed for the kitchen was completed and ready for Nippon Paint to give the walls a fresh coat of paint!

We added a partition and kinda "extended" the wall for a full height shoe cabinet just outside the walk-in wardrobe as there isn't any where else we can fit it since our entrance way is a little narrow.

Of course, we are using Nippon Paint for the walls in the house! It is the first brand that comes to mind whenever we require paint and I love the fact that we experienced almost no paint odour during and after painting. It's the ideal interior wall paint for people sensitive or allergic to paint odour, and suitable for most homes!

I have never thought much about paint before this because I just assumed we would paint all the walls white (haha). But after a chit-chat session with the professionals from Nippon Paint and my interior designer, we decided to play around with colours a little. And that was when I realised I don't have to limit myself to having 4 walls in one room painted the same shade and even if the walls are not in white, my theme will still remain.

For the guest room, we used 5037 (Ash Grey). I love the "barely there" hue, giving the room a clean and sophisticated ambience.

We opted for the walk-in wardrobe to come without the backing so this shade of grey in 1112 (Smoky) matches the grey shelves perfectly!

As for our bedroom, we decided to be a little adventurous and chose the Momento Special Effects paint. This grey is only the base coat. I'll keep you in suspense for a little longer and will show you the completed work after we have moved in and dressed the wall! ;)

As for the white walls/ceilings in the house, we chose 1199 (Sail White). It is not stark white, comes with a hint of cream so it looks more warm and homely.

Our delivery for the lightings we bought off Taobao! Yes, Taobao. For the entire house. Track lights and tracks, standing lamp, everything. And the total amount + shipping was only $1100-$1200. We saw similar designs in Balestier that would've cost us at least $400 for one. So I am quite proud we managed to save quite a bit and they all work fine! Please don't ask me which sellers I bought from as it was also my first time purchasing from each of them so I believe you can just buy from any one of them. A little tip - you won't be able to buy the lights from Taobao direct so do engage a freight forwarder!

Our almost completed kitchen! I lurvvvveee the quartz top! *heart-eye emoji* If you are interested, the grey is in 5037 (Ash Grey), same shade used in our guest room.

And this is the completed shoe cabinet!

That's all I have for today. I will come back with pictures of the clean, empty house soon! :)


Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Hello from Seoul!

After 10 days in Tokyo/Kyoto, I was a little sick of the cold weather but when I got back to Singapore and stayed for 18 hours, I couldn't stand the heat! I am hard to please, I know. So anyway, Seoul is even colder and today is the only clear day with sun and no rain.

I met up with a new friend, Jaedoo, and had a little photo-taking session. It was fun and Gangnam area is a fantastic spot with pretty backdrops.

In case you're wondering - no, I did not get any surgeries done to my face. When I saw the pictures, I just laughed because he gave me a smaller, oval, v-shape face! NOW, I want a face shape like this!

Outfit details:
Shirt - GU Japan
Jeans - Pomelo Fashion
Trench Coat - Taobao
Booties - Taobao
Bag - Chanel

Makeup details:
Foundation - Laneige BB Cushion (Pore Control)
Face Powder - Guerlain Meteorites (Compact)
Blusher - Cotton Candy from 3CE
Eyeshadow - Adorable from 3CE (Eye Crayon)
Eyeliner - Heavy Duty Bi-Liner from Browhaus
Eyebrows - Dollywink Brow Powder in 03
Eyelash Extensions - Dreamlash Korea
Lipstick - 04 My Valentine Lip Cube from VDL

Photos credit to JDIN KOREA
Instagram: @jdinkoreasince2012

Beauty Review: Senka Cleansers

Monday, 13 April 2015

Sponsored Post

I am not sure if you have heard of the skincare brand, Senka. My first encounter with the face cleanser was a couple of years ago while shopping in a pharmacy in Tokyo...and then I noticed the cleanser was the #1 facial cleanser on shelves.

This was what I bought:

All these while, I thought the brand was "Perfect Whip" because I cannot read any Japanese hahaha. Only today did I realise the brand is actually Senka!

Perfect Whip (S$12.90)

I like my face cleansers with a lot of foam as I tend to associate that with "cleanliness". And you know what? I am right!

Senka Perfect Whip has 5 times the foam density of normal cleansers, which lathers easily to create foam that is able to penetrate deep into pores and textured grooves as compared to conventional foams. Pretty easy to understand if you see the picture above! Which means the Senka Perfect Whip is able to give your skin a thorough cleansing to remove impurities and dirt.

See how it stretches! I haven't seen a texture like this for a facial cleanser before - it really just feels like having mochi on my fingers, very soft, bouncy and somewhat elastic!

My skin feels stripped of impurities after a wash and most importantly, I am left with skin that feels baby soft and moisturised!

Speedy Perfect Whip ($13.90)

For ladies who prefer fuss-free cleaning, the Speedy Perfect Whip equipped with the cocoon silk essence is easy to use yet provides thorough cleansing. 

The Speedy Perfect Whip creates thick, creamy foam with one pump and I usually pump twice to create this beautiful ball of foam.

Within seconds, the foam dissolves into liquid. The Speedy Perfect Whip is lighter in texture but it works up to quite a lather!

When compared to the Perfect Whip, I only need half the rinsing time required for the Speedy Perfect Whip. Face cleansing time is quick, the foam is gentle on my skin, works effectively without stripping away the essential moisture as well.

My clean face feels smooth, supple and bouncy to the touch! The Speedy Perfect Whip is suitable for all skin types!

Perfect Puff ($3.90 for 8 puffs)

Also gave the latest product from Senka, the Perfect Puff, a try. It is a makeup remover puff with a built-in cushion effect. This is my favourite product at the moment! I am a fan of makeup remover wipes as they are easy to bring around for gym and when I am travelling. 'Cause usually at the end of the day, I am tired and lazy, I just want to swiftly wash-up then go to bed. Hence, makeup remover wipes are my go-to for days like these where the makeup removing is fuss-free, quick and I don't have to worry about makeup/dirt remaining on my skin.

Take a look at the thickness of the Perfect Puff! Apparently, the thickness of each puff plays an important role in removing makeup and caring for your skin.

Some of my concerns when using makeup remover wipes:
- The surface texture of the wipes, whether would they be too rough for my skin
- The moisture level, i.e, saturation of the cleansing agent

I was pleasantly surprised when I tried the Perfect Puff for the first time. True to its name, the Perfect Puff is a 3-layer cushion puff (cushion layer in the middle covered with soft cotton) which was gentle on my skin as I removed my makeup.

Each puff was full of moisture which ensures no constant tugging of the skin to get the cleansing liquid to do its job. You just have to gently press the puff against the skin, the cleansing agents are released and blend quickly with makeup to thoroughly remove mascara and other hard-to-remove cosmetics as well as any residue left in pores or trapped by skin texture.

Simple day makeup which consists of eyeshadow, lipstick, mascara and eyeliner can be easily wiped off (horizontally or vertically in one direction, not back and forth). Both sides of the puff can be used so you'll only need one puff a day!
Rinse off with cold/tepid water and my skin feels soft and hydrated with no sticky after-feel!

You can be sure I will be a return customer for the Senka Perfect Puff! ;D

All 3 products are available exclusively in selected Watsons stores. You can visit Senka's Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/Senkasg) for more information!