New hair!

Friday, 29 March 2013

YAY new hair colour!

I finally found time to go down to Essensuals @ Bugis for hair treatment + colouring!
The first thing Wayne, my hairstylist, said to me was, "Why so dry???" 
Thanks ah, hairspray!

After a trim of dead ends, it was time to dye my hairrrrr!
We decided on a boring (subjective) dark brown due to my work 
and because I haven't coloured my hair in YEARS, 
I didn't want to end up shocked with a bright colour hahaha.

How do you like my new hair colour???
First picture taken after the dye to show H haha!

I love salon blown hair.
So perfect!

Please pardon me for interrupting with a picture of my outfit that day

Okay, back to my hair!
To be honest, 
I was missing my original jet black hair few hours after I left the salon 
'cause I have the blackest hair on Earth and I really love it!
I was a little upset and regretted my decision


the next day,
after one wash, 
OMGGGGG I LOVE my brown hair!!!
It complements my outfit and my facial features seem to approve the brown!
No regrets now, and definitely not missing my black hair anymore!! :))))

I also did the Mythic Oil hair treatment after colouring 
(3.5 hours in total at the salon, I needed to pee badly!)
and after so many washes, my hair still feels silky and smooth,
plus there's a healthy glow!

So, so, so happy and satisfied with my experience at Essensuals!

If you're bored of your tresses (like me) and feel like having any sort of change,
your hair will be in good hands at Essensuals.
No doubt about it ;)
Call them at 6333 0039 to make an appointment!

Let's go underwater!

Monday, 25 March 2013

Just got back from a run and the air smells soooo sweet tonight after the crazy thunderstorm we had in the afternoon. I really need to exercise more often, can feel age catching up and all the flab jiggling on my body urgh :/

Anyway, I got distracted for 2 hours 'cause Rebecca Bloomwood (Confessions of a Shopaholic) was on TV! It's my FAVOURITE series of chick lit books! I'm sure she speaks for many of us, and we all experience a Rebecca Bloomwood moment once in a while hehehe.

Back to reality and now, I've a blog entry to finish, nails to paint and a morning flight tomorrow. SO FEELING THE MONDAY BLUES with 3/4 of the population now.

Though I bet 3/4 (or more) of that 3/4 are probably in deep slumber now.

Let's start off with my outfit of the day!!

Dress: From overseas
Bag: Vintage Chanel
Shoes: Primark
Watch: Massimo Dutti
Ring: Tiffany & Co.

H and I didn't have anything planned beside going for brunch that day and so... 
We ended up at the newly opened Aquarium!
I have been procrastinating on paying the fishes a visit due to...laziness.
But that weekend, 
I didn't feel like squeezing with the crowd in town 
or doing anything and the ever forceful (hahaha) H drove us there.

If you EVER plan on visiting the Aquarium anytime soon, 
please do buy your tickets online and collect it at the empty counter when you're there.
Since the trip was impromptu for us, 
we joined the extremely longggggg queue under the sun, 
and when I tried to buy tickets online, the website failed.
Yeah, thanks.

We were SO GLAD to finally be in, and thank god for air-conditioning.

Yes, I was already fascinated 30 seconds after entering

Love the colours on the big starfish.
Oh yes, you can also touch a starfish in the Aquarium!
Pretty cool but it just felt like...a rock to me.

Today you learn a new fact

Oh crab, not very photogenic, are you?

Okay, you see that pinkish lump there in the corner?
That's a very disgusting octopus.
Everytime I see this picture, I don't think I can ever eat an octopus again.
It looks so soft and nua and just plain eeewww.
It doesn't look the least bit chewy so why is it so chewy when cooked?
I've never liked eating its tentacles anyway.

Anyway, there's my favourite exhibition!

I actually took a video of the jellyfishes swimming and I can just watch it the whole day.
So graceful!

We reached the biggest exhibition and I think the highlight was this stingray (?) 
escorting a school of fishes swimming round and round the tank.


Overall, it was a very colourful experience for us!
I like the mysteries of the underwater but due to a near drowning experience over 10 years ago, 
I'm cautious about being in open water now.
Plus, I'm also afraid of fishes nibbling/touching me and eh, getting a tan 
so you won't see me near the sea/ocean very often haha!

An unexpected gift from a... Stranger.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

It is definitely not uncommon for girls in my line of work to be asked out for dinners/dates 
or given name cards, gifts or handwritten notes by our passengers.
I have had my fair share of such occurrences but I usually brush them off after this one incident 
where the passenger asked BOTH my colleague and I working on the same aisle out.

It was only a short five hour flight.
And he tried his luck on two persons.

I mean like, if you're up to no good, don't make it so obvious?
We do share stories among ourselves in the galley, you know?

I threw away his number with disgust at the end of the flight.

Anyway, back to the point of this entry.
The other day, 
I received an unexpected gift from a passenger.

It was contained in The orange box.

My first orange box.

(Does Santa Claus give Hermes to the well-behaved kids on Christmas too?)

He borrowed a pen from me,
and returned my pen together with a slip of note and this box.

Gave me the shock of my life when he presented it to me.
I've always wanted a CDC cuff 
but this is waaaay toooooo generous as a, you know, first meeting gift.
For him to even express any interest was already a surprise as he appeared aloof during boarding 
and I was a little taken aback when he actually started making small talks with me.

I declined profusely and even went back again trying to return the gift 
because I knew I was never going to call him and I felt uncomfortable receiving something 
so expensive that I didn't earn with my capability in any way.

I shared with my colleague about this awkwardness and she told me,
"Accept it graciously, and pass it on."

Pass on the kind deed, she meant.

Treat your friend to a meal, 
buy packet tissues from the old uncle, 
help a stranger in need, etc.

What she shared lighted a bulb in my head and so...

The CDC cuff is in size L, and it is too big for me.
If I can't get it exchanged in Paris, I will be selling it.
The proceeds will go to a charity of my choice.

Passing it on, yeah? :)
If you're interested, leave a comment or drop me an email at!
All comments are screened.

ANYWAYYYYY, I've since named this as "The Audi Moment" between H and I.
The moment where I chose love over bread.
Whenever H annoyed me after this incident, I asked him,

Works pretty damn well! ;)

Don't leave me

Saturday, 16 March 2013

You know, I've been battling with hair loss for the longest time,
 and I think it's in the genes 'cause my mum loses a lot of hair too.
But thankfully, she STILL has a head full of hair for her age!
I've also been told by hairdressers I've very thick hair 
but I just cannot stand seeing strands of hair leaving my scalp :(

Another likely cause could also be due to the frequent climate change I experience 
since I always fly from summer (home) to cities in the midst of winter.
When I was in Barcelona the other day, 
I got a shock when I looked at the bathroom floor after I blew my hair dry 
'cause it was full of hair T_T
Heart pain.
I gave my hair so much good (hair) food only to see them all leaving me.

I was so stressed over this so I confided in my friends 
and Saufung recommended me to try Rene Furterer's Forticea shampoo 
targeted at hair thinning!
I have to say... 
It really works for me and I'm finishing my second tube now!
You have to rub the shampoo into your scalp from the neck upwards 
and it's suitable for daily use.
I drop a lot lesser hair now when I'm home (can't say the same when I'm in cold climate)
and somehow, my head of hair feels thicker even though this doesn't promote hair growth.
A hair conditioner is definitely needed as hair feels kinda rough after the shampoo is rinsed away!

After I realised this is a brand from France, 
I have been checking out pharmacies in Paris and now I am hooked to their drugstore brands!
I bought a couple of shampoos from other French brands as well and this month end,
I am going to check out their beauty/skincare products!
I heard Caudalie and Bioderma are pretty good, anything else?
Always on a quest to achieve perfect skin so please share with me, thank you!! ^.^

My 14th February

Monday, 11 March 2013

Hello guys! I don't mean to repeat what I mentioned in my last post but... Here it goes again... SORRY FOR THE MINI HIATUS! I'm still gonna be kinda busy for the next few days but everything should be back to normal next week! I know I haven't been posting as often but to be very, very, VERY honest, I feel extremelyyyyy guilty for neglecting this space! Touch my heart and swear okay. Hahahaha.

Meanwhile, here's My 14th February.

If you've been reading my blog long enough, you would've known I started my flying job (I refuse to call it a career) 5 years ago on this date which coincidentally, fell on Valentine's Day. It is a joyous occasion (okay, to the lovebirds. OR Some lovebirds.) and it was only right that we all embarked on something we loved and wanted so badly on this happy day.

So of course, my batch mates and I met up for lunch!

Firstly, my outfit of the day.

Bustier from a blogshop
Skirt from BKK
Necklace from HK
Bag - Chanel Reissue 227

Lunch was at Brotzeit @ Somerset 313 with the earlier ones.
My second time at Brotzeit and I think Paulaner opposite Suntec 
serves better German pub food.

And then we moved on to our usual haunt...
The Coffee Club at H&M Building.

When I say our usual haunt, I really mean USUAL.
We always, always end up there after our meal for the past 5 years and 
one of us 
own a Coffee Club card because we signed up for it together hahaha.
Too many good times spent there!

Cannot get a decent picture together 
because she refused to put her "big" head side by side with mine!

After that, we split ways to meet our boyfriends/husband/other single friends.

I didn't see the need to spend loads of cash on fancy dining on this day 
so I told H not to get me flowers and to cancel all the reservations he made at expensive restaurants 
(he made a few for me to choose from) 
and in the end, we ended up at Bruno's for pasta!

And he really didn't get me flowers :(
Doesn't he know that girls don't mean what they say???!?!??! 
I gave him hell that night for not getting me flowers. 
Okay la, all forgotten and forgiven, we're still in love hahaha

My king prawns in tomato cream sauce.
My favourite kinda sauce!

H had the scallops in tomato cream sauce.

A different presentation on their apple pie but I liked it.

Food was good but service was extremely ssssllllloooowwww.
We waited at least a good 30-45minutes between courses and it's not funny.
They might be a little short-handed in the kitchen on Vday 
but we waited a LONG TIME to get our credit card back which was not acceptable 
because we were one of their last customers and there were actually quite a few staff around 
(it was already after closing).

So why? 

'Cause someone took our card to the counter for payment, 
left it there, chatted with his colleagues and FORGOT ALL ABOUT IT.
We had to get another staff to check on it.
Too much waiting, pretty unpleasant experience.
But I would go back there again for the food, 
just probably not on weekends/public holidays/special occasions.

What better way to spend My 14th February with my batch mates and the one man I love the most? :')