Why don't we go up in flames together?

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

I'm still feeling really low... :(
My Tokyo-LA was a great distraction to be honest...just kinda wish it never ended.
A lot of firsts on that trip - we visited Santa Monica and went clubbing in Tokyo straight after flight.
Awake for >24 hours that day it was pure madness. Don't think I've done this in a long while.
And of course, there was the great companions on the flight :)
I'll really miss flying because of flights like these.

I promise pictures when I'm perkier ok?

Too heavy to hurl it away.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

I was getting water from Walmart and accidentally wandered into the hair section, grabbed this bottle within a second and off I went to pay at the cashier.
I've heard so many people raving about moroccan oil this, moroccan oil that and I have been dying to try.
And this was perfect for my frizzy hair!
I have tried serums, olive oil, baby oil that promise to grant me shiny, non-frizzy, healthy looking hair.
They did give me all those and more - those products made my hair look so oily like I haven't washed it in days!
So I finally learned my lesson and decided that I should get sprays instead 'cause each spray is controlled and spread on a bigger surface area of hair.
So happy I found this.
Yay no more frizzy hair! :)

I normally double-cleanse my face (Fancl cleansing oil + Biore facial wash) and I must say, this cleanser is reallyyyyyyy gentle for the face, not quite like anything I've ever used!
Initially, it didn't feel like my face is clean after washing 'cause it's so mild but oh man, I wake up to perfect pore-less looking skin in the morning!

Since we're on the topic of FRESH products - has anyone tried their Black Tea range?
I'm tempted to try them but they are pricey and I would like to hear some reviews first.
Let me know! :)

I'm sure most of you have heard of The Closet Lover or shopped with them at some point of time.
I got a pair of jeggings from them recently and the lovely Brianna sent me this maxi dress which is SO PRETTY!

The Closet Lover will be launching it on Wednesday (16 May) at 8.30pm,
all of you get to enjoy $1 off ON TOP of all existing promotions that TCL is offering!
Just quote TIPPYTAPP when you place an order with them ;)


Been kinda down these few days hence the gloomy face.
Let's hope these 8 days away will rejuvenate me.

Till the next.

Food, glorious food.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

I'm researching on restaurants in Tokyo for my birthday trip in July, and what. a. terrible. Mistake. 
Having crazy cravings for Japanese food now. 
Spanish tapas would be good too.
Which reminds me, I had reallyyyyyyy good tapas in a restaurant in Barcelona a while back. 
I want to go back!

 I've never knew the ingredients of a Spanish omelette only consists of 
potatoes, onions and eggs till we had this.
So simple, so yummy.


 Who knew fried potatoes with spicy sauce and mayonnaise could taste so good?!?!??!?!

These deep fried mozzarella sticks were highly raved by the men.

 Mini burger
We ordered the mini hotdog roll too, nice!

Bamboo clam
Not very memorable


Crunchy and soft on the inside!

 Sigh, it was such a great meal.

 Colours from my hotel room in Frankfurt

It was as if the sky was the screen and I was sitting on my bed watching a beautiful show.

I love foreign supermarkets.
Giotto is like the bestttttt chocolate EVER.
Small round balls of chocolate goodness which I can't stop popping into my mouth!
Ritter Sport's Cornflakes is the nicest flavour!! 
So I took all of it off the shelves...which was only a measly 4 bars.
Anddddd the random sausages I chose were so juicy!

 Times Square, NYC for dinner and some light shopping

 Can never miss out on Magnolia Bakery ;)

 Everyone's trying to get a slice of the goodness!

 Vanilla cupcake with chocolate cream is still my favourite flavour!

 A typical building in NYC

 I've been buying photo frames I like and I think would look nice displayed in my future home!

And I brought the banana pudding, red velvet cheesecake and cupcakes home!

STILL suffering from jet lag.

May Day! May Day!

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

I don't know why I'm so unlucky!
I'm in Frankfurt and tomorrow's Labour Day and...
This time round it's worse than Sunday in Barcelona because I have no batch girl to cook me dinner.
But it's not the end of the world since I have another batch girl going up to New York with me.
Just nice since I'm dying for some human company.

Some outfits and random pictures!

 Crazy about pastel shades and gelish nails now
Too bad they didn't have pastel yellow!

I love lava cakes
But the vanilla ice-cream Chocolate Origin used was a letdown...
so I probably won't go back for this again.

So rare to see H in a shirt out of working hours
Please treasure this moment.

I think MBS Bayfront is one of the nicest places to catch sunsets :)

"Whenever you feel like criticising anyone, 
just remember that all the people in this world haven't had the advantages that you've had."
- The Great Gatsby