Christmas with Michael Kors

Friday, 11 December 2015

I haven't started on my Christmas shopping. It seems like I never learnt from previous years, never to leave this task till the last minute but I guess a procrastinator never changes her spots. If you are like me, oh yay, I guess that makes two of us battling the crazy Orchard Road crowd together during this festive!

I recently received a luxurious gift set from Michael Kors which was beautifully packaged in gold, a colour I associate with Christmas. The package is festive and fancy, totally under-the-tree appropriate!

I got the Sexy Amber Deluxe Holiday Set which includes a 100ml Sexy Amber Eau de Parfum Spray, 7ml Eau de Parfum Deluxe Mini and 100ml Indulgent Body Crème.

Sexy Amber smells a little strong with the initial spritz but settle quickly into an intimate and powdery smell. It is very gentle and soothing, making it one of the fragrances I use on high rotation. Each spray conjures warm amber wrapped in sandalwood, layered with white flowers.

I love it when brands package body cream and fragrance and sell them as a set because the former provides a foundation for the fragrance! I would always apply a layer of body cream right out of the shower then spray the perfume before I head out for longer lasting effect.

The Sexy Amber Indulgent Body Crème delivers deep, lasting moisture and a shroud of scent. The rich texture blends easily into the skin, infusing it with much-needed moisture and a youthful, dewy effect. This smell takes me from weekend chic to centre stage!

Indulge the ladies in your life with a Michael Kors Collection fragrance this holiday! My pick is obviously the sumptuous and seductive Sexy Amber Deluxe Holiday Set (retails for $159, U.P. $222). Other holiday set options include the Sporty Citrus and Glam Jasmine.

Michael Kors' beauty and fragrance line is available at Tangs at Tang Plaza, Tangs VivoCity, Robinsons The Heeren, Robinsons Raffles City, Robinsons JEM, Takashimaya and SaSa.

Also, you can purchase these gift sets at Christmas Atriums located at Tangs VivoCity (07 Dec – 13 Dec), Robinsons Raffles City Water Court (03 Dec – 09 Dec), Robinsons The Heeren The Space (26 Nov – 02 Dec) and Takashimaya (03 Dec – 09 Dec).

More updates and information can be found on their Instagram @MichaelKors!

Karmakamet Diner in Bangkok

Thursday, 10 December 2015

H and I were recently in Bangkok for a weekend. We decided not to be too ambitious so we took it slow, ticking off places we've always wanted to check out. One of such places was Karmakamet Diner.

The interior of the restaurant was heaven. There was obviously a lot of thought and effort put into designing the place, I was so in love with it! We spent as much time eating as we were taking photos.

There were too many dishes on the menu that sound totally yummy and we had a tough time deciding what to order - good problem to have though! In the end we settled for the duck confit salad, the uni (sea urchin) and ikura (salmon roe) pasta and of course, the"Strawberry Dreams" which is the iconic candy floss dessert. Of all the dishes, I'd have to say the pasta was the BEST. At 990baht (~S$40), the portion was a little small but they were generous with the ingredients. Ahhh, what I'd do to eat this again! Underneath that giant candy floss is actually a cup of strawberry shortcake which was pretty good though we got bored of the sugar floss after a few mouthfuls. Lastly, skip the duck confit salad - the skin wasn't crispy and the meat was overcooked.

If you still have time so spare after the meal, do check out the Aromatherapy Shop that's connected to the diner. I went crazy happy in there testing the different scents available. I fell in love with the light fragrance of "Mimosa" so I had to get the diffuser, room spray and hand cream! :D

Karmakamet Diner
30/1 Sukhumvit Soi 24 Bangkok
Tel: 02 262 0700 1
Daily: 10am – 11pm
Nearest BTS: Phrom Phong

Festive Gifting: Coach Watches

Monday, 7 December 2015

“A good watch should possess all the attributes that make something a classic:
dependability, durability and design integrity. 
These are all things we consider when we think about a timepiece that bears the Coach name.”
Stuart Vevers, Executive Creative Director

It was only in recent years that I started to see watches as accessories. Before this, I lived with a $10 pair I got at Bugis Street because it was required for work. There was a lot of knocking and banging involved in an aircraft so I did not see the need to invest in a fancy pair and having to be careful around it. Slowly, I was wearing my work watch outside of work and it became a daily necessity. Only thing was, that pair of boring silver digital face watch was not exactly classy, stylish or complementing of my outfits. So I started shopping and looking around... And I'm proud to say I've now amassed quite a nifty watch collection with a variety of colours and style for different occasions.

The latest addition is this pair of rose gold(-plated) beauty from Coach - the Tristen watch. It is sporty looking, yet feminine and elegant with a hint of pink which I absolutely adore (rose gold is my favourite type of gold!). The Swarovski crystals accented bezel gives off a particular posh vibe, perfect for days when you are all dressed up and need some sparkles for your outfit.

We all need a pair of silver, classic watch for days when we have to be formal. Just like how you wouldn't wear crazy costume jewellery for a professional function, you wouldn't wear a bright yellow watch to meet an important client.

I picked out the delicate-looking Delancey watch from Coach due to its timeless design. The soft fluid bracelet complement the feminine look of this slender case design, I feel so dainty and ladylike wearing this! Also, silver on the wrist goes with everything.

I especially love men's sporty looking watches with brown leather straps. So it was love at first sight when I spotted the Bleecker Slim watch from Coach and I knew it was the ideal gift to get for H this Christmas. The navy coloured dial was a refreshing change from the usual monochromatic ones and I thought the 42mm case was the perfect size on H.

The above watches are from Coach FW15 Collection and are available for sale at Coach Boutiques and authorised retailers shop.

Feeling GOLD with Michael Kors

Saturday, 28 November 2015

“There is nothing sexier than a woman with a beautiful glow after an amazing vacationand nothing complements that glow better than shimmering gold jewelry and a hint of fragrance that feels just as opulent and glamorous.” –Michael Kors

When it comes to fragrances, my favourite smells are undeniably those with florals and soft musks. I love smelling light and fresh, like the whiff you get during spring time in Europe when flowers line the streets.

If I am heading for a special occasion such as a wedding or an important function, I prefer to spritz on something classic, stronger and of course, womanly. Just like my clothes, there are special fragrances meant for certain events. I never walk out of the door without a fragrance as it acts as a finishing touch, as important as my accessories, and it is these little details that someone notices and remembers.

Here, Michael Kors shares with us the Golden Rules before going out!

Nothing is more alluring than the rich indulgences of Gold. It is the colour of luxury and glamour and definitely one of my favourite colours to wear.

Opulent, luxe, glamourous and bold are some of the vocabulary I would use to describe Michael Kors' latest fragrance collection, the Gold Collection. Gold is one of Michael Kors' signatures and there truly isn't another colour that reflects glamourous more convincingly. This Fall '15 collection consists of the White Luminous Gold (sparkling and sensuous), Radiant Rose Gold (tantalising and hypnotic) and 24K Brilliant Gold (feminine and seductive).

For a casual day out or when I'm feeling playful, I would choose to match my mood with the White Luminous Gold. With its light mix of pear, jasmine and amber, the smell is crisp and fresh. I don't see why wouldn't anyone like it. 

For an important event or a wedding dinner, I would reach for the 24K Brilliant Gold. The creamy notes of wood with the fresh florals are both womanly and glamourous. After a few sprays, I'd instantly feel more confident to put my best face forward.

And my favourite out of the three is the Rose Radiant Gold. I was naturally attracted to it because of the enticing notes of rich florals and soft musks. It smells romantic and classic, which makes it the perfect finishing touch for a date night or an evening out with girlfriends. With bold red lips, no less.

It is possible to have a little glamour in your daily life and there is a scent for every mood, occasion and personal aesthetic. This collection shows us just that. 

All Michael Kors' Gold Collection fragrances are available at Michael Kors' stores, Tangs Orchard, Tangs VivoCity, Robinsons Raffles City, Robinsons JEM, Robinsons The Heeren, Takashimaya & SaSa outlets.

Home Tour

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

H and I have moved into our (not so new) place for almost 7 months now and it is about time I get down to a home tour else the next thing you know, we'll be listing this apartment up for sale hahaha. We have settled in and no longer as fascinated whenever we enter the front door but I am still very much in love with the simplicity and clean design. Timeless neutrals definitely go a long way!

As mentioned previously (herehere and here), the main colours we decided on were white and grey with touches of soft wood. Though I would love to have black, we omitted it as it might seem a little too harsh for the overall soft and cosy look that we are going for.

We use grey homogenous tiles with subtle swirls for the living area and kitchen since we have an open concept kitchen.

Curtains are in white, of course ;) We have unobstructed view from our living area and no nosy neighbours so we opted for curtains with a little bit of sheerness 'cause sunlight is still very much appreciated!

My ceiling fan is from Spin Fans and it is superrrrr pretty!!! I had a hard time searching for a ceiling fan that is
- white in colour
- plain looking
- at least 50" in diameter
- and doesn't come with a light in the centre

So, so glad I chanced upon Spin Fans. It comes with a DC motor which helps to save up to 80% electricity by the way! It operates very quietly and comes with 6 fan speed. We set it to the highest speed since our living area is rather spacious, and it is windy enough for the both of us.

If you're wondering, our living area is bright enough if we switch on both the track lights since half the bulbs are facing opposite directions.

The mantelpiece is almost like my Paris altar lol <3

Our view from the couch looks like this:

Yup, the photo frame is left on the floor because the frame is in black...and I'm still not sure if I wanna hang it up and where exactly to hang haha.

The shelf and clock are from HomesToLife! I recently replaced the plant with a terrarium (see previous photo) as that's more suitable for indoors, and it requires almost no care.

This wall is directly opposite the kitchen/island.

The sideboard was custom-made and the colour of the light wood matches our shoe cabinet.

The lamp on the left is purely for display purpose because I ordered it from Taobao and realised how useless it is after I switched it on. I can't tilt the lampshade any higher so it doesn't brighten the house in any way so ahhh, I just left it there to look pretty. At least it's contributing in another way hahaha.

My cute teardrop vase in pink is also from HomesToLife and the wall flowers are from Francfranc!

The kitchen is still a little bare 'cause to be honest, we only cook a maximum of 3 times a week...which isn't very frequent. Besides, there's only 2 of us, I don't see the need to have a crazy amount of cutleries/kitchen accessories. What we have currently is really sufficient to survive!

Moving on to our bedroom...

We used this (not too dirty looking) white vinyl to fit the theme. It adds a little more character and texture to the overall clean concept.

For our bedroom, we chose to have day and night curtains (with approximately 80% blackout effect). The ladder is purely for hanging towels haha and I got it from Taobao as well. Our bed frame is custom-made. Maybe I didn't look hard enough but simplicity (when it comes to interior design) seems to be dead in Singapore. Our bed (frame + mattress) is the most expensive item in the house so I intend to use them foreverrrrrr. I better like the design forevaaaa too 'cause I'll upholster the frame when we move lol.

Also, please ignore the un-glam state of my nightstand. Don't ask me why I have so many bottles of moisturiser hahaha. Most nights, I use 3-4 different types of lotion (for whitening, Bio-Oil, hand cream and fragrance free body cream), taking longer and longer to prep for bed each night lol. #mad

Favourite pillow cases!!

And opposite the bed, this is what it looks like:

Our standing fan is from Dyson and there are 10 fan speeds! I love the blade-less design.

Our feature wall facing the bed. Previously shared about the Nippon Paint we used in this entry. I talked a little awkward in this video I did with Nippon Paint but you can find out the exact colours I used for my Momento walls here.

There is a little corner beside the bathroom which was the perfect spot for my dresser. The standing lamp is from HomesToLife, laundry bag from Stockholm, stool from Hipvan, dresser was custom made and mirror from IKEA.

Our shoe wardrobe. And there's the entrance to our wardrobe on the left.

If you're wondering why you don't see any men's shoes, *ahem* that's because H's shoes are on the bottom 2 shelves which are not pictured, AND he has his own shoe cabinet at the entrance. #defensive hahaha

My shoes are arranged according to height 'cause each latch is adjustable. Also, if you put your shoes one side facing in and the other facing out, you'd be able to squeeze in more shoes in each row!

Contrary to popular belief, I did not just leave a small corner space for H to house his clothes. He occupies quite a significant area which he cannot even fill up. #verydefensive hahaha

We have roman blinds for the wardrobe (white) and guest room (dark grey). Our wardrobe was built from scratch and yay to having lots of storage! The cute stool I'm sitting on is from HomesToLife as well. Sometimes when I'm packing the wardrobe or using the full-length mirror, I prefer to sit down haha.

Pictures by Vivien Tan for, and me (the uglier looking ones lol).