Sunday, 23 February 2014

Inspired by one of my favourite couples - Olivia Palermo and Johannes Huebl, H and I started documenting our Sundays by having a shot taken together at wherever we may be or give you an idea of what we were doing that Sunday. When we first started, I cropped H's face or asked him to look away so his eyes can't be seen. I liked that idea. I still do but H isn't exactly very tall so I will have to bend low deliberately to make sure his eyes cannot be seen haha. I hope you guys enjoy these pictures as much as we look forward to snapping them.

#OOTD: Compilation

Sunday, 16 February 2014

I cannot believe it's been 2 months since my last #ootd compilation.
I've started work for only a week and I am tired everyday :( 
Don't understand why my evenings are so packed,
the only thing I want to do when I reach home is just to lie on my bed.
I hope this is not the life I'll be leading from now... work, home and sleep...
This routine feels like I didn't achieve anything for the day.

But the awesome thing is, my office is on the way to H's so he sends me to work 
and I get to sleep half an hour more!!!
Every minute is so precious in the morning.
We are planning to get a good mattress for our future home 
and I cannot imagine myself leaving the bed in the morning. Or at all.

I'm so not a morning person.
It's proven you know.
When I was still schooling, 
I remember cooping myself in the room to study for my O Levels 
but I never got anything done in the day.
Unless you consider pacing around the house and doodling on my notes as getting something "done".
I was just distracted and smartphones weren't even invented at that time!
Then I realised I focus best if I actually take a nap in the evening 
and then mug through the night till 3-4am.
It's still the same for me now.
I am more productive at night, especially after 10pm hahaha.


Looking through these outfit pictures, I miss dressing up
and taking pictures at interesting places.
Which reminds me - updated SHOPTIPPYTAPP with a couple of outfits!

I still have tons of #ootds to share but please allow me to post them in sequence!

Next, I would like to introduce all you fashion lovers to an exclusive local online retailer,  
Just Tangy, who brings in accessories from international designers.
No more hefty shipping costs and you get your order in as quick as a day!

I have always loved wearing chunky statement necklaces with my outfits. 
In order not to look over accessorised or like a Christmas tree, 
I tend to do away with bold bracelets/bangles on the arms. 
Anyway, not much love lost there because they are never small enough for my babylike wrists.

So imagine how delighted I was to receive a bracelet from Claire Aristides I got off Just Tangy!

(also available in rose gold and yellow gold)
because horseshoes are said to bring luck!
Some believe that having the ends pointing upwards, 
all the good luck floating by will be stored in the storage like container!
I haven't taken the bracelet off since I received it and I don't intend to 
just because I hope to gather all the luck wherever I go ;)

I love how it's so delicate and light, I don't even remember I'm wearing it on some days.
Best thing is, this pretty little thing comes with 3 hooks to fit all wrist sizes 
and the innermost hook fits me perfectly! :)

Just Tangy brings all the exclusive international designers to you in one store 
with a variety of unique and exotic accessories which are highly sought after by fashionistas.
Popular brands include CC Skye, Daniel Wellington, Lucien Elements, just to name a few.
And of course, for safe and efficient delivery, free courier delivery is available for orders above $180!
There's always a reason to pamper yourself, do it at! :)

I wish I was an interior designer

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

I'm back with more home decor ideas! As I search for more, I get more inspirations and suddenly, *light bulb* what I previously like is not going to work out and I like this, this, this and this now.

I have heard so much about new home owners talking about modern, minimalist, contemporary, modern contemporary, etc, and I thought they refer to the same thing. I only know obvious styles like victorian, oriental, retro, balinese and vintage haha. So all this while, I assumed the interior design style I visualize our home is modern contemporary. Only when I did a search and read up on all these terms then did I realise what I like is known as "modern classic" with neutral tones. Is it normal to be more excited about our home than the wedding??? Because I have also read up on the different types of flooring options available in the market, as well as the pros and cons of each.

H and I were searching for images of tv consoles and omg, I am so sick of seeing yet another picture of some long rectangular shelf mounted on the wall with the tv hanging/sitting above it. Examples:

Pictures credit to their owners.

I didn't think that was nice. Yet I saw picture after picture of similar design. I don't get why there must be a feature wall for the tv. Whined to H about the lack of creativity and he asked me to change my concept of beauty around tv consoles. Well, I guess I have to unless I can find a pretty (to me) shelf to house the black box. Or we will have to get one of those plain rectangle mounted shelf thingamajig. And I don't even watch television.

Anyway, we found a fantastic idea for the kitchen island! Initially, we were thinking of getting high chairs and have our meals on the island itself. I didn't completely embrace the idea because 1) I want to look at H when I'm eating, 2) it will be difficult for our parents to climb on the high chairs and for me when I'm pregnant. So we googled and found this idea!

Pictures credit to

Extend the tabletop to accommodate up to 6 diners! Genius! We love this idea so much because we can sit on normal, proper chairs to eat if we have the dining table a little lower! And there are lots of legroom! It was either a kitchen island or a dining table and the impractical us obviously voted for the former but I'm so happy we can have both now! You can view more kitchen island with attached table ideas at

There are so many interior designer firms in Singapore and honestly, H and I don't know where to start looking. I was wondering if you guys would be so kind as to send a few recommendations our way please? Thank you so much!


Moving on to fashion... I picked out 2 pieces from Jaa'kin the other day! Now that I'm officially an OL (hahaha wth), their dresses with longer length are excellent choices for work.

But first, a mini printed trumpet skirt! I love trumpet skirts because they help me lie to everyone by making them believe my legs are long and amazing.

Next, there's the Eliana Dress!

It is a little longer than what I would usually wear for casual but it is of appropriate length for all you tall ladies and for me to wear to the office. You will definitely stand out from the office crowd with the vibrant prints!

Jaa'kin has a retail boutique located at Citylink Mall, #B1-41, where you will find hundreds of varieties of manufactured apparel, fashion accessories including necklaces, earrings, rings and sunglasses.

Follow them on Instagram @jaakin!

Welcome back to Earth

Sunday, 9 February 2014

So after a six months long break, I'll be reporting for my new job tomorrow. If I can choose, and in my perfect world, I hope H will earn enough to feed us and our +1. When I say "feed", I mean to pay for wedding, bills, house renovation, a little shopping and food for us now, and ALL that is required for a child in future. And all I want to do is just hang out with my child. We can spend 2 hours having breakfast before going for a walk at the park. Then we have lunch, child will take a nap and then we will head off for tea/to the library/playground or stay home to do some crafts/drawing/read a book, and then pick daddy up from work. And by then, I hope I will be working from home. How much I'm earning will not be the determining factor of what I choose to do because it is something I enjoy and love, as long as it is sufficient to feed my material needs hahaha.

Back to reality, I hope I don't have to eat lunch alone. And I better go plan my outfits for the entire week lest I am late in the mornings.

And here's to a new chapter of my life.

Update: I won't be repeating my work outfits for at least 2 months.


Sponsored post

I was recently introduced to Whole9Yards, an international brand headquartered in Singapore. This is a brand that embraces feminine beauty through vintage-inspired pieces suitable for all occasions. Just last month, they launched a new method of online shopping that is not exactly new in a brick-and-mortar store but definitely a new concept for an online boutique. And that is to try the clothes before buying.

I couldn't wait to unwrap my parcel!

Your entire house is your changing room!

In a nutshell, here's what the Try-Before-Buy Program is about:
1) You choose up to 3 items you like from their online store
2) Have them couriered to your home free-of-charge (no lost mails and no handling charges, yay!)
3) Try them on, consider, ask for opinions and all that jazz after you've received the parcel
4) Return the item(s) you don't intend to buy within 5 days (courier charges borne by the seller, another yay!)

Everything is prepared for you in this little folder. 
Shopping has never been easier!

Sounds simple? Sounds great? Sounds too good to be true? Yes, you are right. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose! You don't even have to go down to the store to return/exchange an item that didn't fit neither do you have wait for the money to be credited back into your account blah blah blah. THIS is truly shopping from home, and it is to our, the consumers', advantage!

I actually like quite a lot of designs from their store and had a difficult time narrowing it down to just 3 items. Well, I can always order again! ;p

First up, just how sweeeeeet is the Deep V Dress in Mellow Print? I first fell in love with it when I watched this video and when I tried it on? I fell harder in love. I love how the dress dances in the wind and the luxurious feel of the material makes me feel like a princess. I'm sure you know I don't wear a lot of v-necks but I really couldn't pass up on this. Definitely a keeper +++

I don't know what came over me because blush is not a colour I usually wear but just look at how beautiful this dress is! The Pleated Bustier Cocktail Dress is just as the name suggests, perfect for cocktails and black-tie events. I love the slightly structured flare from waist down and I think it's perfect for the upcoming Valentine's Day dinner! ;)

Lastly, something printed and something unique! The Crop Dress in Mystic Print is of thick, quality material and you are bound to find a print that suits you.

What are you waiting for? Valentine's Day? Oh wait, that's on Friday, shop away with Whole9Yards! ;)

#OOTD for Lunar New Year

Monday, 3 February 2014

Hi guys!
I hope you had a splendid LNY weekend!
It's a GREAT time to play dress up and go overboard hahaha.

Here's two of my outfits over the weekend!

Of course, that's a gazillion similar looking #ootd pictures 
because I couldn't get the dress to flow the way I want it captured. 
And yes, that's my mum and sis in the reflection waiting patiently 
while I walked down the same stretch of path 200 times and H snapped away hahaha. 

H commented I looked like I was dressed for a Christmas party hahaha. 
True to a certain extent I guess 'cause I got this skirt a couple months ago before December. 
I LOVE the luxurious sheen of the fabric!