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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Selling some of my pre-loved outerwear
Only worn a couple of times each
All items in mint condition
Prices stated are inclusive of normal postage
No meet-ups

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if you're interested in any of the items!

Items are sold on a first come first serve basis :)

H&M Black & White Bow Cardigan

H&M 4-button Navy Blazer

Burnt Orange Blazer

Grey Jacket with Chiffon Lapels
worn 1x

Dotti Knit Cardigan (Nude)

Dotti Grey Knitted Cardigan

Topshop Preppy Nude Cardigan
tagged UK6
worn 1x

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Monday, 26 March 2012

Jasmine and I took a day tour to Pisa from Florence (one hour train journey, approx 14euro for return train tickets) specially for The Leaning Tower of Pisa.

We disliked Pisa the moment we stepped out of the train.

Because there were too many cars!
And it was too noisy.

In comparison, Florence was quiet, beautiful and it was really nice walking everywhere.

Anyhow, we decided to do a walking tour and this was the guide we followed:
....and we got lost like, right away....we didn't even get the first paragraph right hahahahaha!

To be fair to us, the walking guide wasn't completely clear and it should've included street names so we know where we should head towards and where we'll end up at. *not bimbos*

BUT the gelato shop and restaurant mentioned in it were reallyyyyy good! (at least we found them!!)
In fact, I think the best (and my personal favourite) meal was at il Campano, in Pisa! :) (pictures of the yummy food at the end!)

Now, on to the pictures!

 It was so gloomy and we thought it was going to rain
but the next moment when we got out from a street, 
the sun was shining again!

 The gelato shop!
You won't miss it on your way to the tower.

It was so slanted in real life but we couldn't capture it in pictures!

Things people do at the Leaning Tower 




I love this picture of us!

While waiting to go up to the Tower...
Which, by the way, I strongly DISCOURAGE you to do so.
It was the most torturous 15euro spent!
The climb up was tormenting and it was exactly as what I overheard the couple in front of me said,
"So this is what it feels like to be drunk and walking up stairs".
The defect of the Tower was further felt as we kept going round and round...
I felt so giddy and unbalanced.

By the time we caught our breaths,
we had to go down...
So.......don't bother to go up the tower!

And then we went to il Campano for lunch!
Pretty small place and it was full house at lunchtime.

 Pasta with truffles!

 Seafood soup
Yummy albeit too salty

 Cute little eggs with truffle bits

Pasta with Italian sausage (minced meat) and black cabbage

Definitely our most memorable meal of the entire trip! :)

Antica Trattoria il Campano (Pisa)
Address: Via Cavalca 19 Centro, 56126

And that was our one-day adventure in Pisa!