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Monday, 28 January 2013

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Hello girls!

Have you started shopping for Chinese New Year? CNY is one of my most look forward to festival because it is the biggest and BEST excuse to buy NEW CLOTHES and SHOES and BAGS and ACCESSORIES hehehehe. And the perfect place to shop is of course at because they have all the above I'm looking for, AND MORE!

Here are a few of my picks from!


This is what I will wear on the first day of CNY for visiting!
Isn't red and gold the most auspicious colours for the festival?
Gonna be brighter than everyone else since I shimmer and 
I have on the brightest Polyn Bustier Top from Smitten 
It is padded at bust for that extra boost you might need when relatives start asking 
when is your turn to get married, to have kids........and all those irritating questions.

I'll pair the Jacnth Flapback Top
from maryjulian 
with a pair of shorts for a gathering with friends!
As we all know, all these gatherings involve a lot of cards and mahjong,
and I need to feel comfortable and be at home.

If red is too loud for you,
this exclusive manufactured piece from maryjulian 
comes in navy blue  

It's perfect when paired with a pair of jeans too ;)

I'm damn kiasu.
For reunion dinner with my family, I'm going to wear RED too!
The Vodre Embroidery Dress from Smitten 
is loose enough
to make sure my after-meal tummy doesn't show after the feast!

Don't forget Valentine's Day is on 初五 of CNY.
This exclusively manufactured Belle Bustier Keyhole Dress 
from Smitten 
is so fun and flirty,
perfect for dinner with your love ;)
The unique back design is definitely the selling point of this dress.
Don't worry girls, it is padded at the bust!

If you would like more ideas on how to dress up this Chinese New Year,
you can visit their blog (link:
Their stylist will be updating regularly with tips on dressing up to impress.

You can also check out Jipaban’s Chinese New Year Lookbook
to see which are their key items this New Year.

If you haven't started shopping for Lunar New Year,
look no further than! :)


Sunday, 27 January 2013

p/s: As per requests, I've updated SHOPTIPPYTAPP with some hastily taken pictures!
WIWTs seen on Instagram are at the bottom :)

Hello girls!

I've done a little spring cleaning and I've a MILLION pieces of dresses I no longer wear 
(I'm not even kidding), and I'm planning to sell them cheap!

What do you think is a good way?

It's IMPOSSIBLE to take pictures of every single piece...
I've also thought of having a stall at a flea but apparently 
they don't allow us to sell preloved items anymore?

In the meantime, 
if you are interested in any of the clothes you've seen me in, 
drop me an email at with an attached picture of the item 
and I might just sell it to you! ;)

p/s: If you haven't already heard, 
we've just launched a new collection over at TIPPYJESS!

Flour lover

Sunday, 20 January 2013

I prefer savoury over sweet food anytime but I do have the occasional sweet tooth too!
But one thing's for sure, tried and tested, 
I can never have something sweet as a full first meal of the day.
A piping hot savoury meal needs to be devoured before I can have a sweet dessert.

I loveeeee this waffle from Strangers' Reunion!
It is very light and fluffy, and I prefer my waffle with fruits over ice-cream.
And of course, maple syrup makes everything tastes 5x better!

I've wanted to try out Flor Patisserie at Duxton for the longest time
because Japan has some of the best cakes and the pastries here are prepared by a Japanese chef!
Unfortunately, they close early daily so I was never able to make it there
till a Sunday afternoon when I was over at Group Therapy's for their eggs.
We ordered the Earl Grey with banana and the Napoleon,
and though they were not the best cakes I've eaten, 
I would still go back again 'cause I need to try their strawberry shortcake
before I decide if this place is worth going.
H loved the cakes though!

I haven't ate at Cedele for probably two years now?
One day, I had a very strong craving for pancakes with maple syrup 
and I remember they have some pretty good pancakes so off we went there for lunch!
Hmmm this is the place for comfort food.
I used to frequent this restaurant some 6-7 years back and they have probably made some changes
but their pancakes are still so good!
The caramelised bananas are hidden in the pancakes and with the maple syrup,
it tasted heavenly!
Not a huge fan of the sea salt caramel ice-cream though.
I'll try the earl grey & fig ice-cream next time!

ChaceyLove sent me two lovely pieces which can take you from day to night!

This exclusively manufactured bustier seemed to have made my tummy disappear!

So perfect for Valentine's Day!
I chose to match this sweet pink dress with nude accessories
for the toned down, lovely sweet look.
Hopefully my boyfriend loves me more since I'm nothing like what this look portrays hahaha

Head on over to ChaceyLove for some pretty loots! :)

Trolley Dolly

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Judging from the title, I'm sure you guys know what I'll be talking about in this entry. For those of you who don't already know, I've been a trolley dolly for five years now.

According to urban dictionary:
"An often over-painted but nonetheless glamourous and sexy female cabin crew member on a commercial airline, so-called because they offer drinks and other refreshments from a trolley pushed down the centre aisle. Once, it was acceptable to also pinch or grope them as they passed with their trolleys but alas, no longer. Now they must use more complicated methods of picking up men that they fancy.  
Otherwise known as "tarts with carts" or "flying mattresses ". Were known once for offering "coffee, tea or me"."

Hahahaha yeah "flying mattress" sound more appropriate a description cause I am definitely nowhere near sexy though I'm trying to be glamorous hahaha!

This is a job that many young girls yearn to have (speaking from experience- I wanted nothing more than to be recruited into the company five years ago AND my little sister is planning to join the industry soon after she graduates so I definitely know what some young girls think). And so, here's a little insight on what to expect!

Flying - pros and cons?

Okay, let's start with the pros!

Firstly, of course, travelling is FREE. Stays in five star hotels are also FREE. We get to go places, enjoy life, relax, learn about cultures, eat good food and yesssss, SHOPPING. OMG THE SHOPPINGGGGGG!! I've accumulated at least a ton of rubbish and 50kg of shopping still brand new with tags. Flying also allows me to get my favourite designer bags at discounted prices compared to Singapore's!

Number two - your time in Singapore is purely your time as there's no work to bring home nor are there deadlines to worry about. Just enjoy your day off and spend your time doing the things you love when you're home! I love my weekdays off as there are shorter queues in banks and post office.

We work with different people on every flight, we never meet the same passengers twice. So we actually meet LOTS of people everyday with differing opinions and they offer new insights to situations. I get to learn about the latest news and gossips from them and I might not even need to read the newspapers to know it. I learn something new everyday on the job.

I'm thankful for the friends I've made over the years. It's amazing how we are always able to continue the conversations we left hanging months or years ago the next time we meet.

And for the cons...

THANK GOODNESS I still weigh the same as I did five years ago butttttt my waist is disappearing :( It is definitely an inch or two thicker than it used to be and that sucks because I can't seem to find my waist back now.

Permanent dark eye circles that never go away due to my irregular sleeping hours. I am forever jet lagged and there was once I got back from the USA, I couldn't go to sleep no matter how and I was finally tired at 9am. My day was spent.

Beside the irregular hours, we lead a pretty unhealthy lifestyle as well. I don't usually take breakfast 'cause by the time I'm up, it is at least
12noon. With screwed up meal times, I gave up on taking medicines and vitamins.

Having to step out and get food for myself. HATE IT. Especially in winter.

Sometime from my third year on, I feel like my time can be better spent in Singapore rushing projects, meeting friends or even doing laundry. Anything is more productive than measuring the curtains in my hotel room. A lot of us feel unmotivated due to the comfort zone we are awarded with, they get complacent and lazy, worse of all, they feel *contented*. But not for me. I don't get the satisfaction I need from just doing my job that's why I studied for a degree, learnt driving, blog and cook during my free time, and set up my current baby - TIPPYJESS.

And lastly, there's the con of being away from home ALL THE TIME, missing anniversaries/birthdays/gatherings/weddings, etc. I used to be fine with missing all these till one day, I realised that all these events only happen ONCE and I can fly to London any other time... It's more important to be there for my friends and family than to spend it alone or with strangers overseas.

I hope you understand a little more about our job after reading through this lengthy list! I'm not a newbie to the industry nor am I in it as long as the seniors but I do know a little about it for survival purposes. You don't have to agree with me on every point as this entry only serves as MY point of view.

Alright, enough words! Below is a couple of outfits I wore lately, all from!

Brocade printed dress

Digital print skirt with leather waistband
Pointy snakeskin pumps with gold tips

Around Koh Samui!

Sunday, 13 January 2013

I'm finally back to update on my 2nd day in Koh Samui!
You can read about Part 1, my stay in W Retreat Koh Samui here

It was an impromptu decision to rent a motorbike to tour around the island after breakfast.
We went to check the price with the retreat and it was only 600 baht 
(~$24 but I'm sure you can definitely get it cheaper outside) for a day. 
Since we were in Thailand, we didn't need a license, so off we went!

Firstly, breakfast!
I loveeeee W's amazing breakfast buffet.
There was a huge array of selection and it was tough choosing what to have ;p

Soup was too sweet for my liking

View from The Kitchen Table

While waiting for the buggy...

Home and changed for the day!

First stop: Chaweng Beach
This is the most popular beach in Koh Samui, of course we had to check it out.

There's only ONE (two-way) main road on the entire island
so you can imagine how small Koh Samui is!!
We rode on the same stretch of road for a longggg time
but we couldn't see the road sign to turn in to Chaweng Beach soooo...

...we went for some much needed air-con in Starbucks before continuing our journey.

And then we arrived!
Pretty disappointing, I must say.
Even Bintan's water is clearer and cleaner.

There was some shopping near the beach but it was pretty dead around the area.

Or maybe 'cause it was very much needed in the sweltering heat

We left Chaweng Beach after like, five minutes hahaha.
It was too hot and we didn't plan to suntan anyway.
I prefer having the wind on my face while we rode on the bike.

We travelled for a short distance then we saw this scenic and tranquil area
that is a popular photo spot.
It was very peaceful, there was nothing in sight,
just endless sea and skies that stretch on forever.
So pretty!

Then we started some dangerous rock climbing...

After taking many vain shots (haha), 
we decided to go in search of the waterfall!
Just as we were climbing up this crazy steep slope, 
H lost hold of the bike and we both fell on our right side and resulted in this:
Soooo painful I wanted to die!
And the best thing was, 
H had NO INJURY just a scratch while I was suffering!!! >:(
I even brought a twig all the way home with me >:(

Sunset on the way home.
The water here was so shallow, and the view so beautiful.

...and then we went back to the hotel for dinner!

Fash Mob has moved to a .com!
I went for a preppy look with this checkered chinos -
folded the hem and buttoned my blouse fully.

I actually really like this outfit!
Not what I'd usually wear but I would like to rock this look one day.
The chinos' material is so soft and comfortable, and I love the loose fit on me!

And here's an embellished collar button down dress!
It is great for a casual day out to town
and for those I-feel-fat-and-I-have-nothing-to-wear days.
Dress is also fully-lined!

Fash Mob is offering complimentary local shipping
for ALL orders from now till FEB 2013.
Make use of the free shipping to shop for your CNY/Vday's outfits! :)