City of Love and Sin

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

I was exhausted by the time we touched down and fell asleep the moment I got on the bus. The next moment, almost an hour later, I was awaken by the long bus journey, wondering why hadn't we arrived at the hotel yet. The first sight that greeted me when I opened my eyes was the the typical low-rise European buildings and we were traveling through a neighbourhood. Shops were still closed and Parisians were all wrapped up doing their daily morning routine - going to work, waiting for bus, walking dogs, running for the metro... Then I pondered about living in this city, about how one of my colleagues who should've been reunited with her husband in Paris now, how is she doing. I remembered all the beautiful and fun times I had in the City of Love with some of the best company. I remember every single Paris flight I did and all the memories created. And there, I fell in love with Paris once again.

It's been a year since I visited Paris and it still remains a special place in my heart.

But this trip, it was mainly shopping 'cause it's been so long I last bought a bag!!! :)

 Tourists love Galeries Lafayette and that's why I'll not go there again.
Everything is out of stock!
Go to the boutiques at Ave Montaigne or St Honore - they have EVERYTHING!

Chanel's first boutique at Rue Cambon
There are 3 Chanel boutiques within walking distance around this area (all with stocks!) 
but only at the first boutique, the packaging is in white - white boxes and white paper bags!
The only one in the world so if you're getting your first Chanel, 
getting it here makes it extra memorable! :)

Only my favourite flavours are worth the calories!
Rose, Pistachio, Praline
Oh yes, this trip I tried Pierre Herme, which is also famous for their macaroons 
and I must say, Laduree is still the best in Paris!
Pierre Herme's macaroons are soft whereas Laduree's harder and crispier, which I prefer.

And now, what we've all been waiting for - my buys!!! ;)

 Another pair to add to my collection :)
€130 before VAT refund

 I've been wanting a pair of red Ferragamos and this pair was perfect!
And the second best thing was - it's on sale!!
€238 before VAT refund

First saw it in November and I've been searching all over the world for it!
The SA at the boutique was so nice, he brought out ALL the colours for me to choose 
but electric blue was love at first sight for me!
€1200 before VAT refund

And after buying all these, I went back to Rue Cambon and held this baby for half an hour 
thinking if I should get it too.
I couldn't do it.
I couldn't spend such an obscene amount of money on just material goods.
After another price hike, this medium flap costs a crazy €3100.
I can buy 2.5 bags with that amount.
I still remember my jumbo from 3 years ago was only €1870.

the reverse side also has a reverse side

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Woohoo guess who got a new camera!!

I haven't used my Leica in forever 'cause the quality seemed to have dropped 
and it takes lousy pictures nowadays.
Been wanting to get the Canon Powershot S95 
but kept holding back 'cause I'd rather spend on handbags.
But when I heard the S100 is out, I knew I had to have it!

I especially love how it's not bulky (like my Leica) so I can slip it easily into my handbag,
and the effects they have in this camera are a dream!
My favourites have got to be 'Nostalgic' (as seen above) and the 'Toy Camera' (as seen below).

Hehe expect nicer (and more, hopefully) pictures on tippytapp soon!! :)


Lunch at ca'puccino, London
Tuna cream, hard boiled egg and rocket in warm, crispy, soft onion bread
I would definitely go back for this again!

 It was raining, cold and extremely windy in the morning but when late noon came, 
the weather was perfect!
Hyde Park looked so prrrretty I couldn't resist taking a few pictures when I got off the bus!

Yay to London again next month ;p


Singapore has been sprouting up with many new restaurants lately 
and I've made it a point to eat at a new place every other time!

One place I highly recommend is Chinois at RWS.
Went there with my girlfriends and our partners for Xmas dinner, 
and H wanted to go back again for the chicken soup and try new dishes.
I swear everything on the menu sounds so good!!
In the end, we ordered 6 dishes for 2 persons haha.

 Smoked duck breast with jelly fish (a little spicy)

 Roasted pork with mustard
Can you see how crispy the skin is????!!!??!

 Pan seared foie gras with smoked duck

Half chicken soup with...I forgot 

Mushroom vermicelli

And H had a plate of duck tongue all to himself.
I honestly cannot decide which are my favourites 'cause Everything was so, so goooood!

Next, I recommend Tonkatsu by Ma Maison at Mandarin Gallery.
Ma Maison finally decided to open an outlet dedicated to their famous pork tonkatsu!
They offer free refills of rice, cabbage and miso soup by the way!
Their miso soup comes with vegetable and it was soooo good I had 3 bowls of it haha.
If you don't like it with fats, order the pork fillet instead of the pork loins :)

Teatime at TWG with Jasmine

I am quite ashamed to say that was my first time to TWG 
and only then did I know what I've been missing out on - their macaroons.
I'm a tea drinker and these tea-infused cookies are so delicious!


Sunset spotted at MBS with Xiaoting while waiting for our table at Pizzeria Mozza.
(It's pretty amazing my phone can take pictures like THESE. No editing at all!)

It's hot like mad in the day but we get such lovely skies in the evening,
it's true we have to go through hardships for sweet endings.

Enjoy your week of feasting,
Happy Lunar New Year folks!


say hello to the sea and the fishes will reply

Friday, 13 January 2012

I'm actually really, really excited about the future and work (I know right).
'Cause I'm finally going to Rome at the end of February!!
I've FIVE nights there and I really, really want to visit Pisa and Florence on top of touring Rome 
but H isn't able to take leave to join me :(
Now I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed that my colleagues haven't been to those places before and will join me else I'll have to give up on going 'cause what fun is there touring alone... :'(

Buttttttt I'll be meeting up with my favourite Sau in my favourite Seoul hehehe :)
So much to look forward to!

This year, supposedly the year when the world ends, I'm gonna do what I wanna do -
buy without thinking, eat without worrying and live without regrets.

Anyway, here are some outfits!

 In rainy Taipei

To Universal Studios

For a day of meet-ups and eating

 Shopping in London

To facial

To dinner

On a related note,
let's take a look at what's new in blogshops lately, shall we? ;)

Style Cult sent me two lovely items this week,
the Leopard-Print Pleat Skirt and the Chiffon Biker Jacket!

I always go minimal with basics when I'm wearing leopard prints
'cause the prints are loud enough on its own.
This skirt is especially flirty and flattering for the legs!

This might be a biker jacket but the chiffon material adds a feminine touch to it
hence I matched it with some pearls and sequins - Purrrrfect for a night of partying!

Style Cult will be launching a new collection tomorrow, 14 Jan at 8.30pm.
Be there on time or the items will be gone before you know it! ;)

Next on the list, we have Magix D and Tiffany, the owner,
sent me the Floaty Sides Balloon Top which is so cute and fun!

The mushroom prints and cheery pink make me think of picnic on a sunny day!
Actually, if I'm still in school, this would be the exact outfit I would attend classes in.

Alright everyone,
time to do some shopping for Chinese New Year if you haven't started!
Like me :(
This year is probably gonna be pretty mundane and quiet since one of sisters is married :'(
But H will be joining my family since he isn't going home, so I hope it'll be fun!
After all, it's kind of like the first (or 2nd?) year I'm around for CNY after I started working!
Must treasure this!

p/s: Anyone knows where can I download Photoshop for free?

上海 (二)

Sunday, 8 January 2012

 The Bund (外滩)

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Shanghai, 
The Bund and Huang Pu River need no introduction!

Finally a good picture - no shaky hands, 
and someone who knows how to press the button and FOCUS!

Ye Shanghai (夜上海)

I did research on places to bring H for lunch and dinner on his birthday a week prior to the trip 
and Ye Shanghai was pretty well-received by both locals and foreigners! 
I made the reservation straightaway when I saw the branch in Hong Kong was awarded 
1 Michelin star haha.
They serve pretty good local food at affordable prices!

We ordered the set lunch for 2 so we could try a little of everything!
Really small portions though so we ordered sides of xiaolongbaos and dumplings.
 Dimsum was good!

The soup was too salty.
In fact, almost everything was too strong in flavours in Shanghai,
my tastebuds prefer blander food!

Two measly pieces of fish with lots of bones :(

 Pork ribs were very yummy!

Dumplings in chilli oil

 Thin-skinned xiaolongbaos - love it!

Definitely worth a visit! :)

Mr & Mrs Bund

After much contemplation, I settled on Mr & Mrs Bund for H's birthday dinner. 
As the name suggests, it is located at the Bund facing the HuangPu River. 
Perfect to go for a stroll after a romantic dinner! ;p

I don't know what was in that can but it was SOOOOOO GOOD I SWEAR!
I spread it on the bread they provided but it didn't taste as good as
when I spread it on those thin slices of crispy bread it came with.
I can still remember the taste of it ahhh I would go back just for this!

 Look at those slabs of foie gras mmm!

My scallops with lemon ginger sauce!

 H loves a good steak anytime and this was perfect for him, he said.
Can't remember if this was sirloin or wagyu with foie gras and truffle.

The satisfied birthday boy!

Dessert was pretty forgettable.

His dessert came with a candle and sparklers which gave me a pleasant surprise too!
When making the reservation, I asked if they can prepare a slice cake for him 
but the reply was they only have a full-sized cake which was too much for the 2 of us so I declined.
Didn't expect them to come up with this at all!

By the way, it was pretty packed for a Wednesday night so do make a reservation! :)

Qi Pu Lu (七铺路)

In my opinion, Qi Pu Lu is the BEST shopping area in Shanghai! 
If you think Bangkok/Hong Kong/Malaysia/Taipei/wherever is cheap, nowhere beats China. 
'Cause what ISN'T made in China? ;)

It's kinda like Platinum Mall in Bangkok or Argyle Centre in Hong Kong
but the bargaining here is waaaay better,
and my boyfriend is an awesome bargainer haha.
I was too busy to take more pictures 'cause there was too much to see and the mall was huge!

Some items I got:
 Scarfs - $4-$5 each

Cute stockings - approx $4 each or less

All for less than $20

Ear caps at $1 each

I also got belts for a few dollars each, iPhone covers as low as $3.....if only it was summer,
I could've bought clothes and shoes!
By the way, you can get winter coats at really low prices too!

Tian Zi Fang (田子坊)

This is like the arty-farty area in Shanghai.
Art, design, photography, restaurants, cafes, great way to spend an afternoon here :)

That's all I have on Shanghai! 
Don't want to blog too many parts on the city lest you guys get bored 
so these are the worth mentioning and going! :)