It's been a while, mate!

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Sorry for the mini hiatus guys! 
I was in Jakarta for a short trip and it had been fun! 
Good and cheap food, affordable shopping, awesome hair washes,
I don't even mind the traffic jams.
More about that next time because I've a lot of pretty cafes 
to introduce to you girls if you are ever thinking of heading there ;)

Anyway, I will be going on a LIVE talkshow next Tuesday on 1 July at 8pm 
with 2 other bloggers Tricia (@vaingloriousyou) and Meiting (@lianmeiting) 
hosted by Success Legacy!
We will be sharing the good, bad and nasty about the blogging industry, 
as well as answering all the FAQs during the 90 minutes talkshow.

There will be a lot of fabulous prizes giveaway throughout the show too. 
Head over to to find out how to take part in the contests to win!
The generous sponsors include Shiseido, Anna Sui, Carolina Herrera, Nina Ricci, 
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Success Legacy Facebook:
Instagram: @success_legacy 

Feeling extremely nervous and a little stressed just thinking about it.
Please be lenient with us?

RSVP over here and we will see you on Tuesday!
Remember, the 1st July at 8pm ;)

A little fashion update!

You are definitely no stranger to FashMob as this online brand has been around for a couple of years. I have worked with them numerous times and seen for myself how their designs improve with each collection.

I picked out two floral pieces which I absolutely love and are in line with my style!

I don't think I will ever stop wearing midi skirts... At least not until the stores stop selling them!
The vibrant prints on the Kaleidoscope Motif Midi in Red instantly brings sunshine to wherever I go and I like how it is match-matchy with my orange lip colour! ;)

Maxi dress. Those two words basically sum up everything I want to say about sandals, casual and cafes. I had a lot of fun twirling in this pretty dress! (Launching today!)

I am wearing size XS for both items by the way! :)

Enjoy the last bit of your weekend and thank you for reading ladies! <3

Wedding Update

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

H and I are just 3 months away from The Wedding Day now and to be veryyyyy honest, we haven't done anything much since my last update haha. All the professionals H and I engaged seem to unanimously agree that there's no need to rush and panic as preparation work usually starts 2-3 months before the actual day. So we are actually very chilled about it. Or rather, I am very relaxed. What bridezilla? Groomzilla more like it. Hahaha!

We have only recently received an email from our dinner banquet coordinator (yup, we didn't even call to chase her for updates lol) listing down the things to be done leading up to the day and it seems easy peasy, like we only need a day or two and there you go, a wedding of our dreams! Food tasting has been confirmed in mid-July when H's parents fly over. Other than that, I presume we need half a day with the coordinator to discuss about colours, flowers, decoration and the itsy bitsy. Gown-fitting is also scheduled in mid-July. What else...hmmm. Oh ya, we haven't decided on our emcees. I guess we will just hire if we reallyyyyy cannot find one.

Anyway, we went down to Dreamweaver the other evening to choose our wedding invites. I didn't exactly fancy any design wholeheartedly but I am too cheapskate to give up free invites and design one of our own because who keeps wedding invites anyway?! But the printing is still very expensive *heartpain* so friends, PLEASE FRAME UP OUR INVITE WHEN YOU RECEIVE IT THANK YOU.

This was actually my first choice but *white* isn't an auspicious colour to the Chinese especially not for a celebration and I know the older generation wouldn't approve of it (I was right). The other colour available for this design was brownish copper...which is, erm, not really our colour so we gave up on this.

Since we have decided to go with traditions, red it was and this was the only red wedding invite available (for our hotel). The only qualm I have is the word "喜" doesn't stand out probably due to the font type.

...then we were shown this.

H was sold.
We paid extra for the hot stamping.
Money flew away.
Heart pain now.

And that's our wedding invite's story. Took us around half an hour to get this done. Another down!

You know, H's hometown (Nanning) doesn't have the 过大礼 tradition so I thought of scrapping this whole thing but my mum is quite a traditionalist at heart soooo we are still going ahead with it. Couples actually hold it 3-4 weeks before the wedding day but we decided to 过大礼 next month when H's parents are here. It will be a good bonding session for both our parents since I guess it is probably gonna be their first and only time meeting before the wedding hahaha.

Also about time for me to start tidying the house to welcome the guests. *stressed mode on*

We have also collected our wedding photo album last week! I am so, so pleased with the final photos + layout! We edited a whole lot of pages when we were presented with the first draft because the previous layout wasn't to our liking so the satisfaction of what seeing what we want come to life is awesome! Another thing that's awesome is the editing skills. My arms, omg my arms! They are sooo slender and straight in the photos, I'm in love! Those photoshopped arms are what I'm going to work towards!

Sharing a few of my favourite pages from the smaller album (because it's right beside me and I have been flipping through it everyday haha)!

Till the next! <3

Achieve Flawless Face with Laura Mercier

Friday, 13 June 2014

I remember the makeup brand Laura Mercier was already causing quite a sensation 3 years ago before it came to Singapore. A lot of women were trying to get their hands on one of their famed primers and foundations which claim to be the best worldwide because they provide coverage that is flawless yet natural looking.

Sometime in mid-May, I was invited to the Global Makeup Artist event held at Laura Mercier's Tangs counter with the renowned Alexandre Ciancio who flew in from Paris!

That's me with the celebrity makeup artist!

He gave us some tips and techniques to using Laura Mercier's products as well as imparted some professional makeup tips!

Laura Mercier the brand is known in the market for the flawless face that every woman wants. I cannot speak for all but I am a true convert and believer now after using their makeup products for a month! Of course, with such an extensive range of hues that suit women of all skin tones, you are bound to find something that matches your needs!

There are the 3 holy steps for the skincare routine that we should follow if we want a clear complexion. Similarly for makeup, there are 4 holy steps to achieve The Flawless Face:

1) Primer
2) Foundation
3) Concealer
4) Pressed powder

A lot of ladies do not deem the primer as being necessary hence some skip the primer because they do not know the functions of it whereas others skip simply because they are lazy to add an additional step.

*raises both hands up embarrassedly*

Guilty as charged.

Ever since I included the primer into my makeup regime, saw and felt the results, I am never lazy again. Having the primer on after my sunscreen allows my makeup to go on more smoothly, and my face actually remains matte throughout the day. Additionally, it makes my foundation look more natural and not mask-like!

Did you also know:

"Primer creates a protective barrier over the skin, as well as seals in and protects any treatment products used during your daily skincare regimen. So, primer actually seals in the stuff you layered on before it, ensuring all the benefits you layered on actually work." (link)

Most importantly, a primer keeps cosmetics from being absorbed into the skin.

Who else is Team Primer now? Hahaha.

Anyway, the generous team behind Laura Mercier sent me their whole range of foundation primers (6 different kinds!) which consists of

1) The Classic Foundation Primer
2) Oil-Free
3) Hydrating
4) Mineral
5) Radiance
6) Protect (with SPF 30 UVB/UVA/PA+++)

There is definitely a primer for your skin type. Personally, I love the classic foundation primer because this water-based gel is rich in vitamin, very lightweight, and keeps my face matte all day. I don't feel like I've applied anything at all!

Note: Appearance of skin improves over time with regular use due to the ingredients of Vitamins A, C and E, as well as good-for-your-skin botanicals.

The classic foundation primer on left and radiance primer on right

My second favourite is the Radiance primer which provides a healthy glow to the skin. The pearl tint creates a soft focus effect to minimize the look of imperfections which makes it perfect for special occasions where I get to look fresh, like I am glowing with radiance.

The different textures of the 6 different primers Laura Mercier carries.
Left to right:

1. The Classic foundation primer
2. Radiance
3. Hydrating
4. Oil-free
5. Mineral
6. Protect (with SPF 30 UVB/UVA/PA+++)

A little more about the other primers I haven't touched on:

For ladies with dry skin type, the Hydrating primer is of course perfect for you. It holds water in the skin throughout the day, preventing it from evaporating. Additionally, it also helps to hydrate, sooth and refresh the skin.

The Oil-free primer, I've tried, is literally oil-free and matte. This is a specialized product for oily, sensitive and acne-prone skin types. It contains a unique, light-reflecting ingredient, which creates a "soft focus" appearance, causing fine lines and imperfections to seemingly smooth over, giving the skin a soft luminous glow with a semi-matte finish.

If you are looking for an ultra-silky, weightless finish that invisibly shields the skin, the Mineral primer is made for you. It enhances the performance of other mineral formulations and evens out skin texture for seamless application.

Lastly, if you would like the skip the sunscreen step, you can consider the Protect primer with SPF 30 UVB/UVA/PA+++. Of course, the texture is expected to feel a little heavier as it contains sun protection but it is perfect for those lazy days where you get to skip a step or when you're late for an appointment!

Here’s a test you can try it at home with your primer:

Step 1: Apply a Foundation Primer on one of your palms
Step 2: Apply Tinted Moisturizer over the Foundation Primer
Step 3: Apply Tinted Moisturizer only on the other palm without the Foundation Primer

You can see for yourself the difference a primer made. The foundation and colour are more evenly blended and closer to skin tone, skin looks smoother and flaws are not focused! So this is what Laura Mercier meant when she mentioned "soft focus" appearance - it's true!

The above are all part of my makeup regime at the moment, and of course the selected primer of the day (not pictured)!
Top (L-R): Smooth Finish Foundation Powder (shade 04), Loose Setting Powder (translucent)
Bottom (L-R): Secret Concealer (for under-eye), Secret Brightening Powder (for under-eye)

Bareface and ready to start achieving The Flawless Face! (no edit, no filter and please ignore the red marks on my neck - I scratched :x)

Looking a little pale here after applying the 4 steps of primer, foundation, concealer and pressed powder.

Slapped on some blusher and lipstick and I'm done! All in 10 minutes! I love that my makeup doesn't look heavy even though it might sound like I have piled on a lot.

This was taken after 6 hours of running around. No touch-up and my complexion was still looking matte! I only got home at 12.30am and only my nose was visibly shiny. Thumbs up from me for Laura Mercier's 4-step Flawless Face!!

If you would like to find the correct Foundation Primer that suits your skin type, head on down to any of the Laura Mercier counters (Robinsons Orchard, Takashimaya, TANGS Orchard) for a short consultation and receive a 5-day trial size Flawless Face sample when you mention "TIPPYTAPP". Limited to 50 customers per counter.

Also, if you share your consultation experience on Laura Mercier Facebook (, you will stand a chance to win a $400 Laura Mercier hamper!

Contest and redemption end 15 July so go on down today! :)

p/s: Laura Mercier is available at Robinsons Orchard, Takashimaya, TANGS Orchard and all Sephora stores.


Wednesday, 4 June 2014

05 June // Updated Shoptippytapp with new items!

I can't believe it's already June! Lots of exciting plans this month but first up - H and I are flying back to his hometown this weekend! I am TOTALLY EXCITED becauseeeeee I ordered a truckload of stuff on Taobao!!! Hehehe his parents dedicated an entire room for all our parcels because they are piling up. They are also very supportive of our (my) shopping habit, telling us stuff like if we cannot fit everything into our luggages, they will help to bring them over when they visit next month HAHA! Eh, more shopping? :D

Anyway, May was definitely a month filled with love~~~ I attended 3 of my good friends' weddings and they were so much fun! I truly enjoyed myself at the wedding dinners because of all the love and happiness molecules in the enclosed ballrooms. Also, seeing how each couple complements each other gives me that soft squishy feeling somewhere to the left of my chest. 

Sigh, love.

At my batch girl, Christine's wedding. As always, so good to see my batch mates again!

Please excuse the bad quality. Evening bags are too small, cannot fit cameras haha.

Notice the empty ballroom? We were the LAST to leave. The staff couldn't wait anymore so they have already started on rearranging the chairs for next day's event haha. This is quite an achievement for all of us who are always the last to arrive and first to leave. We headed up to the bridal suite after all the photo-taking and continued with our catching-up!

Alex and Juan's wedding was the week after Christine's. It was an extravagant affair with touching moments and a lot of thought put into the evening to make it a memorable one for both the couple themselves as well as for the guests.

Every table was doing the Oscar Selfie that night!

And the last wedding of the month was of course Liau (Calista) and Ken's wedding. First in our clique to get married :)

Hahahaha Ken being his usual (joker) self

When we were done with our bridesmaid's duties, Sau and I went off to ProTrim (Somerset 313) to do our hair for the dinner!

I requested for a loose side bun and allowed Tino to decide what suits me best. Close-up of the back details:

I don't have a full frontal picture but here's an accidental shot hahaha

Sau did structured side swept curls which I love!!! Am thinking of doing something identical for my wedding BUT I haven't decided on my actual day gown so I'm not sure if it suits the dress... We shall see!

Last month, I went for the Desigual show during Audi Fashion Festival and Tino gave me side swept waves as well!

I really liked the hair style but if my hair is longer, I am sure I'll like it even more. Soooo I'm not gonna cut my hair from now till my wedding day! Not even a teeny bit of trim. 

Grow hair, grow!

And this is the usual va-va-voom hair Elva (JEM outlet) blows for me after touching-up my hair roots last month! I always look forward to seeing her because my hair looks and feels magical after each session!

I alternate between two ProTrim outlets - JEM and Somerset 313. Elva at the JEM outlet maintains my hair so all the cutting, colouring and hair treatments are done by her. Whereas Tino from Somerset 313 outlet does hair styling for me whenever I need it. I figured it's more convenient to head to town for that since most events are held in central Singapore. Anyway, both are awesome in what they do and I am so thankful to be a part of this team as I can see my mane is slowly but surely on its way to recovery! 

(Sidenote: You HAVE to try their hair treatments! Mucota or Keratase, they last for a long time!)