Our Wedding

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

I know I didn't talk much about my wedding since it happened in September. With some time to spare today, let me share a couple of pictures before the year comes to an end and our wedding becomes even more irrelevant than it already is hahaha.

Not much words in this post because I think the pictures tell the story of what went on that day so I hope you enjoy the photos! And yes, there was as much fun and laughter as what you'd see! :)

Anyway, my day started at 6am which was consider pretty late I guess - yay to being a Cantonese!

My bridesmaids (which consist of my 2 younger sisters and girlfriends from secondary school) seemed to have A LOT of fun. They were sending me pictures while I was waiting in the room for H to come pick me. I wish I could've joined in!

I thought some of the games were brilliant without going overboard or being too humiliating for the men! H has really sporting brothers too ;)

My bridesmaids were wearing a pretty shade of periwinkle, dresses sponsored by Love, Bonito. We headed to a field nearby to have some pictures taken together before going over to Goodwood Park Hotel where H's family was waiting for us.

After the tea ceremony and a change of outfit...

Back at my house for the tea ceremony before heading back to Goodwood Park for a short nap (much needed!) then prepare for the dinner.

Getting married is a tiring affair man.

Okay, can I just say I really HATE my hairdo for the evening??? I've had my fringe combed back, hair up and all before but I've never looked this bad. So I was feeling really sulky because I had to sit through the ROM ceremony in this hairdo since we had no time to change the hairstyle and I was trying very hard not to let vanity bother me. 

But you know what? I was very lucky. Adeline, the makeup artist for both our mothers and my sisters, was still around when the ceremony was over and she changed my hairstyle to make me look my age!! I should've engaged her for myself instead *o*

So much happier after looking at myself in the mirror with a change of hairstyle.

And here's one with Adeline, we went waaaayyy back to 7-8 years ago!

My cute nephew hehehe

And then Adeline stayed around for my second march-in, touched up my makeup and helped me with the hair :*)

So, so, so thankful for her 'cause she saved me from looking terrible (and then having to look through those painful photos twenty years down the road).

If you are keen in engaging Adeline's service, you can contact her at 96619992 or head over to her Instagram (http://instagram.com/adeline.lim) to check out more of her works. I don't say this of a lot of people but she is one of the sweetest person I know, and an extremely pretty mummy at that!

Below are some of the fun shots taken at the instant photo booth sponsored by La Novella!

I guess that pretty much sums up my 2014 and I look forward to greater and bigger things come 2015. Have a happy new year guys! <3