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Friday, 21 March 2014

Okay I finally found time to share about my new hair sponsor! Came home right after work today! Ahh, it had been a tiring week fighting the Z Monster every morning and afternoon after lunch.

Yes, my hair! A little history "lesson" about my hair first. So before I got sponsored by a hair salon and when I was still flying, I rarely get anything done to my hair in Singapore. I did not cut my hair here, colouring of hair was out of the question, neither did I do treatments, etc. At that period of time, a couple of years ago, I was impressed with the hairstyles spotted by the girls in Hong Kong, Taipei and Seoul. Naturally, I was keen to try the hair services and salons were readily available in the main shopping strips. And then I went back again and again because the service in those cities was good and every customer left the salon with impeccable hair! Including me ^.^ haha. Not to mention prices were also very affordable ~ S$10 - S$20 for my hair length.

One of my favourite hair salons has to be Juno Hair in Seoul and 乱剪 in Taipei! I don't know the exact addresses but I always go to the Juno outlet in Myeong Dong. Enter the entrance right beside Adidas and take the elevator up to level 3. I brought H there once and he was full of praises for the salon like I was! Nobody leaves the salon looking bad. And 乱剪 is right smacked in 西门町 I am sure you will not miss it if it's still in business.

Now that I no longer have the opportunity to visit Seoul or Taipei anytime I want... I am so glad I have ProTrim! I couldn't contain my excitement when I saw the email because each outlet has at least one Korean hairstylist so for those who love Korean fashion, aesthetics or how the Korean girls rock those shoulder length brown hair, go to ProTrim and get the expert's advice! :)

ProTrim JEM has THREE Korean hairstylists!

I went for my first appointment at ProTrim JEM and the stylist assigned to me was Elva. Here's a picture of the both of us before we start:


After a hair wash + treatment + cut, they applied this on my hair before... perming!

THIS is the perming machine they specially flew over from Seoul!
It's actually a conventional way of perming women used in the older days.

So how it works is...
The machine will heat up the clips and curlers to a maximum of 90 degree celcius 
and then it is ready to be used!
It's amazing how the heat can be retained for 20-30 minutes AFTER it's clipped/rolled on your tresses!

I didn't feel any warmth on my scalp AT ALL.
I'm actually perming my roots for a more voluminous look!


Curling my ends to give it more volume!

I loveeeeee the slightly curled ends!
It is so Korean and you know I adore anything Korean!!
(Except their music probably)

How the ends look from the side!

I was also supposed to colour my hair (roots need serious touching up) that day 
but it was a little late by the time I was done so I went down again the following week!

Elva is giving me subtle highlights!

I've never done highlighting before but boy, it is hard work 
especially if you're doing it for the entire head!

Anyway, hair colouring is Elva's forte so you know who to look for ;)

The Keratase treatments they offer

Of course I did the Radiance Ritual for my newly coloured tresses

Sigh. Just look at this.
Blowdrying is an art.
Give me the same hairdryer and round comb and I still won't be able to achieve anything similar  >:(

When it was finally done, I just kept repeating to Elva,
"Omg I love it. I love the colour. Omg. I love it. The colour is great."

Though there is not much difference in the highlights and my base colour,
I think there's added dimension to the entire look!

My hair colour is more true to the following pictures:

I was never the one who's crazy with outrageous colours on my head 
and I love experimenting with the different shades of brown so
I am extremely pleased with the results 
and so happy to have found Juno Hair in the form of ProTrim in Singapore!

To find the nearest ProTrim, you can hop over to this page:

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