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Monday, 24 September 2012

I know updates are a little slow 'cause I'm dealing with shitty internet connection in Barcelona and to make my stay worse, all shops, I repeat, ALL SHOPS are closed on a Monday (tomorrow) because it's a public holiday in Spain. *sulks* I have been looking forward to be back in this city for more Zara and Mango and H&M and Bershka. >:(  Now I just hope we can have some paella tomorrow to make it up a little.

Anyway, to cheer myself up, let's talk shopping and outfits!!! 

 Love my rabbit top!
From ASOS sale!

 Perfect for lazy days

 Dinner with Jasmine and Colin straight after touchdown hence the rare hair up

 Loveeee this combi, so comfy!

 My pretty shoes from Primark!
You might not believe it but Primark shoes last even though they cost cheap.
They last longer than those cheap shoes you get from 
Hong Kong, Taipei, China and even Vincci.
AND they are comfortable!!
Especially the black and leopard print pairs - feels like my feet are covered in pillows!

 It was a tough decision between these two and I chose the blue in the end 
'cause I had to check-out in 2 hours and I couldn't sit forever in Topshop to make a decision 
plus I haven't had lunch which was my main purpose for visiting the mall.
Confessions of a shoppaholic.

 Accessories of the day.
My favourite arm swag at the moment!

 No makeup after facial, don't focus on the face.

If you noticed, carparks are great places for taking pictures....

 H bought me these Minnetonkas 'cause you know, he doesn't think I have enough shoes. ;)
Hahaha who am I kidding!

 After my haircut and dinner with Sau in Seoul!

 This outfit is not very much my style...but I really like it!!
I've bought more long pants 'cause it's fun not being girly all the time haha

Shoe shopping in Sao Paulo!
Black pair is Vivienne Westwood for Melissa, wedges from Melissa and Havaianas slippers.
I'm gonna have fresh smelling bubblegum feet :)
11 pairs of new shoes in 3 weeks and I'm heading to Bangkok this weekend!!!

Closer view.
So pretty and I've already worn them out!

Haven't listened to Jay Chou in ages but I accidentally (long story) 
found this song and it's my ear candy for this trip.

Have a great week ahead all! :)

p/s: I'll reply to comments when I'm home 
'cause the internet connection here is literally crawlinggggg.

All I ever wanted was the world

Sunday, 16 September 2012

This was our last two days in Tokyo,
the heat was unbearable and I was too lazy to take my camera out to take pictures haha.
I do have a lot of food pictures though!

If you're interested in my previous entries on my Tokyo trip, 
you can find part one here: Wanderlust 
and part two: DisneySea 

 One of my all-time favourite outfit pictures :)

Lunch at Nihonbashi Yukari
The exterior.
This restaurant was soooo hard to find 'cause it didn't display its English name outside.
After circling round and round, 
we managed to find a kind Japanese man who directed us to the restaurant.

This was pretty yums.
Welcome starter I guess? Like welcome drinks?
The gelish liquid on top is salty and the bottom's kinda like chawanmushi.

Mine was the cod set + sashimi!

H had the tempura + sashimi

 Presentation skills 10/10!
We sat at the counter and had a chat with the chef who told us he has a Facebook page 
and won the Iron Chef champion title ten years ago.
I loveeee sitting at the counter watching the Japanese chefs do their thing.
It's just so fascinating!

 Ice-cream was good! 
I still don't know what flavour is it but there was some black bean it in 
and the crunchy rice cracker went so well with it!

Hidemi Sugino @ Ginza
Heard and read so much about this patissier 
but we were disappointed after trying three different cakes :(
They weren't really worth the rave or price to me.

After a little shopping on the most expensive street in Tokyo, we headed to Shibuya!


At the busiest crossing @ Shibuya

 Even though we were so full, we couldn't pass up on CoCo Curry!!!
Best choice made!
Singapore's outlet can't compare at all!

hahahahha our wishes hanged at Meiji Shrine!

hahahaha act model sexy

If you loveeeee gyozas, you MUST try
Harajuku Gyoza!
Even if you don't like gyozas, you still MUST try it 'cause it is reallyyyyy good!!!

We ordered a portion each of pan-fried and boiled gyozas and both were equally good. 
It was impossible to choose a favourite!
So juicy and tasty, the PERFECT gyozas!!
We had to order another serving 'cause it just wasn't enough!
Harajuku Gyoza - MUST GO!

 It was really warm that day but we made it to Omotesando for some Maisen Tonkatsu!
This restaurant is rumoured to serve the Best tonkatsu in Tokyo 
and the outlet in Omotesando is its first.
I really like the quietness of Omotesando.
When we were walking down the streets of this neighbourhood, 
I was thinking this will be a nice place to live in if I ever move to Tokyo.

I ordered mine without the rice set 'cause I was still full after the gyoza
but hmmm very soft pork tonkatsu!
Even the softest in SG can't compare.
And the miso soup they served had tonssss of yummy ingredients in it!

And for dinner on our last day, we had sushi buffet at Tsukiji Tama Sushi 
located at Takashimaya (Shinjuku) level 13.
The wait was at least ONE HOUR.
Pretty good deal if you ask me 'cause you can have unlimited orders of Uni or tuna belly 
and it costs the same as ordering a platter of sushi in Tsukiji market.
But sadly, this branch wasn't as good as the one in Odaiba.
The sashimi in Odaiba's literally MELT in your mouth and it costs a little less too.
Too bad it's kinda out of the way.

OF COURSE I had to eat strawberry shortcake before I leave!!!
I think we bought this at Odakyu mall basement.
Every cake shop sells strawberry shortcake so we bought two from different brands to try!

I'm saving my birthday in Tokyo for the next entry because on that day,
I had two of the best meals in my life and they deserve an entry on its own :')


If you haven't heard of ChaceyLove, it's not too late!
I was browsing their website and they have soooo many pretty stuff I would totally wear!

I wore this watercolour chiffon skirt for brunch at *guess where*!
That's my friend at the back hahaha

 I love the colours of the skirt, brightens up the entire outfit immediately. 
And its so light and flowy!

Autumn is coming and it's time to go for darker shades! 
You need this pair of Ferragamo-inspired shorts for that fun day out
or a casual dinner date with friends!

You can thank me later for introducing you to

Have fun shopping!
(psst it's my favourite pastime)