Winter Wonderland

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

 It snowed.
Quietly, gently, magically.
The sight was so pretty!

So glad we went out early the next day and managed to capture these because 
when the sun came out to play after lunch, everything melted.

And more outfits...

Remind me to look back at these photos again if I say I want to perm my hair again.


Wednesday, 22 February 2012

I get a lot of questions about the skincare products I use, masks...etc.
So here's FINALLY a post!

I'm extremely lucky to be born with fairly good skin that requires low-maintenance.
I never used pimple cream during my pubescent stage like my peers nor do I breakout badly when the time of the month is approaching. My mother and sister don't even use any skincare/makeup products and they've such clean, smooth skin! But not all is great since I have to deal with milia seeds ALL THE TIME!

Me, the lazy, procrastinator Me, is especially hardworking when it comes to my skincare regime. I want a perfect, flawless complexion for as long as I live, and I don't want to be battling with pigmentation, saggy skin, and wrinkles in a few years' time.

I do not believe that counter brands (like Estee Lauder, Dior, Lancome) are the best or expensive products will definitely work. I usually go for Asian brands 'cause I think it suits Asian skin best.

I have normal (or combination) skin and my nose is the oiliest at the end of the day.
Here are the products I use!


Left to right:

1. FANCL Cleansing oil
2. NATURE REPUBLIC Exfoliating Wash
3. PHILOSOPHY Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash
4. BIORE Facial Wash (Original)
5. BIORE Facial Wash (Cream)

I don't use all at the same time of course. I alternate between 2 and 3, as well as 4 and 5. No. 3 is gentle enough to be used daily too!

I've been using 1, 4 and 5 for YEARS and they're great for my skin. Have tried switching products a couple of times but nothing compares to these.

Steps 2, 3, 4 and 5

Left to right:

1. KOSE Sekkisei Lotion (Toner)
2. DR. WU Intensive Hydrating Serum with Hyaluronic Acid (Serum)
3. PHILOSOPHY Hope in a Jar (Moisturiser)
4. PHILOSOPHY Eye Hope (Eye Cream)
5. BIORE UV Perfect Face Milk SPF50++ (Sunscreen)

Dr. Wu's serum is a little sticky after application but my moisturiser and sunscreen smoothens the stickiness so that's pretty nice!

I've raved about Philosophy's Hope in a Jar before and it's really the bestttttt moisturiser ever! It has a really light texture, almost like having nothing on your skin but it's such good food for the skin! And the greatest part is - Philosophy is Finally coming to our local Sephoras!

I never buy the same bottle of eye cream twice 'cause I never see the effects they promised but I still use it for moisturising and just in case purposes haha!

I like no.5, it's not oily and perfect for our climate. But it's a little drying during winter with such a high SPF, so recently I bought another sunscreen with a lower SPF and with moisturising effect for my overseas trips!


Left to right:

1. LANEIGE Water Sleeping Pack
2. LANEIGE Firming Sleeping Pack

These are for nights when I'm too tired to slap on a mask. No. 1 provides pretty good hydration and both can be used together :)

I use a variety of masks from Seoul (Skinfood, Face Shop, Nature Republic) and Taiwan (Beauty Diary). As long as they promise whitening, brightening, hydrating, anti-aging, I'm sold!

New purchases

Left to right:

1. CLINIQUE All About Eyes Serum (roll-on)
2, LANEIGE SPF 35 PA++ Sunblock Oil-Free

Will start using the roll-on eye cream when my bottle's finished and I tried the new sunscreen in Singapore yesterday and my face looked really oily even after foundation. This Laneige sunscreen provides moisture to the skin as well so I guess that's why. I'll probably stick to using this only when I'm overseas since it's too heavy for our humid weather! 

Till the next beauty talk, give lots of good food to your face and remember NEVER sleep with your makeup on, girls! :)

14th February

Saturday, 18 February 2012

For Valentine's Day this year, I decided to surprise H with a home-cooked meal! It was my virgin attempt and am I glad to say it turned out a success?! The meal wasn't only edible, it actually tasted GOOD! All thanks to Google and watching my parents/grandmothers when they cooked and picked up a tip or two hehehe. Cooking must be in my Cantonese blood, I've found my natural talent (hahahaha). I'm absolutely proud of myself! :)

By the time I finally dragged myself out to buy groceries, it was already late noon and wet markets would've closed so I went to Cold Storage. Didn't know what kinda fish is good for steaming and the fish seller recommended the most expensive catch of the day... The red snapper. No regrets, the meat was really fresh and smooth!

It was my first time touching a raw fish...and it was kinda gross. So soft and scaly and wet...eeeeww
Need to wear gloves the next time I touch raw meat.

My favourite kailan with garlic and oyster sauce, cooked to perfection, just the way I like it! Crunchy!

Chicken meat and potatoes
Chicken was marinated with salt, pepper, light soya sauce and sesame oil

2 eggs, 1 century egg and 1 salted egg
Add 6 1/2 eggshells of water, steam.
Add light soya sauce, sesame oil when done.

Steamed red snapper
The fish seller must have knew I was a noob at cooking he washed and dug out the innards for me.
All I had to do was garnish it with ginger and chilli inside and on the fish, add some light soya sauce and I was done! Steam for exactly 10minutes and it was absolutely yummy! Healthy too!

And I bought durian puffs from Emicakes for desserts.

I will definitely cook again after realising how easy it actually is to whip up a meal!
Much healthier to eat at home too :)


 Dress from Seoul

 Crochet dress from H&M

All my favourite colours together :)

 Bustier dress from long ago
Blazer from H&M


Oh yes, we saw Emma Watson at Selfridges in London the other day!
Spot her!

 I was surprised she's really petite in person.
And that's all for my starstruck moment.
It lasted all of 5 seconds haha.

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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

 Happy Valentine's Day! 

14th February holds a whole new meaning to my life 4 years ago because that was the day I started my first day of training for my current job. This entire process that I'm still living in, continues to be life-changing. Can't say I love my job - I only love and enjoy everything else that my job offers except the main part of the job, which is, ironically, the job. I've made a promise to myself to quit this time next year so I can gain some corporate experience out in the big, bad world. In other words, I'm only left with a year to buy all the bags I want!!

My Valentine! 


I've always been quite the Korean drama fan girl and now that I've so much free time overseas, I've been watching Kdramas non-stop!

If you're crazy like me, share some watch-worthy dramas with me pleaseeeee! I like my lead actors/actresses good-looking haha thank you!

Here are some that I've watched and you can decide whether to waste time on it or not!

City Hunter
Genre: Action, Romance, Suspense

Must watch!
I'm not saying just 'cause Lee Min Ho was the lead actor but the plot was good and there was a twist near the end!
I didn't like the lead actress (Park Min Young) much 'cause apparently sparks between 
Lee Min Ho and her fired off during the filming of this drama but I've to admit she grew on me.
That flawless complexion and tiny nose, damn!
(They've broken up now anyway!)

If there's one drama not to be missed, it's this!
Therefore, 10/10 rating for this.
(I couldn't wait to devour the entire series!)

Lie to Me
骗我试试 / 對我說謊看看
Genre: Romance, Comedy

Rich man, poor girl kinda storyline but it Never gets boring when it comes to Kdramas!
I love the way they fell in love, made my heart flutters.
Some scenes made me burst out laughing but the 'Lie' ended too quickly and the last 10 episodes or so got kinda draggy.
Because I like both Yoon Eun Hye and Kang Ji Hwan's characters in the show,
for this!

Secret Garden
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Fantasy, Melodrama

This drama receives very high ratings so I had pretty high expectations for it but I was disappointed.
It was sooo draggy especially the last 3-4 episodes it felt like the producer just wanted to extend the drama and included numerous insignificant scenes. 
I was like, "Just get to the ending already since we know they're going to be together!"
Not all is bad since some scenes (especially after they switched bodies) had me literally in stitches I couldn't stop laughing and then some had me in tears.
for this since both Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won weren't exactly eye candies when I started the first episode (but Hyun Bin seems to become cuter as the show progresses!).
Great soundtrack by the way!

Personal Preference
Genre: Romance, Comedy

Why is Lee Min Ho so perfect, why???
This is like an extremely typical kinda Kdrama which involves an evil, mean girl 
who goes around spreading rumours and creating problems 
for the protagonist all in the name of jealousy.
Got me so frustrated and worked up during the serial!!!

Nothing exceptional but because Lee Min Ho's such an eye candy,

My Fair Lady
Genre: Romance, Comedy

This was unexpectedly good!
I reallyyyyy like Yoon Eun Hye, and her character in the show has the mossssstttt 
amazing fashion/clothes/accessories! 
I liked everything about her in the show 
from her confident strut to her horrible temper to her hair to her makeup, 
Don't we all wish we have an extravagant life like hers?

Definitely worth watching!
Rating: 10/10

The next drama on my list is this:
My Princess

I cannot help it, I'm a hopeless addict!