Saturday, 25 August 2012

I wasn't the least bit excited about going to DisneySea like H 
'cause I've been to Hong Kong's Disneyland and it was....boring and childish hahaha.
So we thought DisneySea would be something different like 
all its ride would be water-based but they weren't... 
DisneySea is just water theme.
So it was still boring and childish to me and the queues for rides were INSANE.
At least an hour of queue and I think we only took 2-3 rides the entire day.
Luckily, luckily the sky was threatening to pour so the weather wasn't hot at all!!!

With my favourite milk tea!

 Hokkien mee seller hahahahahhaha

 I loveeee this pair of shades but pretty pointless if I get it

 Queuing for this "roller coaster" ride which lasted a grand total of.... ONE minute.

 Under the seaaaaaa

 No queue so we took this lame ride hahaha

 It was actually really pretty from up there

 We took this too so dizzy I wanted to die.

 I couldn't spend bear to spend that much money on a soft toy 
which I'll probably ignore when I'm home

So here are two pictures haha

 H pissed me off then forced me to take a picture in front of the castle.

 hahahahhahaha why the camel looks so small!!!!

 The sun was out at this time so... time for an ice-cream!

 We queued for ONE hour to take picture with an over-enthusiastic Minnie.

 hahahahhahahha stupid Asian.

 Probably the only water game in the park!
We were too tired and hungry then so we gave it a miss.

Then we went to watch a musical and I fell asleep...........

 No fireworks so we headed home!

After my second Disney theme park experience,
I'm not sure if I'll head to a 3rd one since I'm not the kind who exclaims
to every single thing... we shall see!

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