Giveaway results + DRx Skincare Regime

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Hi girls!
I've finally read through all comments left for the giveaway and I'm sorry for taking this long! Thank you for taking the time to leave me a comment with your suggestions, I hope I will have the time in 2014 to share more. Here are the winners!

Set A:
Teresa Lim (

Set B:
June Ho (

Set C:
Shirley (

Please send me an email at with your address and I will mail the set to you via registered shipping ok! For those of you who didn't win, don't worry, I will be conducting more giveaways in future - it had been fun!

Thank you to all of you for reading all these years <3


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So! I have jumped on the DRx skincare regime as well! I have heard a lot about the brand from my friends and fellow bloggers, all positiveness (!), so naturally I was very tempted to try it out for myself. I mean, who doesn't want flawless, porcelain and crystal clear skin? The journey to perfect skin is long and far but I am not giving up any means there is to achieve that. I also wish that one day I can stride down Orchard Road with enough confidence to have no makeup on my face.

FInally, the day for my appointment at DRx Clinic arrived!

I love the spacious, clean, white waiting area that was full of chatters.
It was all very casual, nothing serious like what you would encounter in some clinics.

After my consultation with Dr David Ng
I was ushered to the "photography room" to have my 'Before' picture taken.

And then I was given an introduction by a nurse 
on the products that I will be bringing home and how to use them. 
It was all very confusing initially since I was still new to the brand 
but after a day, I remembered all the steps. 
Easy peasy!

A peek into my box of goodies

All that I'm using on my face now!
Scroll down for more detailed shots :)

Pretty self-explanatory!
The milk cleanser is a make-up remover for face. 
For eyes, I'm still using Biore's jelly remover.

Ahhh, this awesome product, the Comedone Formula, 
reduces the appearance of blackheads, whiteheads and blemishes!
I was advised to apply on my oily t-zone but it seems to be a little drying 
so I only apply on my forehead at night since it's not that oily!
But on my nose day and night since that's blackheads' favourite place to be.
Recently, I also started applying a very thin layer on my cheeks
because my cheeks are one of the places which shine at the end of the day.

The X Cream is great for pigmentation and dark circles 
so I apply religiously on my under eye and this little birthmark on the left of my chin!

Here's a picture of me barefaced to better illustrate.
This was taken after my skincare regime and one day after I started using DRx products.
I was truly amazed because the darkness that has been haunting my under eye seems visibly reduced!!
Will keep you updated about my birthmark!

Max C!
One of their star products!

Let me quote their product description:
"Max-C is a potent anti-oxidant formula based on the highest possible 
stable concentration of Vitamin C. 
It counteracts free radicals, encourages collagen and elastic production 
to control the adverse effects of photo-damage, 
including wrinkling, sagging and other symptoms of premature skin aging."

Tell me, how yummy (in skin food context) does that sound already?!
So glad I was prescribed this!

I really love the Hydrator aka moisturiser!
Skin instantly feels smooth, soft and supple after application!
Definitely one of my favourite products.

For nighttime use to reduce appearance of fine lines and uneven skin texture

And lastly, sunscreen and Anti-Blemish Mask for the oily areas and pimples.

DRx products are very easily absorbed (in a matter of seconds) and when I am done with all the steps, my skin feels incredibly supple on touch and it has never felt this way before!
I may look oily after having all that products on my face but in all honesty, it doesn't feel oily at all! You know how some moisturiser and sunscreen bring about the oily-kinda-heavy texture on your skin?
DRx products don't that's why I love them!

I have been using the products day and night religiously for almost 3 weeks now (even when I was on holiday!) and my skin appears softer and smoother. It is not dry even though I was advised to apply a thin layer of each product on my skin anddddd my makeup glides on smoothly and very easily!

I'm so thankful to be introduced to DRx and I will keep you updated on my progress here ok?

Till then, enjoy the last days of 2013 and may you be filled with love and joy in 2014.

All things jolly and pretty

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Hi guys!
Sorry I have been a little too busy lately to blog. As we speak now, I have to be in the airport 12 hours later and I haven't even started coordinating my outfits for my trip to Ho Chi Minh city. I have been so tired living everyday to the fullest. Not that I'm complaining because life in December is always the awesomest.

Oh yes, about the giveaway, I haven't picked the winners yet, but I will, when I get back from HCMC okay!

A little update about life...

I'm rarely so made up but this was for a shoot right after I got back from Phuket last week. It's probably due to the tan I got from the holiday because the makeup artist used a lot of bronzer on me. I have always thought bronzer looks better on girls with healthy sun kissed skin. I want to go back to being porcelain :( But the makeup skill was damn power - I've never looked this good in my life hahaha.

Ignore my hairy arms. H got me a vintage Rolex for Christmas. I really don't need an expensive watch because watches are just accessories to me but there's no way around this man when he's set his mind on something. Not my money. Shrugs.

Our annual Christmas meet-up at Jasmine's! Cannot wait for Chinese New Year's at Debra's already! :)

Got my nails done at Polished and I love the happy colours of this set! The vibrant hues on my heft hand are like the warm colour tones.

And on my right is for the cool tones! So girly, so fun, I love this set! Appointments are already filling up fast for Lunar New Year so call and get a slot quick! I've already gotten mine on the 24th! ;)

Polished Boat Quay tel: 65353665
Polished East Coast tel: 62464256

And in line with the festivities, Browhaus and Strip have special promotions for my readers!

I was invited to their new outlet opening at Westgate and I had my brows dyed to the same shade as my hair! Brown brows are soooo pretty and they don't look as harsh! Now, I want to have brown brows always.

Oh yes, the offers for you girls!

Quote 'Jessica Tham' to redeem 50% off your first wax / brow treatment 
at Strip & Browhaus Westgate. 
Applicable for first-time customers at Westgate outlet only. 
Limited to one redemption per customer. 
Valid till 31 January 2014. 
Other terms & conditions apply.

Browhaus and Strip are also offering special starter packages for you! 
Strip: Purchase Strip waxing credit package at $150 and get $50 credits for free.
Browhaus: Spend $140 for 10 + 3 brow threading services (U.P. $170)

Have a jolly Christmas everyone!
Spread the love~~ <3

I'm singing my blues~~~

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

We are back from Phuket! ...and missing the sea and being on a vacation :(
Detailed blogpost will be up soon but in the meantime, here are some pictures to give you a small preview.

Flight outfit taken in our room.
Love the wall!

Breakfast by the pool :)

To the beach we go!

Back at the resort's infinity pool.
I could lay here FOREVER just looking at the pool + sea + sky connect.

Outfit for dinner at Patong.

This was at Maya Bay! :)

Rainbow ice-cream under the multicolored umbrellas on a scorching day.

Checked out of paradise in a white vest from Beautiful Strangers.

The vest is of quality material and I love how it adds a sleek touch to my outfit.
I can see myself wearing it very often! ;)

A little about Beautiful Strangers:

"Inspired by how we ladies are constantly checking out the beautiful girl on the street, 
or the stylish person on Instagram or Facebook,
Beautiful Strangers is founded by 2 friends with the idea to turn every girl 
into the beautiful one that others will check out too.
Beautiful Strangers is stocked every fortnightly, 
to bring you apparel that will make you that Beautiful Stranger 
who leaves an impression on all occasions, 
be it a date night out with the boy or a brunch date with your best friends. 
What’s better than style that is accessible and affordable yet classy & chic?"

I'm still in my monochrome phase and this pair of statement shorts 
from Beautiful Strangers fit right into my wardrobe!

At only $18.90,
this is definitely not something you want to miss.

And girls!
Get an ADDITIONAL 5% off your total purchase when you quote "tippytapp"!
Valid till 18th January 2014.

Shop for your festive outfits at Beautiful Strangers today! :)
Instagram: @shopbeautifulstrangers


Saturday, 14 December 2013

I'm leaving for Phuket now guys! 
Follow me on Instagram (
if you wish to get updates on-the-go with me :)

See you next week!

#OOTD: Clearing backlog + Wedding rants

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Thank you everyone for the response for the giveaway (ends 17th Dec, you can still participate)! I didn't expect it and I had an interesting time reading through all your comments. Surprisingly, 95% of you would like to read more about my wedding preparations! Hahaha WHY?! To be honest, we have nothing much to plan (I think?) because we bought a bridal package so everything is more or less settled. We have booked a hotel ballroom, decided on the actual day photographer and videographer and that's about it! Right?(???) I don't know 'cause it's our first time getting married. Hahaha! Oh and my friend's baking for my wedding! YAY! I will share about the specific details when the wedding is over okay?

The question that remains is - should I custom make my gown(s) or not?!??? It only takes 2 months to make a gown so I still have a couple of months to decide. And the other question is -  when will I stop being lazy and start toning up my body?!???? Pre-wedding photo shoot is in February so we can't gorge ourselves silly over Chinese New Year. DISCIPLINE.

Fellow future bride-to-bes and married ladies, if there's anything to note, please share with me! Please, please, pretty please?? :*)

Moving on, your second favourite topic you would like to see more of - fashion-related and my #ootd. Here's a monthly compilation!

Entire ensemble from overseas

2-piece cropped top & midi skirt upcoming on Tippyjess
To those who have been asking: Stocks are delayed, sorry!

Jeans from Topshop
Sandals from Zara

Top from Megagamie?
Skirt from Love, Bonito
Necklace from Mango?
Sandals from H&M?
Bag from Marc by Marc Jacobs

Top from Love, Bonito,
Shorts from Topshop
Shoes from overseas
Bag from Celine

Top from Klarra
Shorts from Topshop
Sandals from Dolce Vita
Bag from Chanel

Dress from Klarra?
Necklace from Tippyjess
Shoes from overseas
Bag from Chanel

Top from H&M?
Pants & Shoes from overseas
Bag from Celine

Dress from Tippyjess
Shoes from overseas

Top from Miss Selfridge?
Skirt from overseas
Clutch from YSL

Dress from AforArcade
Shoes from overseas
Bag from Chanel

Itching for some shopping?
Head over to Tippyjess as we have 20% OFF STOREWIDE till 11 Dec, 11.59pm!

H and I are leaving for Phuket this weekend for his birthday!
And then Ho Chi Minh for Christmas!
Exploring new cities - I love :)