5 Favourite Places To Take #OOTDs In Singapore

Monday, 30 March 2015

It is actually pretty hard to narrow down to 5 of my favourite places to take OOTDs in Singapore because there are LOTS of pretty backgrounds on our little island. Anyhow, the following 5 are my favourites because I seem to frequent them waaay too often and are easily accessible.

With its dated western architecture and alfresco dining areas, CHIJMES is the best place to go if you want a fresh perspective and look like you weren't on our little island.

National Museum of Singapore
The exterior looks like something you would find in Paris hence whenever I'm in a romantic outfit and in the vicinity, H and I would head over there to take #ootd. The interior is even more beautiful but you would need to apply for permission in advance if you would like to do a photo shoot there.

Singapore Art Museum
I think my love for museums and European architecture is obvious so 'nuff said.

Raffles Hotel
A beautiful, clean, white and photogenic place with little human traffic = perfect #ootd spot.

Tiong Bahru
I am sure most of us would have taken at least one #ootd in Tiong Bahru so no further introduction is needed for this neighbourhood ;)

Disney's Cinderella The Movie

Saturday, 21 March 2015

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I'm sure many of us here are familiar with the fairytale Cinderella. It was one of the first stories I grew up with (my first storybook was Jack & Jill by the way if you are interested hehehe) and from then, I got intrigued with all these princesses' happily ever after endings because who doesn't want one? At the tender age of <6, I thought I was a princess, and everyone around me indulged me in that belief. Positive outcome or not, that's not the main point for this entry haha. But yes, I will definitely continue to pass on these fairytales to my child in the near future because they are old but gold.

Last Saturday saw H and I at the Mastercard Theatres for the movie premiere of Cinderella! Not surprisingly, my initial thought when I received the invite was, "Cinderella? Most of us would've already known the storyline, why is there a movie on it? Wouldn't it be a bore?". But the remake of the Cinderella story proved otherwise because you literally see the book you read in your childhood come to life. The blue gown Ella wore in the movie was as grand as what I have always imagined in my mind.

Before the movie started, H and I were in for a treat! There was a photobooth where we had our picture printed in card size at the Kose counter, completed with a fairytale-ish looking mirror frame!

There was an exciting showcase of Disney's Cinderella inspired dresses by NAFA students (Singapore) inspired by the main characters in the story. My favourite dress is (surprisingly) not Cinderella's (the powder blue toga gown) but the Wicked Stepmother's! The choice of forest green gives the gown a more "cruel" feel but the mermaid cut and subtle embellishments are what got my heart.

Hahaha I look like a kid next to these models. Please ignore the height difference, I came from a flea before that hence I chose comfy flats over high heels.

There was also cocktails, ballroom dancing, music-making with a lot of mingling. Also, lots of cute little girls were dressed in princess dresses looking waaaaay adorable!

...and then I went in search of the famous glass slippers!

Many renowned designers around the globe such as Jimmy Choo, Nicholas Kirkwood and Stuart Weitzman were inspired by Disney's Cinderella and got down to designing their versions of the glass shoes for the movie. The above was Jimmy Choo's design which is also my favourite.

And this is the famous glass slippers. You should catch the movie to see how it sparklessss. So gorgeous!

Seated and ready for the show to start!

The movie might come with very few surprises but there was never a dull moment. Most of us would already know the basic plot but I think that is what connects the movie with the audience. You just keep wanting to find out what happens next when there are such charming actors (Lily James as Cinderella and Richard Madden as the Prince). Indeed, there were some unexpected moments injected with lots of humour. We did have some good laughs in the theatre!

My personal favourite scene has to be the ballroom dancing. I know it is *quite* expected but hey, the way Cinderella's gown moves with the swish-swish sound effect makes you want to don a dress like this for at least once in your lifetime...just to dance. With a prince charming - that's a bonus.

I have a slight tulle addiction so look at all that tulle/mesh wrapping her waist! The dress is glorious! Let me rewind a little - when Cinderella arrived at the palace and her carriage door opened, there was almost a synchronised "Wow..." in the theatre because the scene was too beautiful. Cinderella looked stunning in the gown with her sparkly glass slippers seated in the magnificent golden carriage.

Okay, maybe this was my favourite frame.

In the "secret garden" with the Prince - a scene you don't get in the basic storyline!

On her deathbed, Cinderella's mother left her with a parting line - "Have courage and be kind". This phrase stayed with Cinderella and gave her strength to keep going during trying times. It was repeated multiple times during the movie and I like how they inserted a theme into this, teaching kids and also us, the big kids, the right values, which we sometimes forget/neglect.

Disney's Cinderella, the movie, is already out in movies (on 12th March, in fact!) and I strongly urge you to head down to the cinemas to check it out! The movie is not just the fairytale story of Cinderella but also takes a deeper look into the characters and their backgrounds. I am not a huge movie-goer but I think this is definitely worth a 4/5 popcorn because of the pretty costumes and good-looking characters.

Website: www.facebook.com/DisneyStudiosSG

Luxury is Convenience

Thursday, 19 March 2015

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“To me, luxury is a lifestyle. It is how you live as an individual, from your own unique experiences, interests and possessions.”  - Jessica Tham

I am truly honoured to be a part of Reebonz’s 6th Anniversary this March as a featured Style Files’s Centre Stage influencer. Reebonz is all about accessible luxury and today I'll be sharing about my shopping experience with them!

If you didn't already knew, Reebonz is Asia’s trusted online brand for buying and selling the widest variety of designer products and pre-owned luxury fashion. Modeled around the concept of ‘accessible luxury’, members may shop a range of coveted luxury online or via Reebonz mobile app.

Having been in the luxury industry for 6 years now, Reebonz understands the lifestyle of the Reebonz woman, and has evolved the shopping experience to fit her busy lifestyle.

"Shopping with Reebonz is always a joy from the online ogling then transforming them from dreams to beautifully wrapped reality in a luxurious black box and gold ribbon with the best present (from myself) in it!" - Jessica Tham

Luxury is Convenience.

With Reebonz's web and mobile app, we can enjoy the ease of shopping on-the-go, 24/7 in the comfort of our home. I have personally bought a clutch off the online store itself, and its user-friendly interface coupled with the smooth process from browsing to checking-out makes shopping with them a breeze!

Not only that, my purchase comes prettily packaged in a beautiful black box with a gold ribbons (Reebonz's colours!) right on time and at my convenience. Gone are those days when I have to worry about missing parcels or the hassle of arranging for re-deliveries.

Buying luxury isn't the only thing Reebonz has to offer. Their newest platform, Closets, is a super quick and easy experience for consumers like you and me to buy and sell pre-owned designer fashion through the Reebonz mobile app. All you have to do is snap a photo, sell and get paid! All done through your phone! Talk about convenience ;) For more information on how it works, you can check it out here.

Happy 6th Birthday, Reebonz! Thank you for making luxury convenient.

To celebrate Reebonz's 6th birthday, they are giving 6% off your purchase on Reebonz with no minimum spend (not valid on selected items)! Checkout with the discount code <TIPPY6OFF> from now till 31 March 2015.

I'm on Centre Stage this week, you can find the interview I did with Reebonz here! A specially curated event was done by me and you can head over here to shop my favourite brands (Chanel, Saint Laurent, Celine, Givenchy and Valentino) at this link!

IMM Outlet Mall

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

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When asked about the West side of Singapore, a lot of people I know would be like, "What's there to do in the West?!".

Lemme tell you - LOTS.

Coming from someone who has been residing in the North for the past 17 years, I think I spent too much of my time in the West. From secondary school to my tertiary institution and now H's office and monthly visit to my hairstylist, I travel to the West side very frequently.

One mall that stays around from when I was a kid to a woman almost reaching my late-twenties now, is IMM. IMM has gone through numerous facelifts to move with the changing trends and to accommodate the needs of the 1 million residents in the West. These days, H and I frequent IMM very often as home renovation is our top priority currently. The mall has a large selection of furnishing stores ranging from interior designers to sanitary ware to furniture - you can basically get everything you need there to build a home. Before or after your shopping, I'm pretty sure you'll be in a dilemma on where to have your meal(s) especially when there are so many choices!

But of course, my favourite aspect of each mall is fashion. Other than the usual retail fashion stores, IMM is also home to the largest Outlet Mall in Singapore and that is what I would like to highlight in this entry. I went shopping at the Outlet Mall last week to look for outfits that fit a Date Night look, as well as something Sporty!

Outfit details:
- Flavia Jumpsuit from GUESS, $50 (UP$195), FJB Outlet, #01-102
- Shoes, $79 (UP$175) from Nine West Outlet #01-103
- Montmartre Bracelet, $45 (UP$220), from Furla Outlet, #01-122
- Mad Twis MIN SAT Bag, $499 (UP$645), from Coach Outlet, #01-104/104A

My entire outfit was picked from the Outlet Mall! With close to 60 exciting outlet stores, you can expect a variety of choices ranging from casual to formal. Prices are slashed up to 80% so you will definitely find something within your budget that complements your style. For example the pair of Nine West heels I wore above? I just saw them retailing in stores a couple of months ago at $175 and it is only going at $79.00 at the Nine West Outlet and it comes in MY size (my feet wear size 35/36)!

Outfit details:
- CAM_OVAN Dress, $107.80 (UP$154) from Desigual Garage, #01-106
- Lace Bangle, $155, from Furla Outlet, #01-122
- Mad Twis MIN SAT Bag, $499 (UP$645), from Coach Outlet, #01-104/104A
- Shoes, $79 (UP$175), from Nine West Outlet, #01-103

The second outfit I styled for Date Night, something more casual and fun with a pair of extremely comfy heels made for walking!

Luxuries are now made affordable at IMM Outlet Mall and you can dress stylishly without breaking the bank! Expect to see other popular brands such as agnès b, Polo Ralph Lauren, Furla, Coach, Sacoor and more!

Outfit details:
- adidas x Stella McCartney Dress, $111.75 (UP$149), from adidas Outlet, #01-123
- 360.2 Prima Shoes, $69 (UP$139), from adidas Outlet, #01-123
- Core Grip Bag, $25 (UP$49), from PUMA Outlet, #01-22

I decided to do away with the usual sports pairing of a singlet and shorts and chose a pink/red dress from the adidas x Stella McCartney line! It comes with a pair of inner shorts too thus I think this outfit makes it appropriate for all types of sports. We need to look stylish when exercising too, right?!

Outfit details:
- adidas x Stella McCartney Dress, $111.75 (UP$149), from adidas Outlet, #01-123
- 360.2 Prima Shoes, $69 (UP$139), from adidas Outlet, #01-123
- Sky Wedge Surfs Up Shoes, $69 (UP$139), from PUMA Outlet, #01-22
- Dazzle Shopper Bag, $39 (UP$69) from PUMA Outlet, #01-22

I see myself wearing this outfit (comes with sports bra and inner shorts) for a session of tennis because it gives off the fun-loving vibes! Plus a white outfit looks so good with a lime green tennis ball, no? hahahaha!

If you are looking for sporty budget finds, you can head on down to IMM Outlet Mall! I've seen prices as low as $15 for a sports top from brands like adidas, New Balance, PUMA and RoyalSporting House, Converse, and more!

IMM Outlet Mall is Singapore’s largest outlet mall with close to 60 outlet stores offering discounts of up to 80% and more! The discounts are available all year long so you can shop any time and enjoy great savings (you don’t have to wait for the Great Singapore Sale).

IMM is located along 2 Jurong East Street 21, Singapore 609601. For more information on the mall and its full listings of brands available, head on over to their website at http://www.imm.sg/en/. Step right in for great value and more, at IMM the Outlet Mall!