I see Red.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

If you follow me on Instagram (tippytapp), you would've known my boyfriend, H, went a little crazy and bought me a Chanel Reissue 227 (Large) for my birthday. It was meant to be a surprise but... it failed.....hahahaha.

It happened like this:

Me: Do you think I should change my NRT-LAX for a Paris so I can buy bags?
H: What bags are you looking at?
Me: A lot! Either a Celine, Chanel or Dior.
H: Which one from Chanel?
Me: The GST, medium flap, WOC...
H: I think now is not a good time to buy.
Me: What do you mean it's not a good time to buy? Then when is?
Me: OH you mean you got me a Chanel for my birthday???????!!!!!?????!!
H: Eh...

Although I spoiled my surprise a month too early, I am STILL VERY SURPRISED!!!
It's too huge a surprise for me!!
To be honest, I've NEVER expected anyone other than myself to feed my own materialism 'cause as we all already know, chasing after luxury goods involves A LOT of money and I think I'm the only one crazy enough to splurge like this and I don't expect my boyfriend/parents/friends or anyone (sugar daddies haha) to spend this kinda money on me.
I prefer to make my own money and buy them.

It's a reallyyyyyyy sweet gesture from H though :')))))))))))
Now I know I'm worth him spending so much of his hard-earned cash on me :')))))))))))))))))))))))))))
(I expect a huge rock, thanks.)

I've always wanted a red Chanel!
Gave up on one in January 'cause I cannot bear to spend $5000 on a medium flap........!

I know I am very lucky and blessed :')

THE Boiling Crab!

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

I have been hearing A LOT about The Boiling Crab this, The Boiling Crab that from manyyyyy colleagues. So when I was in Houston and a couple of them wanted to go to The Boiling Crab for dinner, I jumped at the chance!
They were all very shocked it was my first time  >:(

That's all they have on the menu!

Obligatory first-timer shot, they said.

Sweet potato fries

They just lay some paper on the table and no cutleries were provided.
Use your hands for everything, even the sausages!
So when customers are done, they'll just wrap up the paper and discard everything.
Easy peasy!

Our food is here, in plastic bags no less!

One of my colleagues said the traditional way to eat it is to tie up the plastic bag,
turn it over, make a hole at the bottom, and eat from there!

Seasoning: The whole she-bang, medium spicyness.

Snow crab legs
I wouldn't order this again 'cause there are thorns on the legs and it's a pain trying to get the meat out.

The mess on my side of the table...
Remember to use the lime provided to wash your hands to get rid of the smell!

Our arms were in this position for the entire duration and I only realised how tiring it was after I was done!

I would totally go back again!!!
And probably order the same items off the menu.
MUST ORDER - King crab legs, sweet potato fries, sausages and shrimps!
The seasoning is really to die for omggggggg yummy!!! *SLURPS*

 Finally tried something different at IHOP!
Omelette with spinach, mushroom, tomato and original buttermilk pancakes!

 And my happiest buys from the trip! ;)))))))

we are young and fabulous

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Some crazy enormous narcissistic pictures of me if you've missed me HAHAHA

And now, we can start the post proper!

My girls and I went to the last show of the Lady Gaga Born This Way Ball. It was a pretty last minute decision and I think we bought the last few seats! I can't believe this is ONLY the second concert I've been to my entire life. The first one I went to was in secondary school and it was......wait for it..... Westlife's. Hahahaha so embarrassing but I really liked them back then!
Anyway, Gaga actually has some really weird beliefs and I kinda wished she didn't have to talk and just...perform. Nonetheless, a pretty good show!

Yes, yes, I'll clean my mirrors.

And then I stopped taking pictures.

I've been wanting to try Bistro Du Vin and finally Jasmine and I did!
Foie gras, escargots and duck confit - everything was good!
But I think no escargots can ever compare to the ones I always have in Amsterdam...hmmm I must have it at least one last time before I quit!

And I wrote this post with my current obsession wafting through the air - scented candles.
Can't wait to finish Flower Shop and light up Japanese Cherry Blossom, my favourite smell from Bath & Body Works!

Sunshine after the rain

Thursday, 7 June 2012

The short hiatus took me longer than expected! 
Thank you for asking about me, I'm better now :)
I was busy with back-to-back trips and my favourite Jasmine was back in town!
And now, I'm happily rotting in Moscow waiting for Pearlyn to check-in tomorrow and bring me out for dinner!
There's a thunderstorm here in Moscow and I must say, this is the FIRST time I see water falling down from the skies here, having been here countless times.

Some pictures from Tokyo and Los Angeles, finally!

 Dinner at the mall with the crew after check-in

 I loveeeeee the tempura at the mall!
The batter they use is really different from the usual and they fry it on the spot.
This was the first serving, and before we finished,
the second serving of piping hot tempura was served!

 Breakfast/snacks to last me for the night before we leave for LA the next day

 Outfit to Santa Monica

Breakfast at Denny's
I still prefer IHOP! ;)

The weather was purrrrfect just a tad chilly, the sand scorching hot. 
Beats me how the beachgoers could strip down to just bikinis and tan!

At Roppongi right after flight.
The Japanese clubbers are a rowdy bunch!
This guy was jumping (or dancing if they call it THAT) 
and stepping on my feet/scrapping my legs with EVERY. SINGLE. JUMP.
It was actually painful. So annoying!!!
They also have a lot of places to go to in the small club,
violently pushing their way through.
And the worst of all, they outrightly grabbed boobs!!!!
The crowd was just horrible.
Clubbing in Seoul had topped my Worst Clubbing Experience list for a while now 
but I think Clubbing in Tokyo is the new #1.
Luckily my companions and the music more than made up for it!

After a few hours of rest, we met up for lunch and Meiji Shrine/Harajuku!

And then I was too tired to take anymore pictures.
I felt like I didn't rest for the entire trip haha.
Good times, good times.