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Saturday, 21 April 2012

Hong Kong and San Francisco were all kinds of awesome - eating and shopping non-stop!!

 Mango sago drink!

  ...with my roasted goose rice!

 Pork cutlet bun from Tsui Wah (翠華) 
which is one of my favourite restaurant/cafe (茶餐厅) in HK!

The famous condensed milk bun from Tsui Wah!

 Of course we can't do without dim sum in HK ;)

 The food just kept coming it was crazy

Mango desserts from Xu Liu Shan (许留山) before some hardcore shopping!

The tiny glutinous rice balls are so chewy and to-die-for!!

After a few hours, we had bag within bag within bag...

I've got a couple of questions on where's good to shop and eat in HK...
Here are a few of my personal favorites :)


Fa Yuen Gai (花园街)
(Prince Edward station)
I would recommend going to this street for shopping first 
'cause it's the cheapest so you won't feel upset or cheated for buying the same piece of clothing 
at double the price somewhere else.

New Town Mall 
(exit D2 at Mongkok station)
3 or 4 storeys (I can't remember) of endless shopping! 
...only for girls though.
It's kinda like Platinum Mall/Far East Plaza.
I love this place!

Haha I know this is everywhere but I seldom visit Singapore's 
and HK has the cheapest H&M due to their weak currency.
My favourite outlets got to be the one in Mongkok and Tsim Sha Tsui 
which aren't as crowded as the one in Central, which always has no sizes.


Tsui Wah (翠華) 
I was first introduced to this restaurant by Sau and I've always been on the lookout for it after.
My boyfriend, my colleagues, my friends, everybody I know, 
LOVES this place!
Everything's nice but I usually order the condensed milk bun, 
pork cutlet bun and fishball/fishcake noodles.
Just go there ok???

Yung Kee
(Central 中環)
Famous for their roasted goose!
The last time I went, 
H and I had a feast of all their roasted meat!
Yummy but albeit oily.

Xu Liu Shan (许留山)
This dessert place needs no introduction, it's on every other street in HK.
Everybody knows it and everybody loves it :)

That's all I managed to pack into my two-day stay in HK!
Too short a stay to travel out of Kowloon and 
I cannot remember all the other nice places I went to on my previous trips.
Probably next time when I travel to HK for a holiday? ;)

Look, my new book!
I collected it from the concierge right after check-in and I was soooo excited 
I started downloading books despite being extremely tired.
It's lighter than a book and I think I made the right choice getting the Kindle Touch :)

 Skincare I got from Sephora.
Will do a review when I've got the time!

Omgggggg the besttttttt clam chowder from Boudin!
I don't have to travel all the way to Fisherman's Wharf just for a bowl of this anymore!
I accidentally chanced upon a Boudin Bakery right in the city of San Francisco, next to Macy's.

I've updated SHOPTIPPYTAPP if you're interested ;)

Back soon!


  1. pls do a review on SOY cleanser ! heard its good! :)

  2. are u a quiet or a loud person generally?

  3. Omg the food sounds SO good! I'll definitely go check out the places on your list when I next go to HK :)

    A fashion related question - where are your favourite places to buy cold weather clothes for Europe weather? Coats, knits, tights & scarves, boots etc. I've been getting some knits from H&M and Zara but still don't really have enough. I'll be going to the UK for further studies for 1 year so I'll really appreciate your help! Think it's better to wait till I go there and then shop over there?

    1. It's enough you've got some winter wear and a coat 'cause when you're over in UK, you'll be buying like craaaaazzzzy the selection there is better and cheaper (for H&M, Zara, River Island, Topshop....etc)! Check out Primark too!

    2. Get them in the UK. It's cheaper and more choices :) thermal wear from Mark & Spencer is pretty good. Don't buy too many if your there for only a year because shipping back to Sg will be a pain :)

    3. Thanks very much for your help! I'll be in a smallish university town, not a big city, but choices like H&M, Zara, M&S will definitely be available still. I won't have the time to shop like crazy but since there are more choices & it's cheaper, I'll wait till then to get more stuff if I need :)

  4. Love your food reviews!

    Just to check with you, how did you order the Kindle? You shipped it from Amazon to HK as international ship? I've been thinking of getting one and was wondering if it is safe to ship to the hotel before I arrive at the hotel and collect from the concierge.

    1. I shipped it to our hotel in San Francisco, free shipping!
      It's fine they'll keep it at the concierge for 30days before returning to sender but I ordered a day prior to the flight so it arrived on the day when we checked in and they left a message to let me know it was here :)

  5. hi babe, u have flawless skin! if u breakout, what products/pimple cream do u use? :D thank you!

    1. I don't really breakout-breakout...just the occasional bumps which fade away in a couple of days so I don't use any products or have any to recommend, sorry!

  6. Hi babe !

    Do you know what are the chances of being able to pass the medical test for cabin crew if the nurse asked me to go for a second medical checkup for scoliosis ?

    1. I'll say 50-50 'cause it all depends on how serious is your condition.
      Don't be sad even if you get rejected because it's all for your well-being!!
      Keep me updated!

    2. Thanks for the reply babe !
      i am really worried about the test results and waiting for THE call now. haha :(

  7. Any places for guys to do their shopping in hongkong? And how's the weather? :)

    Thank you!!

    1. Oops I really have no idea where to shop for guys haha sorry!!
      The weather's HOT, just like SG's.

  8. Hihi, wondering which hotel did u stay in hong kong? thanks in advance!:)

    1. that was for work, so we stayed in kowloon hotel.

  9. Hello may I know why you choose the Kindle Touch instead of the other Kindles?

    There's one older version with keyboard and the latest Kindle 4.

    Did you get the ads one or without ads?

    Am contemplating getting one too!


    1. Because I have a tendency to touch every screen in sight hahaha.
      No, honestly, I love touch screens.

      I've never considered the Keyboard 'cause I have no use for that since I'm purely using it for reading.

      Ultimately I chose the Touch 'cause everything is easier with touch screens! The Touch is already kinda laggy so I can't imagine using the basic Kindle to scroll up and down then press enter just to add my books to a collection or pressing numerous buttons to turn on/off wireless.

      I got the one without ads but I read reviews that ads are only screen savers and they don't pop up like virus websites so if you wish to save you can choose that :)

      You shld get one if you read often 'cause I don't regret getting mine. My friend shared a website with me to download free books and they've all the bestsellers I've been dying to read but didn't 'cause it'll cost a lot to buy them all but now I've them for free! :)