Monday, 2 April 2012

I know I took veryyyyy long to get this post up but I've been busy!
Here goes...

I don't use a lot of makeup on a daily basis.
In fact, I'm usually done within 5 minutes.
Just foundation, eyeliner, blusher and lip balm, and I'm out of the house!
Only on special occasions do I apply mascara and eyeshadow 'cause I hate removing makeup, especially eye makeup.

Chanel Mat Lumiere Extreme SPF 20/PA+++ (40 Beige Sable)
I've been using this powder foundation for a couple of years now and I've no intention of changing. It's really the best I've used! I don't even need concealer to achieve natural and flawless-looking complexion (serious dark eye circles like mine can't be hidden, of course. But I don't like using concealer on my under eye so I leave them as they are and embrace my dark circles)!

I apply a layer of powder on my face on casual days and 2 layers only when I go to work and I only need to touch up once at work (for flights > 10 hours)!

MAC Fluidline (gel eyeliner)
Bobbi Brown, Kate, Maybelline and MAC gel eyeliners, I've tried them all and MAC's gets a return customer. Its formula is smoother and it's a dream to apply compared to Kate and Maybelline's. Bobbi Brown's, on the other hand, is comparable to MAC's but the only downside is - BB's pot of eyeliner hardens too quickly, it became too dry and took me longer to draw a perfect line.

I use it with an eyeliner brush I got in Shanghai's Sasa - Seventh Sense.

Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm (Original Mint)
Can't live without it. I've been using it for 6-7 years now, says a lot doesn't it? ;)

Maybelline's The Magnum Volum Express Mascara (Waterproof)
Recommended by a colleague and I like it! Previous mascaras I used, the fibre falls off easily so I get black "dirt" on my face. But it doesn't happen with this and I get long, thick, curled lashes!


I've got them all covered - orange and pink hues, as well as blusher with glitters!

Left to right:
1. Ettusais (PK2)
2. The Body Shop (02)
3. NARS (Orgasm)


I love Benefit's lipsticks as they're not drying on the lips, and MAC has an amazing selection of colours.
To keep your lips moisturised, remember to coat some lip balm before applying lipstick!


I've tried many colours of eyeshadows and currently, I'm only using these below.
Brown complements most, if not all, skin tones and I like nude/natural colours.

Left to right:
1. Faceshop highlighter in WH003 (Glitter)
2. Tony Moly in no. 12
3. Kate palette BR-3

Now I'm thinking if I should get the NAKED palette 2... It costs USD50 but I don't apply eyeshadows often. Hmmm how now brown cow!

That's all for this makeup post, if you're keen, you can view my skincare post over here:

Till the next! ;)


  1. NAKED palette 2 is great! All the neutral colours you need in one palette. It's worth it! I love mine :)

    1. I'll probably walk in and out of Sephora countless times 'cause I still can't decide haha.

  2. does gel liner stay on longer than liquid? i'm using liquid and am considering trying gel liners..
    also, anymore sales post coming up? :D

    1. I can't draw well with liquid eyeliner so I don't use that but my gel liner stays on for >15hours usually and no smudge at all!
      Another sales post probably end of this month, I'll try it to make it a monthly thing ;)

  3. Are there other foundation that you recommend? I'm looking for one that doesn't cause breakout. Thanks!

    1. ZA's two-way foundation is comparable to Chanel's, at a fraction of the price :)