Saturday, 14 April 2012

Ah, Rome.
Jasmine and I got cheated the moment we got off the train.

We took a cab from the train station to this bus stop for our hotel transport (it is very expensive to take a cab direct to the hotel). It was less than 10euro for approx 5-10min journey. But that night, the taxi cost us >20euro, and the journey time was the same. The cheater (driver) charged us for the luggages we had with us (each piece at 2euro or so) ON TOP of the meter fare. The first driver did not, neither have we heard of such a thing but we were really too tired to argue because we KNEW he was out to cheat tourists. I mean, come on, I was a euro or two short of what he was charging and neither he or I had change for 50euro, he said "Okay, just give me whatever you have", it was obvious he was out to cheat. I have no idea what he did to the meter, we didn't notice how fast it jumped or how much did the meter start at. It was just a very bad experience overall. Just our luck.

Rome was really different, every turn was a surprise. It was a mix of old and new, lots of sand, lots of dust, lots of tourists.

The Colosseum

The Colosseum needs no introduction.
It is probably one of the most recognised attraction in Italy.

Vatican City

Haha erm, Jasmine and I took a bus to Vatican City after the Colosseum and we missed our stop (I was sleeping). Rome was reallyyyyy hot with the sun blasting at us the entire afternoon when we were all wrapped up. It was torturous to say the least, and that's why I didn't take much pictures at the Vatican City. I wasn't in the mood and I think you've to be there to see for yourself just how grand the church, St Peter's Basilica is! I've been to so much churches around the world, I've to say this is one of the grandest I've seen, as is the Sagrada Familia church is Barcelona.

 My postcard to H

 Cute outfit ;)

Along the way...
The only bridge with statues - Ponte Sant'Angelo

Piazza Navona

One of the most famous squares in Rome, full of restaurants and artists.
We actually walked all the way from Vatican City.
In fact, we walked everywhere in Rome with our map, it was crazy.

Haha the usuals for me!

Trevi Fountain

It was so grand, so beautiful!

We were just standing there, admiring, people-watching and we realised a lot of people were tossing coins into the water with their back facing the fountain. Apparently it was to wish for a return trip back to Rome. So Jasmine and I did the same!

Apparently, we're supposed to toss the coin over our LEFT shoulder according to this website.
I guess we won't get to go back to Rome any time soon after all. hahahahha!

Spanish Steps

The widest staircase in Europe.
And this was our last stop of the day...which means we covered ALL the attractions in Rome in ONE DAY.

 View from the steps

Resting our feet and watching the sunset 

Piazza delle Coppelle, 44  00186 Rome, Italy
06 6830 7895

For authentic Italian food, go to Maccheroni!

We decided to try having First course and Second course like the Italians... and we were soooo stuffed! One course is definitely enough. I wonder how the Italians do it, plus desserts!

First course: Vegetable soup
Not that good.. I thought it would be clear soup with vegetables in it

 First course: Pasta with truffle
Looks like worms haha but pretty nice!

 Second course: Pork ribs in tomato soup
Yummmmm I liked it!

 Second course: Beef capriccio

Via dei Giubbonari, 21  00186 Rome, Italy066 875287

This restaurant's menu has a lot of fish in it so I guess that's what they're famous for!

Pasta with eggplant and swordfish (I think)

 Pasta with tuna
Looking at the picture, I reallyyyyyy want to have this right now.

 And I'll end this post with some random pictures that doesn't fit anywhere...
Pebbled ground

 My current wallpaper :)

 One of the galleries in the Vatican Museum

The famous spiral staircase in the Vatican Museum

Wow, this post took me a really long time!
I'm off to get some lunch, return my purchase from F21 and get some rest before my flight back to Hong Kong later.

Till the next! ;)


  1. Ohmy! What mode did you use to take those pictures? They are awesome!!

    1. Thanks dear!
      I used "toy camera" and nostalgic" in canon s100 :)

  2. babe i recently read that you bought a kindle.. which kindle did you purchase? also, do you know how to go about purchasing ebooks? i'm planning on purchasing it but i don't know how it works :( hope you'll be able to help!

    1. I got the Kindle Touch!
      You can search for ebooks on Amazon's kindlestore and the books will be sent wirelessly to your Kindle (you need to have an account with Amazon).
      There are also free books available on the internet (just google!) which you can download to your laptop and sync to your kindle.

  3. Hey. What is ur review for the KS bag you own??
    What is the pros&con?

    Thanks (:

    1. Haha I bought it only because I liked its shape!
      But I guess overtime I like how I can sling it on my shoulder when it gets too heavy to be held on hand.
      And it's black it goes with EVERYTHING, somehow it adds the "cool" vibe to my outfits hahaha.
      It's the perfect overseas bag for me with its compartments :)

  4. Hi Jessica! Really lovely pictures (:
    Not really related to this post but may i know the actual name of the colour for ur prada clutch? Love it!

    1. Thanks Sarah :)
      Haha oops I don't know the name of the colour.. it's just a really light nude-ish colour.. probably "cameo"?

  5. hey! does your the colour of your bal fades?

    1. I guess if you don't leave it under direct sunlight, it doesn't.
      Mine just gets dirtier haha

  6. Hey babe
    Where would you recommend to go shopping and eat in hongkong? Heading there in may :)

    1. Fa Yuen Gai and Mongkok's New Town Mall for shopping.
      Tsui Wah and Xu Liu Shan for food!

    2. Hi Jessica! Im thinking of purchasing a S100. Do you recommend it? Thanks!

  7. Hello! Great blog post here!! Totally love your dressing style!

    Btw, May I just ask, for chanel cosmetics, is it cheaper in the UK or are they the same throughout the world. How about SG dutyfree? ty!

    1. Thanks, Melissa! :)
      I've never checked the prices of Chanel cosmetics overseas before though. It's definitely cheaper in airport's duty-free.
      But if you don't travel as much, you can get them from DFS Galleria (opp. FEP) which is cheaper than the counters!