There is no love sincerer than the love of food.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Hello all!
I'm in Frankfurt again and I'll be coming back again next month.
Thank goodness it's not a Sunday or public holiday else 
shopping or any sort of activity wouldn't be made possible.
Nothing much here...only did some light shopping yesterday 
and I'm almost finishing The Hunger Games. 
Can you believe they don't have a Dior store here????!!? 
And the Chanel WOC is out of stock  >:(

Some updates!
H and I have been trying out new food places and there are some hits and misses. 

 Group Therapy 
@ Duxton
OMG the poached eggs with smoked salmon is easily one of the best eggs benedict I've eaten!
Doesn't look much but so, so good!!!
I highly recommend it!

Forty Hands 
@ Yong Siak Street
I've heard a lot about this place from colleagues, pictures on instagram, etc, so one weekend, 
when we woke up late and missed our reservation at Five and Dime,
we headed to Forty Hands.
I must say, I was pretty disappointed.
My truffle sandwich was filling but not fantastic and the toast was kinda hard.
Being a coffee drinker, H said the latte was just average.
The truffle fries were addictive but I don't think we'll be going back anytime soon.

 Beer Thai House
@ Golden Mile Tower
One of our favourite places to go for authentic Thai food!
Extremely spicy so take caution!
We always order the same few dishes -
Basil pork with rice and egg, kailan with roasted pork and tomyum soup,
plus our respective iced milk tea and iced coffee!
I would kill to have it now.
The restaurant has recently expanded, complacency probably, 
the standard of the tomyum soup seemed to have dropped on our last visit :(
It actually tasted kinda fishy (from the octopus or fish I'm not sure).
But the other two dishes are still good :)

@ Vivocity
I was never a fan of those Bugis steamboat restaurants 
'cause I don't usually like the selection 
and the weather's almost always too warm for steamboat anyway! 
But JPOT changed my mind!
I like how I don't have to rub shoulders with the crowd to get my food from the counter 
and I actually have attentive servers attending to me!
Who would've thought!
Plus the soup base is sooooo good!
I had tomyum and I loved it!
Very expensive steamboat but soooo worth it!

The Marmalade Pantry
I remember raving about their Truffled Field Mushroom Risotto sometime back 
because it was out-of-this-world good then.
My recent visit wasn't as satisfying...probably the aroma wasn't as strong as the previous time 
or maybe the servers were kinda distracted and chatting among themselves.
Even H mentioned his Seared Scallop Linguine with Tiger Prawn Bisque 
was extremely different from the last time he had it.
I guess it'll be a longggg time later before we go back again 
and give this place one last chance!

That's all I have today!
Do you have any restaurants you would like to share with me? ;)


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  2. try wild honey? :)

  3. check out pizzeria mozza at MBS :)

  4. Sangokai Jap Restaurant! Flaming dragon ;p

  5. I like Five & Dime! =)