Bags review!

Saturday, 18 August 2012

I'm sure you girls know by now I'm hopelessly addicted to bags
and so I thought I'll share my personal opinion on the bags I own!
Because I am leaving my job soon, 
I wanted to buy a bag a month for the year of 2012 hahaha crazy I know
and that's why the recent increase in the number of new bags you've seen on my arms lately.
I'm not like that usually.
After I quit, I won't be buying (as often) anymore :(

Today, I'll be reviewing the 2 newest additions to my collection:
- Chanel Wallet on Chain (WOC)
- Celine Phantom in Small

 I've been searching like crazy for a silver WOC but it's out of stock everywhere!
When I finally saw this in London's Harrods, I wanted it but it was the last piece.
So I went on to two other boutiques and they have only one left as well
and they were all display pieces.
I went back to Harrods, gave it another round of thorough check,
found no defects and I got it!
I was soooooo happy I think only H can understand hahaha.

Its name states very clearly, it's really just a Wallet. On chain. 
It is pretty useless as a bag 'cause it fits only your cards, cash, and your phone.
That's all.

It's perfect as an evening clutch/purse carried short length or for clubbing.
I love it because I can carry it in 4 different ways depending on the occasion!

Here, I twirled the chain once around the bag and the length suits my height.

I sling it with the original length in this outfit.

Definitely not a bag for the girl who cannot live without all her barang barang while out shopping
but it's perfect for me since I don't carry much out anyway :)

And now, the IT brand that everyone wants a piece of.
 With my shopping partner in HK and now Paris!

This, I also went to 3 boutiques before I finally found it.
What's with the hardships I've to deal with before I buy a bag!!!
Celine bags seem to be out of stock All. The. Time,
and the boutiques don't sell the pieces on display which is quite a pain
especially when you DON'T MIND display pieces.
But the happiness after I found the Phantom, it's like I've found gold :)

I prefer the Phantom over the Luggage Tote (Mini) because it's not as stiff 
and I love the slouchiness the Phantom possesses due to the nonexistent of a zipper.
I also loveeeee the luxurious feel of the suede interior!

Extremely roomy bag thus we'll tend to throw a lot of stuff in 
but it's a really heavy bag on its own and as the day wears on, 
the bag feels heavier and ...heavier.
If you're petite like me, 
carrying it on the shoulders would be another option (it looks good on shoulders too!)
though it is a little bulky!
I was never a fan of big bags and this is the biggest bag I own to date and I love it! :)

Am pretty obsessed over Celine at the moment
and the next bag I would love to get from the brand is the Box Bag!
Or maybe the Nano?
Oh mannnnn too many wants and not enough money.

If you like me to do a review on any other bags of mine, just leave a comment! :)

In other fashion related news,
The Closet Lover sent me this pwettyyyyy floral maxi skirt!
I wore it out the moment I received the parcel hehehe.
Best matched with a plain top and perfect for a day out with the girlies!

 This feminine chiffon top has a brilliant fit!
It will bring you from day to after work hours,
and for casual dates, match it with a pair of high-waisted shorts.

The sweet owners of The Closet Lover are offering $1.50 off EVERY item specially for my readers!
Just quote "tippytapp" to get the discount! :)

p/s: I've updated SHOPTIPPYTAPP with outfits you've seen on instagram.
Happy shopping this weekend! :)


  1. can you share how you maintain your bags?? like polish and store it and take care of it. maybe you can do a post?
    also is the top you are wearing above still available at tlc? cant find it on the website!

    1. i...don't do anything to my bags....hahahha probably just spray some leather protectant once in a while.
      i don't think the top is launched yet but i'm not 100% sure!

  2. OMG I love you Celine bag!!! What a beauty!!!

    1. love at first sight for me too!! :))))

  3. when are you leaving your current job?& what are ur plans after. all the best!!

    1. sometime soon but not yet!
      thank you! :)

  4. Love your bags!! Can you review your Chanel jumbo bag? I have been reading your old blog till this and when your blog first started I remember it was also the period when you just started and now you are leaving! How time flies. Enjoy your job in the meantime!

    1. thank you for reading and growing with me all these years! :')

  5. Hi! The "tippytapp" code for TCL doesn't seem to work :(

  6. Where is the light blue shirt dress paired with the celine bag from??

  7. Hi Jess, would you be able to show how yU store your bags? With our humidity level in Singapore bags tend to get moldy. Do you permanently have a dehumidifier?

    1. i just chuck them in a cupboard hahaha and nope, no dehumidifier, probably when i've got my own home! my room is crazily hot so i guess that's why my bags don't grow moldy.

  8. Hi Jess, these bags are gorgeous!! btw where is the yellow dress from?

  9. Hello Jessica! The 'tippytapp' code doesn't work in TCL. :( Is there any deadline for the discount code? Love your bag review post btw!!

  10. Hi,how much is the Celine blue and phantom bag respectively?

    1. when i bought them, 1200 and 1600 euro before tax respectively.

  11. do your other Chanels! :)

  12. please review your other chanels and also the celine trapeze bag!

  13. please saw us all your branded bags you own, really interested to know (:

    1. hahaha that'll be crazy but anyway, i carry them in my outfit pictures so you kinda already know what i have!

  14. How much did u pay for ur Celine? N what color is that? Tia!

    1. trapeze? 1600 euro before tax, in taupe.

  15. hey! where did you the white pair of loafers you wore at Japan together with the printed dress you're selling? and whats the size of the bal you own? thanks!

  16. may i know which blogshop did you get the yellow dress from? thx!

  17. How many branded bags do u own? 10?!

  18. Hi, post on your givenchy antigona pls? Appreciate it :)

  19. Hi,
    Is is easie to get Celine mini luggage in Italy or paris? Heard they say that Celine has limited stocks in the paris boutique and I'm so worried I can't get them. I'm also planning to get Chanel classic bag. Is it hard to get too?
    I'm joining tour so I'm worried about the time constraints.

    Thanks! :)