Thursday, 9 August 2012

I have been to Tokyo countless times but the most memorable trips are always the ones with loved ones, like my first Tokyo trip three years ago with Xiu Hui, and this time round, my birthday trip with H :) It was his first time to Tokyo and I was his tour guide, bringing us to places I have and haven't been before and the feeling is just soooo different compared to touring the city with colleagues. I wish I could travel the world with my friends instead.

So, H and I were basically traveling around Tokyo hunting down the restaurants I shortlisted before the trip and a lot of research and hard work were put into making sure we ate the best food for all the lunches and dinners during our stay! And you lucky ones reading today can bookmark this entry (and the following ones) if you love quality food as well :)

After checking in to Hotel Sunroute Shinjuku (only 5 minutes away from Shinjuku station), we wasted no time and made our way to Ichiran Ramen for the bestttttt ramen I've ever tasted! It's opened 24 hours and the Shinjuku outlet is near to Central Hotel Tokyo. We went back twice 'cause it was tooooo yummyyyyyyy! I would totally love a bowl of it now ;)

 After ordering, you get to choose how you would like your ramen cooked.


 We shared a McPork after Ichiran 'cause we were being plain greedy.
Love it by the way!
We had it 2 nights in a row hahaha

(Okay, I'm munching on some wasabi pretz now and it's so good!
Maybe I'm being biased 'cause I love anything wasabi!)

We headed to Asakusa the next day to do touristy stuff and eat tempura.

 Pretty girl at the mochi/green tea store!

When in Japan, do as the Japanese do

I got a SUPER good lot this time hehehe 

 I think this was sweet potato stuffing.
Pretty nice, tastes like our deep fried butterfly haha

Outfit post while waiting in the queue haha

 Lunch at Daikokuya!

By the way, it was in the middle of summer and the weather was surprisingly chilly!!!
It only got crazy 35dc hot on our last day!
Thanks for the birthday gift, weather god!

 H finished his bowl, and licked mine clean too.

To Ueno for cheap(er) shopping! 

 Lots of cheap seafood...

 And we bought tons of snacks from this shop!

 Many unique flavours of Pocky and Pretz and that's the wasabi Pretz I'm talking about!!

Lastly, we headed to the much anticipated (for me since H isn't a fan of soba) 
Honmura An at Roppongi for dinner!
The restaurant was only a minute walk from the subway station if you found the right exit.

 Tofu sashimi which is really just tofu but the texture is like sashimi

 Recommended dish - chicken balls
I love it with mustard!

Hot soba with duck or something

My cold soba!!!!
The sweetness of the radish, saltiness of the salmon caviar and spiciness of the wasabi
Such simple ingredients but easily one of the best meals I've had in Tokyo!

I'll be back with Part II soon! :)


  1. You can find the wasabi pretz in SG btw! :) there's a shop called yamakawa in Central that sells a lot of jap import snacks. And also Meidi-ya in Liang Court. Just FYI cos I like trying all these interesting flavoured snacks from Japan :)

  2. Hey babe !
    If its a work trip to narita , the hotel the company provides is on the outskirts of Tokyo .
    Any food places that you would recommend ?
    And shopping places for skin care ?
    Thanks :D

    1. i usually shop and eat at aeon mall.
      skincare not much to buy in the mall besides fancl or in the supermarket.
      and i loveeeee the tempura there! either that or sushi.

  3. Hi where did u get ur black sandals from? Very pretty!

  4. Thank you so much for taking the time out to share ur favorite F&B spots in Tokes! Appreciate it! (:

  5. hey! do you see yourself getting a PS?

    1. i like the PS1 but i don't see myself using it often nor does it seem to match my wardrobe so probably not at the moment!

  6. Hey babe. The phantom bag you bought, is it a small or large size? Where did u get it from? It's a taupe?

    1. yup, it's a small phantom and in taupe. got it in paris's printemps!

  7. Hello Jessica! I know you frequent Europe due to your job so I would like to ask for your suggestions. I'm planning Paris, Rome and Florence. Do you have any hotels/B&B to recommend? And how many days do you suggest we do to cover these 3 cities? Thank you! Love your instagram outfits btw :) -YT-

    1. Hello YT! I usually put up in hotels the company provides so I'm not too good with recommendations in that area. Based on how many days I took to cover the 3 cities, this is what I would recommend:

      Paris: 2-3 days (or more if you intend to explore the Lourve museum or Versailles, which I still haven't done so)
      Rome: 2-3 days
      Florence: 1 day (it's a really small city which you can just walk)