Duck & Waffle!

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

What kinda restaurant name is Duck & Waffle?
It's as literal as Burger & Lobster haha.
And yes, I'm gonna share about both restaurants which are found in London!

First up, Burger & Lobster!
It wasn't my first time there but on this trip, 
there were 7 of us and we ordered the entire menu which was crazy.
Eating with my colleagues are a little extreme 
because we tend to order like everything is on the house.

Waiter urging us to get the 8lb lobster to share.
...which we did in the end.
But I think each person ordering a 20pound lobster is more worth.
So learn from our mistake!!

Beef and bacon burger

Lobster roll!
I like it more than the burger or the lobster itself.
BUT 20pound for a sandwich isn't exactly cheap >:/
Where can I find yummy lobster roll in Singapore????! ANYONE????!?!!!!

Our table filled to the brim with food.
That's 11 fries, 11 salad, 2 lobster rolls, 2 burgers and a huge lobster for 7 of us.

Our lobster, half steamed and half grilled.
I prefer the healthier choice!

Burger & Lobster
36 Dean Street, Soho London W1D 4PS
Tel: +44 20 7432 4800
12nn to 10.30pm (Mon-Sat)
12nn to 10pm (Sun)

Checked out a new restaurant on my last trip to London,
Duck & Waffle.

The restaurant was located on the 40th floor and promised a nice view of London city 
but we were there on a dull and foggy afternoon >:(

Didn't think my dining companion was game on crispy pig ears....
So we had the House Bread...

...and the raw Scallop on Apple with Black Truffle and Lime.
Scallops were displayed on a block of salt!
Rub the raw scallops to get a little bit more flavour.

THE Duck & Waffle with a fried egg and maple syrup.
Who would've thought but the combination works!

My foie gras all day breakfast with nutella, bacon and fried egg on toast.
Very interesting ingredients put together for a dish 
and very generous with two slabs of foie gras!
I prefer the Duck & Waffle though 'cause the toast 
was kinda dry and hard, a little hard to swallow.

Duck & Waffle
Heron Tower
110 Bishopgate, London EC2N 4AY
+44 203 640 7310

Starting off my favourite month with two washed denim printed tops from FashMob!

In the Picasso Floral Peplum in red with a very flattering cut!

The Fleur Canvas Bustier in grey has non-slip silicon around the bustier which is so thoughtful!

Get them just in time for this weekend! ;)

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