#OOTD: Clearing backlog + Wedding rants

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Thank you everyone for the response for the giveaway (ends 17th Dec, you can still participate)! I didn't expect it and I had an interesting time reading through all your comments. Surprisingly, 95% of you would like to read more about my wedding preparations! Hahaha WHY?! To be honest, we have nothing much to plan (I think?) because we bought a bridal package so everything is more or less settled. We have booked a hotel ballroom, decided on the actual day photographer and videographer and that's about it! Right?(???) I don't know 'cause it's our first time getting married. Hahaha! Oh and my friend's baking for my wedding! YAY! I will share about the specific details when the wedding is over okay?

The question that remains is - should I custom make my gown(s) or not?!??? It only takes 2 months to make a gown so I still have a couple of months to decide. And the other question is -  when will I stop being lazy and start toning up my body?!???? Pre-wedding photo shoot is in February so we can't gorge ourselves silly over Chinese New Year. DISCIPLINE.

Fellow future bride-to-bes and married ladies, if there's anything to note, please share with me! Please, please, pretty please?? :*)

Moving on, your second favourite topic you would like to see more of - fashion-related and my #ootd. Here's a monthly compilation!

Entire ensemble from overseas

2-piece cropped top & midi skirt upcoming on Tippyjess
To those who have been asking: Stocks are delayed, sorry!

Jeans from Topshop
Sandals from Zara

Top from Megagamie?
Skirt from Love, Bonito
Necklace from Mango?
Sandals from H&M?
Bag from Marc by Marc Jacobs

Top from Love, Bonito,
Shorts from Topshop
Shoes from overseas
Bag from Celine

Top from Klarra
Shorts from Topshop
Sandals from Dolce Vita
Bag from Chanel

Dress from Klarra?
Necklace from Tippyjess
Shoes from overseas
Bag from Chanel

Top from H&M?
Pants & Shoes from overseas
Bag from Celine

Dress from Tippyjess
Shoes from overseas

Top from Miss Selfridge?
Skirt from overseas
Clutch from YSL

Dress from AforArcade
Shoes from overseas
Bag from Chanel

Itching for some shopping?
Head over to Tippyjess as we have 20% OFF STOREWIDE till 11 Dec, 11.59pm!

H and I are leaving for Phuket this weekend for his birthday!
And then Ho Chi Minh for Christmas!
Exploring new cities - I love :)

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