Wednesday, 4 June 2014

05 June // Updated Shoptippytapp with new items!

I can't believe it's already June! Lots of exciting plans this month but first up - H and I are flying back to his hometown this weekend! I am TOTALLY EXCITED becauseeeeee I ordered a truckload of stuff on Taobao!!! Hehehe his parents dedicated an entire room for all our parcels because they are piling up. They are also very supportive of our (my) shopping habit, telling us stuff like if we cannot fit everything into our luggages, they will help to bring them over when they visit next month HAHA! Eh, more shopping? :D

Anyway, May was definitely a month filled with love~~~ I attended 3 of my good friends' weddings and they were so much fun! I truly enjoyed myself at the wedding dinners because of all the love and happiness molecules in the enclosed ballrooms. Also, seeing how each couple complements each other gives me that soft squishy feeling somewhere to the left of my chest. 

Sigh, love.

At my batch girl, Christine's wedding. As always, so good to see my batch mates again!

Please excuse the bad quality. Evening bags are too small, cannot fit cameras haha.

Notice the empty ballroom? We were the LAST to leave. The staff couldn't wait anymore so they have already started on rearranging the chairs for next day's event haha. This is quite an achievement for all of us who are always the last to arrive and first to leave. We headed up to the bridal suite after all the photo-taking and continued with our catching-up!

Alex and Juan's wedding was the week after Christine's. It was an extravagant affair with touching moments and a lot of thought put into the evening to make it a memorable one for both the couple themselves as well as for the guests.

Every table was doing the Oscar Selfie that night!

And the last wedding of the month was of course Liau (Calista) and Ken's wedding. First in our clique to get married :)

Hahahaha Ken being his usual (joker) self

When we were done with our bridesmaid's duties, Sau and I went off to ProTrim (Somerset 313) to do our hair for the dinner!

I requested for a loose side bun and allowed Tino to decide what suits me best. Close-up of the back details:

I don't have a full frontal picture but here's an accidental shot hahaha

Sau did structured side swept curls which I love!!! Am thinking of doing something identical for my wedding BUT I haven't decided on my actual day gown so I'm not sure if it suits the dress... We shall see!

Last month, I went for the Desigual show during Audi Fashion Festival and Tino gave me side swept waves as well!

I really liked the hair style but if my hair is longer, I am sure I'll like it even more. Soooo I'm not gonna cut my hair from now till my wedding day! Not even a teeny bit of trim. 

Grow hair, grow!

And this is the usual va-va-voom hair Elva (JEM outlet) blows for me after touching-up my hair roots last month! I always look forward to seeing her because my hair looks and feels magical after each session!

I alternate between two ProTrim outlets - JEM and Somerset 313. Elva at the JEM outlet maintains my hair so all the cutting, colouring and hair treatments are done by her. Whereas Tino from Somerset 313 outlet does hair styling for me whenever I need it. I figured it's more convenient to head to town for that since most events are held in central Singapore. Anyway, both are awesome in what they do and I am so thankful to be a part of this team as I can see my mane is slowly but surely on its way to recovery! 

(Sidenote: You HAVE to try their hair treatments! Mucota or Keratase, they last for a long time!)

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