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Sunday, 16 November 2014

Hello everyone! Digital Fashion Week (DFW) Singapore and Bangkok are over but ahh, the memories will always last. It was fun and definitely a humbling experience to be with a group of inspiring like-minded individuals. I'll blog about it soon but today I'm gonna share about a new cafe I visited recently with H amidst the DFW madness - Bucktile St Cafe located in the west!

I want a deer head like this in my home next time but I don't know if it will look scary...?

Anyway, the entire shelf is merchandise for sale!

The name of the cafe, Bucktile St Cafe is actually derived from Bucket List 
and it was quite interesting to see what patrons wrote.

Kinda reminds of Meiji Shrine where tourists and locals alike 
will write down their wishes and hang it on the huge tree. 
I will go round the tree reading all the wishes until I've completed the round usually haha.

H and I also spotted paintings for sale hanging on all the walls in the cafe then we found out 
they were all done by the Mouth and Foot Painting Artists!
It is super admirable because I am able-bodied yet never really explored 
the various parts of my body and actually make them useful.

It's like, my body parts are used to do what they are meant for...nothing extraordinary nor impressive. You know what I mean?

Anyway, back to topic!! 
H and I were only 60% full after lunch at Bukit Timah so after a bit of googling,
we headed over to Bucktile to chill before the DFW duties and for dessertssss!

First time seeing Tiramisu presented in such a cute way haha and so we ordered Oreo!

Earl grey, rainbow cake and the dark brown tart at the bottom of the picture is seasalt caramel!
ALL my favourite flavours!!
I love anything earl grey, lavender, pistachio, hazelnut, seasalt caramel, 
rainbow, colourful and pretty so in a way, I'm quite predictable.

Our tiramisu "plant" hahaha
This was H's favourite because he loves the creaminess.

Feeling a little greedy so we ordered a plate of spam fries to share as well!
It was a little too salty for our liking but I guess that's spam? 
We super love spam lah hahaha

My iced chocolate and his Americano.
Ahem, the coffee connoisseur approves of the coffee bean used because they are from Toby Estate's.

And this, my friends, was my favourite of everything we ordered!
The confetti blue velvet cake!
I'm not a fan of red velvet cake because there's cream cheese but there isn't for this blue velvet 
so we ordered to try and it was so yums!
Soft, moist and not overwhelming!

What I wore that day

And of course more photos outside because they have a pretty backdrop! :D

Alright guys, I'm heading for LASIK tomorrow so... wish me a speedy recovery 
and I'll be back with the next post soon! xx

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