H's Birthday Surprise

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Before we left for our honeymoon, I thought I'll surprise H with a dinner with our friends. I'm not really one who can hide things from H so imagine how hard I tried to contain everytime I want to mention something about the dinner!

3 days before the dinner, I told H, "Oh, maybe we can go to Sabio by the Sea for dinner after my flea on Saturday. I kinda miss the caramel lava cake."

Then he got all excited and said sure, cause he misses the cake and all the food there. And then I made the "reservation" for two.


Meiting is loud by nature and I was a little worried that she wouldn't be able to keep it in or that someone will spill in the group chats. That Saturday, H came to join Meiting and me at the flea for an hour and in the first 5 minutes, I think Meiting mentioned that she's going to have family dinner that evening about 3 times. In my mind, I was like, "Omg she doesn't have to emphasise so much on that hahaha".

But anyway, I was overthinking lah because H is obviously CLUELESS. And I mean a whole new level of CLUELESS.

We were approaching the carpark when Jasmine and Eunice just parked. I was like, "OMG THEY ARE GOING TO WALK TO THE ELEVATOR AND OUR CAR IS GONNA PASS BY THEM".

And I was right.

We entered the carpark and they were waiting for the elevator IN FULL VIEW FROM THE CAR. I willed H not to notice them and continued staring at my phone while averting my eyes right and up right and up... I went "PHEW" in my head after he made a right turn.

Tricia and John were not at the restaurant yet and their car was waiting outside the carpark. If they entered, I'm 100% positive H will notice because he KNOWS their car. Thankfully they told me they paid $20 for valet. Eh, there's always a price to pay for being late ya. Hahaha

I went to the toilet to delay time while Tricia and John were walking to Sabio. When I got out, H looked at me excitedly with his eyes opened huge and said, "GUESS WHAT?"

In my mind: No he didn't see John and Tricia walking past please please please we are so close!!

He didn't.


Mind: He must've have guessed it argh

"Ken told me he's here for dinner and he asked me to pretend as though I didn't see him! Do you think he's gonna propose to Eve tonight?! He said there's gonna be a surprise!"

Mind: Shit you Ken, why did you go to the toilet instead of staying in your seat???!!??

H continued, "He went this way as well, in a white/black striped shirt let's see if we can spot them. What if they are eating at Sabio too?"

I entertained him with vague replies something along the line of "No lah, I don't think he'll propose in public blahblahblah".

"Then what do you think is the surprise he's talking about?". H probed while darting his head left and right trying to spot a Ken in striped shirt.

"I don't know. I don't really care.", I replied nonchalantly.

"Hi, reservation under Jessica Tham, please.", I said to the lady, as we arrived at Sabio.

"The table right at the end.", the server gestured without showing us to our seats.

Mind: Why didn't the server follow normal procedure and show us to our table?? H is gonna find out, he will be telling me any second now...

Everyone: "SURPRISE!!!"

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