Houston, we have a problem.

Friday, 2 December 2011

My final semester, and I failed a module.
I cried the entire day and nothing's changed.
I can't graduate.
Like what H said, I'm not looking for a job change next year nor am I getting a degree to earn more so there's no rush.
But I can't get it past myself.
I was never one to... fail.
I always get what I want and I can even get away with murder like many said.
This is something new.
Houston has brought on a whole new meaning and created a new set of memories.
Coming back here again would feel entirely different.

Being absolutely lovable and sweet, H sponsored all my shopping in Houston since I was such a sad girl. He's probably a sad boy now hahahaha.

Moving on to one of my favorite topics,
a compilation of outfits which I liked:

Back soon!
Happy holidays everyone! :)


  1. Hope you feel better soon, there's nothing wrong at re-doing your course again.

    I love all your outfits!! You look stunning. I really like your belt, my I ask where you bought it from?

    Cheer up :)

  2. hey dear.. don't give up.. try applying for the credit transfer!! info is found on the sim portal > news and notice > programme info > UPDATE ON COURSE ENROLMENT AND CREDIT TRANSFER - IMPORTANT > good luck!!

  3. Hi! I would like to find out is there any kind of places recommended to go in Seoul? And also, which hair salon did you go to get your hair cut?

  4. Christine: Thank you for your kind words :') i can't really remember where I got the belt from...probably H&M!

    miN: I've been writing appeal emails... Anyway, I don't have the link that you told me about. We're probably in different courses/schools/you're taking full-time?

    Anonymous: Hello, I pretty much toured all the tourist-y places in Seoul like Myeong Dong, Dongdaemun, Seoul Tower, Ewha women's university area...etc. I went to Juno Hair in Myeong Dong, the one next to Adidas. There are 3 Juno Hair in Myeong Dong alone btw!

  5. Hi! May I know where you got the black long skirt in outfit 3?

    And the leopard scarf?

    And the white off shoulder top?

    Thank you so much for answering them :)

  6. hmm.. i'm from rmit bbmft.. call meng choo at 62489764 and ask about it directly? hope u can get what you want to know from there :]

  7. i love the crop pink top ! where is it from :D

  8. hey Jessica,

    i hope you got over it already. On a side note, my heart froze when i saw on your LJ "the time here is over", i thought you were closing your blog. haha. have been reading for a few years and i can't imagine you gone!!

    keep blogging and cheer up! :)

  9. Hi! You can actually strike that off in your degree and graduate. Do check it out ya!

    Btw, how to pass SIA interview? I went for it last Sat and I failed in the first round ): So sad..

  10. anon: black maxi skirt's from love bonito, and the other two H&M!

    miN: thanks dear you've been a great help! :)

    anon: i got it from runwaybandit.

    anon: that was so sweet :') thank you for still reading!

    anon: haha just keep trying and trying cause they're in need of crew... you might just be lucky on your next round :)

  11. Hi Jessica, where did you get the accordion pleat skirt in the third last photo from? it's pretty!

  12. hello jane, it's from love, bonito.

  13. hi jessica!! so in love with your 1st outfit! where did you get the black top and nude skirt from? thank youuuu :)

  14. hi jessica,

    may i know where you got the denim top and the tube top? :)

  15. Hey Jessica,

    Sorry I didn't know about this! And that day when we met, I just kept talking about myself. -___-"

    But I'm glad you are able to graduate now! I hope all your dreams will come true. :)

    Yesterday, another partner found a shop at Serangoon/Kovan. She has already dumped the deposit, so it's pretty much confirmed that we will finally have our own shop. I don't know what will happen next. I just hope things will get better and better and better for the both of us! :)

    Cheers! And I want to meet you again next year when I come back from my cruise! I found a new place to eat!! We should go there! Let me treat you as a belated Christmas/birthday gift! Hahahaa! :)

  16. anon: hello! thank you thank you haha the top's from online and the mustard skirt from love bonito.

    anon: denim top is from H&M and the tube top is actually a dress from agneselle.

    Apple: yessssss see you again soon i'm very free now that school's done!!! hopefully you'll be happier the next time we meet!

  17. hi, may i know where your jacket in the fourth pic (over the red dress) is from? tia for the answer!

  18. got it from hervelvetvase a while back!