The Sun that never sets

Saturday, 10 December 2011

One moment we were watching the sun set from Moscow to Houston, but before the sky turned completely dark, the rising sun was blinding our eyes and we had to draw the window shade down. And there you have it, my first sunset and sunrise in a matter of two hours.

I'm a big fan of nature's work so imagine my surprise when I saw these snow mountains right beneath the plane's wings! I was staring so hard trying to look for a polar bear or any form of a moving creature so I can proudly claim I saw something MOVE but nah, no such luck. It was sooooooo white and pretty though!!

And of course, a trip to Houston wouldn't be complete without IHOP's greasy breakfast ;) They've the besttttttt pancakes!

BY THE WAY, I received an email two days ago to inform me that I've been awarded a Passs by Compensation so, I AM GOING TO GRADUATE!!! *throws confetti* :) Thank you all for your kind words and help! I was so happy and touched when I saw the email I really felt like crying and making a speech to thank all my friends who were concerned and helping me all the way. I must've done something right to deserve schoolmates like these :')

Now I can thoroughly enjoy myself in the land of noTwitter, noFacebook, noYoutube and noBlogger. Very excited to be in the cold! Bought a truckload of knitwear for this trip so I'll be wearing something new everyday in Shanghai!

Two outfits from this week:

New loves: ASOS sunglasses and Benefit's red lipstick!

Receiving packages always makes me happy! 
Look what came in the mail!

MerryMolly sent me their newest manufacture item - this collared top in red. 
I love how versatile it is!
Because there are 2 layers, you can choose to tuck in or out and you'll have 2 entirely different looks with just one top!

It is yet to be released so hop on over to MerryMolly, join their mailing list to be notified when it's launched! :)

Till the next, 


  1. Hey Jessica, I'm heading to Shanghai in Jan, would like to hear from you on whether should I get my winterwear in Singapore or will the shopping in Shanghai be more exciting/more variety?

  2. Saw u outside Ion's toilet afew days ago! But too awkward to say hi! Anw, have a good day :)

  3. Lisa: hi! you'll definitely need at least one coat when you get off the plane. shopping in shanghai was pretty so-so for me. but you can go to this gigantic mall at qi pu lu omggggggg so many winter wear all so cheap! not sure if they'll be preparing for spring in january though :)

    miN: thanks so much for all your help! :)

    anon: i'm very shy too but there's always next time haha say hi!!