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Friday, 13 January 2012

I'm actually really, really excited about the future and work (I know right).
'Cause I'm finally going to Rome at the end of February!!
I've FIVE nights there and I really, really want to visit Pisa and Florence on top of touring Rome 
but H isn't able to take leave to join me :(
Now I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed that my colleagues haven't been to those places before and will join me else I'll have to give up on going 'cause what fun is there touring alone... :'(

Buttttttt I'll be meeting up with my favourite Sau in my favourite Seoul hehehe :)
So much to look forward to!

This year, supposedly the year when the world ends, I'm gonna do what I wanna do -
buy without thinking, eat without worrying and live without regrets.

Anyway, here are some outfits!

 In rainy Taipei

To Universal Studios

For a day of meet-ups and eating

 Shopping in London

To facial

To dinner

On a related note,
let's take a look at what's new in blogshops lately, shall we? ;)

Style Cult sent me two lovely items this week,
the Leopard-Print Pleat Skirt and the Chiffon Biker Jacket!

I always go minimal with basics when I'm wearing leopard prints
'cause the prints are loud enough on its own.
This skirt is especially flirty and flattering for the legs!

This might be a biker jacket but the chiffon material adds a feminine touch to it
hence I matched it with some pearls and sequins - Purrrrfect for a night of partying!

Style Cult will be launching a new collection tomorrow, 14 Jan at 8.30pm.
Be there on time or the items will be gone before you know it! ;)

Next on the list, we have Magix D and Tiffany, the owner,
sent me the Floaty Sides Balloon Top which is so cute and fun!

The mushroom prints and cheery pink make me think of picnic on a sunny day!
Actually, if I'm still in school, this would be the exact outfit I would attend classes in.

Alright everyone,
time to do some shopping for Chinese New Year if you haven't started!
Like me :(
This year is probably gonna be pretty mundane and quiet since one of sisters is married :'(
But H will be joining my family since he isn't going home, so I hope it'll be fun!
After all, it's kind of like the first (or 2nd?) year I'm around for CNY after I started working!
Must treasure this!

p/s: Anyone knows where can I download Photoshop for free?


  1. Hello! I'm sure you will love Rome and Florence like i do. When you are in Rome, do go to San Crispino to try the gelato. It's near the Trevi Fountain. And when you go to Florence, must go to Yellow Bar near the Duomo. They serve pretty mean pasta and the staffs can speak English too! Pisa is just an hour or two away from Florence so it can be a half day trip out of Florence. Nearby Florence there are factory outlets too! I am sorry i am blabbering but i thought i should tell you all these info. Haha have fun and happy chinese new year in advance! :)

  2. Hi babe, did where u get ur top for outfit tO USS? Thanks for sharing your outfits! Enjoying!

  3. Mind sharing where you for for facial? Thanks in advance:)

  4. babe, whr did you get ur gold dress frm? =)


  6. you're using iphone 4/4s?

  7. Babe. I've been wanting to get a nice and affordable wallet. Do you recommendations? Which wallet are you using currently? Thank You

  8. Hi babe, where did you get the pink blazer on your last picture dated 3rd Jan?! :D

  9. anon: thank you for all the info!!! you're making me even more excited than i already am! hahaha oh yes i heard about the prada outlet near florence as well woohoo cannot wait!!!

    lace top to USS from missypixie
    gold sequins tunic from shanghai
    jeans/jeggings to facial from hollister
    red (not pink haha) blazer from h&m

    i'm using iPhone 4S :)

    and i'm currently using wallets from chanel and prada (for singapore and overseas respectively).
    i recommend getting a prada 'cause i like the sturdy leather and i love how they've so many slots/compartments.

  10. hi jessica, are you an air stewardess?

  11. Hi Jessica! Really love the hair! Any tips on how it is done? Are the ends perked or just blow dry? :) much thanks in advance!!:)

    1. Thanks Elizabeth!
      I did a perm in Seoul hence the curls but they're all gone now!