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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Woohoo guess who got a new camera!!

I haven't used my Leica in forever 'cause the quality seemed to have dropped 
and it takes lousy pictures nowadays.
Been wanting to get the Canon Powershot S95 
but kept holding back 'cause I'd rather spend on handbags.
But when I heard the S100 is out, I knew I had to have it!

I especially love how it's not bulky (like my Leica) so I can slip it easily into my handbag,
and the effects they have in this camera are a dream!
My favourites have got to be 'Nostalgic' (as seen above) and the 'Toy Camera' (as seen below).

Hehe expect nicer (and more, hopefully) pictures on tippytapp soon!! :)


Lunch at ca'puccino, London
Tuna cream, hard boiled egg and rocket in warm, crispy, soft onion bread
I would definitely go back for this again!

 It was raining, cold and extremely windy in the morning but when late noon came, 
the weather was perfect!
Hyde Park looked so prrrretty I couldn't resist taking a few pictures when I got off the bus!

Yay to London again next month ;p


Singapore has been sprouting up with many new restaurants lately 
and I've made it a point to eat at a new place every other time!

One place I highly recommend is Chinois at RWS.
Went there with my girlfriends and our partners for Xmas dinner, 
and H wanted to go back again for the chicken soup and try new dishes.
I swear everything on the menu sounds so good!!
In the end, we ordered 6 dishes for 2 persons haha.

 Smoked duck breast with jelly fish (a little spicy)

 Roasted pork with mustard
Can you see how crispy the skin is????!!!??!

 Pan seared foie gras with smoked duck

Half chicken soup with...I forgot 

Mushroom vermicelli

And H had a plate of duck tongue all to himself.
I honestly cannot decide which are my favourites 'cause Everything was so, so goooood!

Next, I recommend Tonkatsu by Ma Maison at Mandarin Gallery.
Ma Maison finally decided to open an outlet dedicated to their famous pork tonkatsu!
They offer free refills of rice, cabbage and miso soup by the way!
Their miso soup comes with vegetable and it was soooo good I had 3 bowls of it haha.
If you don't like it with fats, order the pork fillet instead of the pork loins :)

Teatime at TWG with Jasmine

I am quite ashamed to say that was my first time to TWG 
and only then did I know what I've been missing out on - their macaroons.
I'm a tea drinker and these tea-infused cookies are so delicious!


Sunset spotted at MBS with Xiaoting while waiting for our table at Pizzeria Mozza.
(It's pretty amazing my phone can take pictures like THESE. No editing at all!)

It's hot like mad in the day but we get such lovely skies in the evening,
it's true we have to go through hardships for sweet endings.

Enjoy your week of feasting,
Happy Lunar New Year folks!



  1. I love the quality of your photos. I have a Canon G11 at the moment and thinking about upgrading to Olympus E-Pl3. The Canon S100 takes great pictures!

    Drooling over all the yummy foods!

  2. hey babe! where did you get the floral bustier from? so pretty :)


  4. Christine: I've seen pictures taken with the Olympus E-Pl range and they are great! But size was the deciding factor when I bought the s100!

    Anon: The bustier was from Topshop many seasons ago haha it's probably one of the oldest piece of clothing I still wear!

    Anon: No more school, too much free time, I need to pick up a few hobbies! ;p

  5. Update your sales post please!!!! :)

  6. Where do you cut your hair? Who's your stylist? and where you bought your s100? how much thankyou!!

  7. why ur skin so good, unveil the secrets! ;P

  8. babe is your topshop corset uk6 or uk8? :)

  9. hey dear, do u mind sharing where u go for facial??
    really envy your beautiful skin!!
    drop me an email at :]

  10. i'm too lazy to take pics of clothes to sell! i will one day when i'm reallyyyyy free and bored!

    i rarely cut my hair in SG. usually in seoul/taipei! my boyf got the s100 for me through his friend.

    haha no secrets leh! will do a skincare post soon to "unveil" the secrets hahaha

    the corset's an uk6.