So my Christmas and New Year's...

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Weren't exactly picture worthy but it was so much fun just spending time with the people I love and treasure!

The past 2 weeks were crazy and I'm finally having a breather! After coming back from Shanghai, my schedule was something like, work 1 day, meet friends 1 day, work 1 day, meet friends 1 day, after touchdown go for dinner, lunch next day, work again, friends....... I was having a serious sleep deprivation, and basically had no energy to even switch on my laptop at the end of the day.

Now, I'm in London, and fully rested :)
Will be going for breakfast after this entry and then, shopping!!!


The sequins from my cheap skirt was littering all over the place!

Met my girls on the eve of Christmas eve for dinner at Chinois and I thought the food was really good!!
I'll definitely go back again!

 Cucumbers wrapped in pork slices with spicy sauce
Very nice!!!

Roasted pork belly

That's all for the food pictures 'cause we were starving and finished everything in seconds after these appetisers.
Do order the foie gras and chicken soup too if you're there!
No regrets, promise!

Then we retreated to Jasmine's room in RWS

We didn't do much the entire night...just spent a lot of time laughing like this:

Doing silly things like this:


And playing games like Saboteur, Monopoly Deal and Bridge hahaha.
I loveeeeeee them!

Then I had a post-Christmas gift exchange with my university schoolmates at Hard Rock Cafe 
and it was a night full of teasing (at ZF), laughters and talking crap. 
It was such a noisy night.
Everyone was so noisy hahaha.

My dress has shimmers.

Nobody brought camera so all of us have red eyes in the pictures.

The prettiest girls in the lecture hall hahahaha

So thankful to have met them in Uni or I doubt I would've been able to graduate!
They were so willing to share notes and information when I wasn't able to attend lectures, 
always keeping me updated when I was overseas,
and always able to answer my questions when I don't understand.

Of course, they are my closer friends in school but I've a group of project mates in Marketing who are just as amazing. 
They made datelines according to my schedule and always take it upon themselves to take up the heavier parts of the projects because of my hectic and unpredictable timetable.
Truly self-sacrificing and I'm so glad I met them!

My girls had an impromptu meet-up on New Year's eve but I was tooooo tired to drag myself out to meet them having woke up at 6am that day for work :(
So I spent it sleeping and H & I went for my hair appointment and shopping on New Year's day!

So happy with my buys!

I've also been dining at many new places, will share soon!

Happy New Year all! <3


  1. Pretty heels at the last pic! Do you mind sharing where you got it from? :)

  2. Happy New Year Jessica! All the best for 2012!

    You always have the most gorgeous hair, what's your secret?


  3. hey! what size do you get from ASOS? sizes 4 and 6? thanks.

  4. anon: love at first sight for me heh! they're from charles & keith haha.

    Christine: thank you, awesome 2012 to you too!
    haha no secret actually, i just blow dry and put a little serum.
    upon closer look it's really dry and frizzy though.

    anon: wish i were that tiny! i get either 6 or 8 depending on the design/cutting.

  5. Hello! where did you get the flats from? ;)

  6. I love your shimmer dress! May I knw whr you got it from?

  7. flats from h&m and i got the dress online!

  8. can share where online you got the dress? its really tooo pretty to resist! im sucha sucker for shimmers!

  9. haha thescarletroom but i think it's sold out though!

  10. your posts about your work always puzzles me! do you go on flights and then come back to singapore on the very same day or something? that must be super tiring!

  11. yup i do have flights like such once in a while! not exactly tiring if the flight's to KL and back.