上海 (一)

Monday, 26 December 2011

Helloooooo! Hope y'all had an awesome weekend! Mine was great and it had been a magical December for me thus far :) Actually, 2011 had been lovely to me and and I hope it'll be the same in 2012!

Alrighty, here's the part one of my Shanghai trip.

I fly to China for work very often, but I rarely step out of the hotel room as the stay's too short and rest time is always more important to me. My typical routine in China consists of sleeping from check-in to check-out and have an order of room service in between heh. So I've always wanted to travel to a city in China, explore and experience it.

Shanghai is the most developed city in China but it still lags far behind developed cities around the world. It has the second highest GDP quality in the country after Beijing but you can see most of the locals are still poor and struggling to make ends meet. Earning 2500RMB a month is consider "better off" than their fellow mates. It is sad really... I cannot imagine myself living in the country, doing very well and seeing how that old man walking past me is thinking of ways to earn 4RMB for a bowl of noodles.

Enough with all that sappiness, let's move on to the pictures!

We waited FOREVER for a cab and my ears were freezing so badly I had to use my scarf and hands to keep them warm. One thing I've learnt - Never be afraid to snatch cabs in Shanghai or you'll Never get one.

Noble House (名軒)

H's cousin made a dinner reservation at Noble House on the day we touched down and the food was so yummy!

Starters - some kinda cold vegetables (I think?) and some kinda crispy fish
Both were yummy! Especially the fish!

Crab roe and crab meat with tofu - SO GOOD!

Expensive hairy crabs.
Like S$100 EACH kinda expensive

Branded crabs with stickers on them

The servers de-shelled them for us...

And we were told to enjoy the crab roe first.
SO SO SO GOOD OMG!!! It was gooey and so tasty with their special vinegar, nothing like those hard roe that we have here! I had a hairy crab at another restaurant in Shanghai and it was nothing like this!

The bowl of goodness that was presented to us when we were done with the roe!

One thing I didn't like about Noble House was they didn't even bother to change our bowls/plates despite the changing of dishes...and this coming from a top-notch restaurant was pretty unacceptable to me.

Something like Peking Duck but the crispy duck was wrapped in buns!
The buns were so sweet I liked eating it on its own.

Fried rice drenched in gravy.
I was stuffed by the time this dish arrived hence I didn't really enjoy it.

Overall, I really liked the food at Noble House.
Worth a visit if you're in Shanghai!

What I wore the next day:
Off all things I forgot my eyeliner brush so I had to pay a visit to Sasa.

上海老街 (Shanghai Old Street)
We walked through an old street on our way to Yu Yuan (豫园)...

Dirty-looking smelly tofu I didn't try 'cause my stomach can't take roadside food well haha

Yu Yuan (豫园)

So we joined the snaking queue for Nanxiang xiaolongbaos (南翔小龙包)...

Very cheap at 16 for 20RMB but not nice at all.
Don't bother wasting calories and time for it.

As you would already know, I'm not a fan of visiting gardens/palaces 'cause they all look the same but since I was in comfortable footwear, I didn't complain much haha.

Will be back with more restaurant recommendations, the Pudong skyline and shopping in Shanghai next!

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  1. hi, love your hair!where did u perm ur hair?or did u curb it yourself?

  2. where are your brown boots from? nice!!

  3. anon: i did a perm in seoul! but it's getting so messy i'm gg to chop them off next week!

    anon: thank you! those boots are OLD! got them from amsterdam 3 years ago.

  4. hey! whats your lip colour? where did you get it from? thanks (:

  5. you look better without eyeliner

  6. i didn't apply anything on my lips, only burt's bees lip balm!

    i like myself with eyeliner, else my eyelids feel naked.

  7. Hi! This sounds creepy, but I saw you on the same plane back from Shanghai. (the plane that got irritatingly delayed!)

    Nice photos of you two in Shanghai :)

  8. is it the tinted burt bee's lipbalm? which colour are u using?

  9. mintprata: hahahaha seriously!!! what are the odds! it was my first time on China Eastern and the entire experience (from the delay to the staff to the aircraft facilities/amenities) was just horrible...will prob not take it again if given the choice... hope you had a great trip too! :)

    anon: nope, just the normal sheer mint one.

  10. exactly! what are the odds right :)

    anyway, I saw from one of your replies to your comment above that you permed your hair in seoul. i would be gg there in a couple of days time and is eagerly looking for a good saloon to do my hair. do u have any recommendations? and ard how much were u charged? excited to hear from you! thanks!

  11. mintprata: you're travelling so much! jealous!
    i permed my hair at Juno Hair (they've 3 outlets in Myeong Dong alone) right beside Adidas. it was $200+ for perm and treatment if i rem right. had a haircut on a separate occasion and it was only around $20. have fun in one of my favvvvvvv cities!!

  12. haha please don't be! u r the one who works as a traveler isn't it? ;)
    anyway, thanks for the super quick reply!! I will check it out.
    cheers to you! xoxo