14th February

Saturday, 18 February 2012

For Valentine's Day this year, I decided to surprise H with a home-cooked meal! It was my virgin attempt and am I glad to say it turned out a success?! The meal wasn't only edible, it actually tasted GOOD! All thanks to Google and watching my parents/grandmothers when they cooked and picked up a tip or two hehehe. Cooking must be in my Cantonese blood, I've found my natural talent (hahahaha). I'm absolutely proud of myself! :)

By the time I finally dragged myself out to buy groceries, it was already late noon and wet markets would've closed so I went to Cold Storage. Didn't know what kinda fish is good for steaming and the fish seller recommended the most expensive catch of the day... The red snapper. No regrets, the meat was really fresh and smooth!

It was my first time touching a raw fish...and it was kinda gross. So soft and scaly and wet...eeeeww
Need to wear gloves the next time I touch raw meat.

My favourite kailan with garlic and oyster sauce, cooked to perfection, just the way I like it! Crunchy!

Chicken meat and potatoes
Chicken was marinated with salt, pepper, light soya sauce and sesame oil

2 eggs, 1 century egg and 1 salted egg
Add 6 1/2 eggshells of water, steam.
Add light soya sauce, sesame oil when done.

Steamed red snapper
The fish seller must have knew I was a noob at cooking he washed and dug out the innards for me.
All I had to do was garnish it with ginger and chilli inside and on the fish, add some light soya sauce and I was done! Steam for exactly 10minutes and it was absolutely yummy! Healthy too!

And I bought durian puffs from Emicakes for desserts.

I will definitely cook again after realising how easy it actually is to whip up a meal!
Much healthier to eat at home too :)


 Dress from Seoul

 Crochet dress from H&M

All my favourite colours together :)

 Bustier dress from long ago
Blazer from H&M


Oh yes, we saw Emma Watson at Selfridges in London the other day!
Spot her!

 I was surprised she's really petite in person.
And that's all for my starstruck moment.
It lasted all of 5 seconds haha.


  1. hi jess, where do you watch your korean dramas from??

    1. i watch them on the iPhone.. downloaded using apps like PPS and LeTV.

  2. Superb dinner! Everything looks delish!

    I bought the same crochet dress from H & M, can't wait to wear it once it's warmer here in Toronto.


  3. Hi Jess! Can I have the recipe and steps for the kailan? Have always wanted to learn to make it but I have no idea where to start :(

    1. hello!
      i actually followed the steps here: http://www.noobcook.com/stir-fried-kailan/
      didn't use any sugar or chinese wine... oyster sauce was flavourful enough :)

  4. Hi Jess, May I know where did you get the skirt which you pair with the bustier top here? http://instagr.am/p/hsfEW/

    you always look so stylish and beautiful (:

    1. thanks babe! :)
      the skirt is from topshop.

  5. hey jessica don't know if you answered this qn before, mind sharing what eyeliner are you using? i'm a beginner anyway which would you recommend? thanks babe :)

    1. i think gel eyeliner is best for eyeliner-noobs haha.
      it's easy to control, no smudge and lasts the entire day!
      i'm currently using MAC's gel eyeliner and i feel it's the best gel liner i've used.

  6. How was bossypants? Would you encourage anyone to read it ? :)

    1. definitely! i wish i were as funny/witty/clever as tina fey.

  7. Hi saw the purple maxi u post in instagram. Mind sharing where it is from?