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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

 Happy Valentine's Day! 

14th February holds a whole new meaning to my life 4 years ago because that was the day I started my first day of training for my current job. This entire process that I'm still living in, continues to be life-changing. Can't say I love my job - I only love and enjoy everything else that my job offers except the main part of the job, which is, ironically, the job. I've made a promise to myself to quit this time next year so I can gain some corporate experience out in the big, bad world. In other words, I'm only left with a year to buy all the bags I want!!

My Valentine! 


I've always been quite the Korean drama fan girl and now that I've so much free time overseas, I've been watching Kdramas non-stop!

If you're crazy like me, share some watch-worthy dramas with me pleaseeeee! I like my lead actors/actresses good-looking haha thank you!

Here are some that I've watched and you can decide whether to waste time on it or not!

City Hunter
Genre: Action, Romance, Suspense

Must watch!
I'm not saying just 'cause Lee Min Ho was the lead actor but the plot was good and there was a twist near the end!
I didn't like the lead actress (Park Min Young) much 'cause apparently sparks between 
Lee Min Ho and her fired off during the filming of this drama but I've to admit she grew on me.
That flawless complexion and tiny nose, damn!
(They've broken up now anyway!)

If there's one drama not to be missed, it's this!
Therefore, 10/10 rating for this.
(I couldn't wait to devour the entire series!)

Lie to Me
骗我试试 / 對我說謊看看
Genre: Romance, Comedy

Rich man, poor girl kinda storyline but it Never gets boring when it comes to Kdramas!
I love the way they fell in love, made my heart flutters.
Some scenes made me burst out laughing but the 'Lie' ended too quickly and the last 10 episodes or so got kinda draggy.
Because I like both Yoon Eun Hye and Kang Ji Hwan's characters in the show,
for this!

Secret Garden
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Fantasy, Melodrama

This drama receives very high ratings so I had pretty high expectations for it but I was disappointed.
It was sooo draggy especially the last 3-4 episodes it felt like the producer just wanted to extend the drama and included numerous insignificant scenes. 
I was like, "Just get to the ending already since we know they're going to be together!"
Not all is bad since some scenes (especially after they switched bodies) had me literally in stitches I couldn't stop laughing and then some had me in tears.
for this since both Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won weren't exactly eye candies when I started the first episode (but Hyun Bin seems to become cuter as the show progresses!).
Great soundtrack by the way!

Personal Preference
Genre: Romance, Comedy

Why is Lee Min Ho so perfect, why???
This is like an extremely typical kinda Kdrama which involves an evil, mean girl 
who goes around spreading rumours and creating problems 
for the protagonist all in the name of jealousy.
Got me so frustrated and worked up during the serial!!!

Nothing exceptional but because Lee Min Ho's such an eye candy,

My Fair Lady
Genre: Romance, Comedy

This was unexpectedly good!
I reallyyyyy like Yoon Eun Hye, and her character in the show has the mossssstttt 
amazing fashion/clothes/accessories! 
I liked everything about her in the show 
from her confident strut to her horrible temper to her hair to her makeup, 
Don't we all wish we have an extravagant life like hers?

Definitely worth watching!
Rating: 10/10

The next drama on my list is this:
My Princess

I cannot help it, I'm a hopeless addict!


  1. Why quit when this job pays so well? im curious because many girls are dying to get in but the turnover rate is pretty high. :/

    1. i believe money is not all it is about annon-,-

    2. Its a tiring job and short shelf live. And stewardess job experience cant be really apply to the "experienced required" by corporate world.

    3. same reasons as why you and everyone else would quit your/their jobs.

  2. K dramas used to suck all my free time. I finally got over it but I really liked You're beautiful and the greatest love.

    1. i'm trying to get over them and read more too...........haha

  3. Gotto love protect the boss and 49 days!

    1. 49 days is a really sad drama right? i don't want to be tearing! haha

  4. happy v day jess! love ur blog and continue updating! :) where did u get ur black wedge? Love em'! :)

    1. happy valentine's day to you too dear!
      the black wedges are from primark, london :)

  5. Hi Jessica! Love reading your posts!

    you should watch protect the boss and miss Ripley! :)

    Btw, happy vday to you as well:):)

    1. thanks!! i'm downloading protect the boss now haha!

  6. Hi Jessica!

    love reading your blog! and the way you dress(:

    Your complexion is as good as those korean actresses! May i know where you do your facials? Do you mind sending me the details?

    Happy belated v day!

  7. babe i read your tweets.. how come you need to share a room with a stranger? :\

    1. haha didn't you read my replies?
      my colleague's room had a huge spider (and its family probably) living in it and the hotel's full... she asked me and i didn't think it was nice to reject since it was late so she bunked in for the night.

  8. Try this k-drama...
    'The Accidental Couple' or also known as 'That Fool'

    No hunks but it has Kim Ah-Joong, whom I think is quite pretty. I think she was the one who acted in 200 pounds beauty

  9. You should watch "My girlfriend is a nine-tailed fox" *thumbs up thumbs up!* :)

    1. haha i downloaded that drama long ago but haven't got down to watching it!

  10. where do you watch your korean dramas from???

  11. hello, do u own cambridge s​atchel? (=

    1. no..i was reallyyyyy close to getting one then i read a review on bagsnob about how it's more of a toy than a bag and the quality's not fantastic.. i still like it though!

  12. You can check out these dramas too! (:

    1. Can you hear my heart
    2. Heartstrings
    3. Flower Boy Ramyun Shop

    1. thanks babe!! :)
      will definitely refer back to this post when i'm done with my current dramas!

  13. hi Jessica! have you watched the moon that embraces the sun? it's the current hit drama! :)

  14. Hey Jess, you could try watching Korean variety shows when u want to take a break from dramas. They are *slightly* less addictive, super funny and features equally endearing characters.

    Running Man is pretty good and u learn more abt korea besides the usual touristy spots too-