Firenze (Florence), Italy

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

I'm finally back in civilisation! Oh man, how I've missed my home and Singapore!!!! H and I left for his hometown right away after I came back from Rome/Florence/Pisa with Jasmine so I was away for 2 weeks straight. I mean, Italy was beautiful, and everything was cheap in China (gel nails for only $16!) but nowhere beats Home :)

Now, something about Italy!

Of all the cities I've visited in Italy (Milan, Rome, Florence, Pisa and Venice), Florence has to be my favourite! It's such a lovely little city and every attraction can be reached by foot. I hope to visit Capri Island soon 'cause I just realised that's the beautiful summer place locals go for the sun and sea!

Jasmine and I hopped on a train to Florence from Rome (Express, 1.5hr, 90euro return trip) and walked 10minutes to our Bed & Breakfast from the Santa Maria Novella train station.

We had such a good laugh at the entrance 'cause we didn't know how to operate it 
and it was impossible to close it by force hahahaha!
In the end, we had to call the owner to come down and help us.
I bet that happens all the time!

Old school lift!!!
We both went, so cool!!! when we saw it hahaha
It's a manual lift and it doesn't stop at floors when someone else is using it.

 We stay on the second floor and that's the shopping street!
Gucci is our neighbour and the Duomo is just at the corner ;)

 I love my cute stockings!!!

Took a walk + lunch/dinner around the vicinity...

 Duomo & the Bell Tower

 My hot chocolate was soooo thick it's impossible to drink!

 First of our many pasta lunches/dinners and we still weren't sick of it!

Ferragamo originated from Florence so of course, there was a museum!

At one of the Lungarnos

 We had gelato in my favourite flavours (hazelnut & pistachio) everyday!

Pitti Palace

 We see David and his proud asset everywhere.

 View of Boboli Garden from the museum

 View of Florence from the Palace

Sunset at Ponte Vecchio!

We finally made it to Yellow Bar for dinner on our last night.
Thanks for the recommendation, Anonymous!

The food was pretty good and we had toooo much attention from the waiter, Sergio, 
it started to feel kinda awkward.
Bet the other patrons were glad these two Asian girls were finally done!


  1. Hi,

    i heard a lot of cases about people in europe asking you to pay for the photos they have taken. Saw that you had some photos that were taken by others, how do you ensure that you wont get cheated?? thank you!

    1. haha 'cause i chose people to take pictures for us, mostly asians and fellow tourists (with big and good cameras!), and i'm usually the one approaching them and not the other way round.

    2. thanks for the reply!!!! :)

  2. Wow, what an amazing trip! Florence looks fantastic :)

    1. many more beautiful cities waiting for us to explore! :)

  3. May i know which camera you are using? Your pics really captures the right colours! :)

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  5. hi,
    the cape you wore during the trip is uber nice! where did u get it from?


    1. probably 2 winters ago from primark, london!