Italy = Prada

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

What's Italy without some Prada? ;)

The Space outlet in Montevarchi is only a 30 minutes train journey (return tickets at 10.40euro) from Florence, of course we had to go!

It was a reallyyyyy funny experience hahaha!

We did research online beforehand and the easiest way to get there is by taking a taxi outside the train station. When we got there, we saw a long line of Asians, but no cabs. We stood there waiting for a while then somewhere in the near distance, we saw groups of Koreans running in the same direction.

We KNEW they were going to the outlet 'cause only Asians would be this kiasu to go before opening hours and do things like this hahahhaha.

So we decided to run in the same direction.

Were we glad we did!!!

They were actually running for a bus which was supposed to depart at 10am, I think. The ENTIRE BUS was filled with Koreans, like in school days, going for an excursion, but in this case, to the Prada outlet! And the bus ride only costs 3euro for the both of us, the return ride was free 'cause the driver refused our money!

All our buys

Prices before tax:

Wallet - 195euro
Keyholder - 70euro
Cufflinks - 90euro
Canvas bags - From 200euro
Leather bags - From 400euro

Cute flats I didn't get 'cause they were all too big :(
I really liked the red ones :(
195euro for these!

They stock mostly Prada and a small section of Miu Miu but definitely worth going! :)


  1. How much did you spend for your Italy trip in total (hotel & accomodation)?
    Also, which country outside of Asia would you most recommend?

    1. we didn't spend a lot, or rather, i didn't spend a lot 'cause i flew to rome for work ;)
      in total, i think i spent about 480euro for 5 days, for food + transportation + sightseeing + hotel in florence

      i actually reallyyyyy like europe (italy is a lovely country, paris is wonderful, i love london)
      and new york is so lively i would love to go back again.
      i guess it depends on what you would like to do in other cities (shopping, food, sightsee, museums, beach holiday, etc)

  2. Replies
    1. ...and only one bag belongs to me! hahah

  3. thats unfair! *envious*

    1. don't be, you'll get your chances!

  4. Hi jessica! :) where did u get ur floral shorts from ur instagram? love em' so chic! :)

  5. really love ur writing plus ur sense of style babe! keep it up!:) makeup post soon!

  6. hi babe i will be going on a tour to europe! i'd like to ask about the tax rebate. If i were to go to UK from Italy then back to Sg, where should i get claim my tax rebate? Thanks!

    1. If I'm not wrong, you've to claim tax in both UK and Italy before you leave the countries as the UK is not part of the EU so you can't claim everything at one go in Italy.

  7. Hi mind sharing where you took the train to the outlet and what train is that? I read that the train journey takes 1 hour but read that you took only half hour and a bus ride...would love to get some tips from you! I'm heading to Florence in may!

    1. You can find all train related schedules/prices/stations for traveling in Italy here:
      There are also one-hour train journeys to the outlet...just at different timings!