THE Boiling Crab!

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

I have been hearing A LOT about The Boiling Crab this, The Boiling Crab that from manyyyyy colleagues. So when I was in Houston and a couple of them wanted to go to The Boiling Crab for dinner, I jumped at the chance!
They were all very shocked it was my first time  >:(

That's all they have on the menu!

Obligatory first-timer shot, they said.

Sweet potato fries

They just lay some paper on the table and no cutleries were provided.
Use your hands for everything, even the sausages!
So when customers are done, they'll just wrap up the paper and discard everything.
Easy peasy!

Our food is here, in plastic bags no less!

One of my colleagues said the traditional way to eat it is to tie up the plastic bag,
turn it over, make a hole at the bottom, and eat from there!

Seasoning: The whole she-bang, medium spicyness.

Snow crab legs
I wouldn't order this again 'cause there are thorns on the legs and it's a pain trying to get the meat out.

The mess on my side of the table...
Remember to use the lime provided to wash your hands to get rid of the smell!

Our arms were in this position for the entire duration and I only realised how tiring it was after I was done!

I would totally go back again!!!
And probably order the same items off the menu.
MUST ORDER - King crab legs, sweet potato fries, sausages and shrimps!
The seasoning is really to die for omggggggg yummy!!! *SLURPS*

 Finally tried something different at IHOP!
Omelette with spinach, mushroom, tomato and original buttermilk pancakes!

 And my happiest buys from the trip! ;)))))))


  1. love the TB! how much are the tory's ? :) thanks babe!

  2. Hi jess! Do you have any eyecream to recommend? Is the philosophy good? Thank you :D

    1. Philosophy's not bad 'cause it's practically all in one.
      I'm currently using FRESH's lotus gel eye cream and I like that it's gel ('cause I'm very prone to milia seeds) and very refreshing!

  3. Hey Jessica, how much did you pay for the Tory Burch flats?

    Lisa ;)