I see Red.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

If you follow me on Instagram (tippytapp), you would've known my boyfriend, H, went a little crazy and bought me a Chanel Reissue 227 (Large) for my birthday. It was meant to be a surprise but... it failed.....hahahaha.

It happened like this:

Me: Do you think I should change my NRT-LAX for a Paris so I can buy bags?
H: What bags are you looking at?
Me: A lot! Either a Celine, Chanel or Dior.
H: Which one from Chanel?
Me: The GST, medium flap, WOC...
H: I think now is not a good time to buy.
Me: What do you mean it's not a good time to buy? Then when is?
Me: OH you mean you got me a Chanel for my birthday???????!!!!!?????!!
H: Eh...

Although I spoiled my surprise a month too early, I am STILL VERY SURPRISED!!!
It's too huge a surprise for me!!
To be honest, I've NEVER expected anyone other than myself to feed my own materialism 'cause as we all already know, chasing after luxury goods involves A LOT of money and I think I'm the only one crazy enough to splurge like this and I don't expect my boyfriend/parents/friends or anyone (sugar daddies haha) to spend this kinda money on me.
I prefer to make my own money and buy them.

It's a reallyyyyyyy sweet gesture from H though :')))))))))))
Now I know I'm worth him spending so much of his hard-earned cash on me :')))))))))))))))))))))))))))
(I expect a huge rock, thanks.)

I've always wanted a red Chanel!
Gave up on one in January 'cause I cannot bear to spend $5000 on a medium flap........!

I know I am very lucky and blessed :')


  1. get married soon!:)

  2. its so pretty!

    1. it is! i loveeee the smell of new leather :')

  3. How much does the classic Dior bag cost in paris? Any idea?! I know sg is selling at 4900

  4. Beautiful! he purchase this from chanel sg? :))

    1. nope, he got a mutual friend to get it in london!

  5. ur legs are to die for! how tall r u? :)

    1. they're really not...my legs are my least favourite parts haha
      i'm 160cm :)

  6. hi jess! i see that you got a kindle and can i ask are books free of charge when u dl from kindle? any perks of using kindle?

    1. i love my kindle!!!! i no longer have to spend money buying books 'cause there are manyyyyy sites where you can download books for free! (all the bestsellers!!!) plus you don't have to worry about pages turning yellow or finding storage space 'cause a kindle is all you need and it's sooo convenient and light! i'm sure you won't regret getting one, just like me! :)

    2. thanks for ur comments!! :) can i know how much u paid for it and is it kindle fire? or and via which store did u get it from?

    3. nope, i got the kindle touch 'cause i only wanted it purely for reading and kindle fire has apps and all which i've no use for. i ordered it through amazon.com and sent it to my hotel in san francisco. can't remember the price you can probably find it on the website!