Baking bread!

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

I've always wanted to bake and we just got a new oven at home! 
H and I have baked bread twice now and omgggggg I must say the second time was a success!!! 
On our first attempt, the recipe we followed gave us dry, hard and tasteless buns. 
I was so touched though 'cause my mum and H finished everything and said they were "not bad". 
But taste can't lie and even I couldn't swallow them :( 
So the second time round, I followed this "sweet dinner rolls" recipe 
and added in sausages and they were goooooood! 
The bread was sweet and soft and it tasted good even on its own hehehe so happy!

I followed the recipe here:

We don't have a bread baker so we kneaded the ingredients by hand 
and skipped the last step of spreading butter over the dough.
We also brushed some egg white on the surface of the bread to get the glossy look!

If you have any good recipes to share, please let me know!! :)

Hehehe this MySpringFling dress was love at first sight for me!

I love the pop of colours and the fabulous cutting!
I got to know Rachel through flying or rather, waaaay before that during the Livejournal days
and she has immaculate taste as you can see from the success of MSF! :)
Get your piece of the dress here!
Last few pieces available ;)


  1. may i know how you managed to keep your hair long during work bcos i remember you having a bob last time :) Thanks so much!

    1. grow it so long till you're asked to tie your hair up.

  2. Hi,
    where and how much did you bought that oven for??
    Can it be used to bake cakes and cookies?

    Thank you!

    1. i've no idea babe my mum bought it.
      yup, you can use it to bake anything you want!

  3. Hello! I was inspired by you and tried the Sweet Dinner Rolls too. But it turns out real hard =(
    DId you follow everything stated on the recipe? I realized 3 3/4 cup of flour wasn't even for me to make the dough knead-able. haha!