Saturday, 8 September 2012

 I've been having so much good food lately, my tummy's spoiled!
Lucky tummy :)

 Eggs benny @ Hatched
I love how the bread and ham were a little charred, adds to the overall taste!
Side potato was good too.
Only downside was the service.

Salt, Tapas & Bar for desserts after dinner one day.
The chocolate lava tart was the better choice out of the two!
The accompanying peanut butter ice-cream and honeycomb were THUMBS UP!!
Spanish churros on the other hand was a letdown. 
It was kinda bland on its own, and the dark chocolate sauce lacked sweetness.
Not the best I've tasted.

 Finally tried Menya Musashi in Singapore!
H and I wanted to try in Tokyo but we had no time.
The difference between this and normal ramen is the thick soup,
and they use thicker noodles.
To be honest, I'm not a big fan.
Still prefer the traditional ramen!

Stopped by PAUL to rest our legs and have some pastries.
I loveeeee fruit tarts and this strawberry tart is YUMS!
Not my first time there, I also love their chocolate croissant!

 If you haven't already know,
I'm a hugeeeee eggs benedict fan hahaha.
This was at Baker and Cook.
Same same but different!
I really enjoyed this!
This type of bread goes very well with balsamic and olive oil 
so it was ingenious to incorporate into the dish! 

 Baker and Cook is also very well known for their pastries so we couldn't leave without trying!
The lemon tart was highly raved and it was worth the rave.
The crust was good and the lemon paste was light but since I'm not a huge fan of lemon, 
I couldn't eat more than a few small mouthfuls.

This was raspberry something and it was just as good, if not better!

I also had the smoothie 'Vitamin Burst' to go with my meal and it was greaaaattt!
Overall, I really enjoyed my meal at Baker and Cook and I will definitely visit again! 

I am crazy about studs lately and this dress from Fash Mob arrived at the right time!
The fit is perfect and it brings out the subtle rocker chick in me hahaha!

I actually really like wearing pants but most pants are usually too big for my skinny legs :(
Match this pair of capri pants from Fash Mob with a blazer for a formal look or 
dress it down with an off shoulder top for the weekend!

Shop now!


  1. what size do you wear for the chinos?

  2. where's the place with the huge green patch? so pretty!

  3. Hi, thanks for the reply regarding the bag! (:

    Btw, do you think the material of the KS bag is gd/can last? Coz it gonna be my everyday bag for the next few yrs ):


    1. definitely! i use it pretty often and treat it very badly but it shows no sign of giving way yet! leather usually lasts :)

  4. Hi Jessica, may I know where you get the yellow sunflower top? Thanks :)

  5. hows the fit for the studded dress from fashmob? is it tight or fit just right at the ptp? cant decide to get s or m.

    1. i wear S and it's not tight at the ptp.

  6. no discount for fashmob advert? =)

    1. hahaha you'll have to ask the owners!

  7. DO A vlog please! or ur daily makeup routine!!:)

    1. that needs a lot of figuring out hahaha when i've time ok!!

  8. Hi Jess, what camera are you using for the photos in this post? :)

  9. hello jess, may i know where did you get your white shirt from? :))