I've graduated!

Saturday, 1 September 2012

I had seen many, many graduation pictures weeks prior to my convocation 
and I was like, boringgggg and even got sick of looking at yet ANOTHER graduation album.
But when it was MY graduation, I was so excited!!!
H was just as excited, he likened it to
"Imagine your child going on stage to get an award and you, as a parent, 
just want to capture down every moment."

My mum couldn't make it for the ceremony so when I came home, 
she forced me to don on the academic dress again to take a picture hahahaha 
but we did a lousy job wearing the hood. 
Oh well as long as the mortar board can be seen! hahahaha

I've more pictures but they are all in my dad's camera which I haven't gotten hold of yet 
so you guys will never see it 'cause I don't intend to do another post on my convocation haha.
The whole ceremony was actually pretty boring.
The only interesting part was probably the photo-taking.

Oh yessssss, after I sent my camera for repair, the lens has became lousier 
and my pictures all turn out red so angry!!
And there's now a new "memory card error" which is soooo annoying!
My camera took MUCH better pictures 
and was MORE dependable before the "lens error" fault!  >:(
So is Canon going to replace a new camera for me?
The "lens error" is a technical fault by them anyway! :(((((


  1. Hi Jess. Will u recommend to get the black KS bag that u own? Coz I read so,e review, some say it quite a pain to take in out of the bag. (:

    1. i actually quite like the bag and i've no problem getting things in and out that's why i use it often overseas!

  2. hey jess, what size do you wear for the lb bejou bralet??

  3. Congratulations Jessica! Everyone looks so proud of you!

  4. may i know what brand of flat iron do u use? thank u!

    1. eh that's a really weird question hahaha i've no idea too lazy to check!!

  5. hi jess! where did u get the white top on ur graduation?=)

  6. Hey Jess, I'm currently studying in RMIT! How envious I was when I saw the few days of graduation ceremony held at the atrium. Congrats on your graduation! Did you graduate with Distinctions? Some are telling me that graduating with Distinctions would greatly help in looking for a job in future..getting kind of worried now :/

    1. nope, i didn't graduate with distinctions. i was happy enough to pass what with juggling with work and all!
      to be honest, i don't think employers care about how well you did in your studies... more of how you can prove yourself to be worthy to the company.

  7. Hey! major loveeeee those pairs of shoes you posted on instagram!!! where are they from? also where's the yellow sling boxy bag, yellow dress and floral outerwear from? all are so pretty!

    1. hahaha thanks for being a fan!! shoes from primark, bag from bershka i think, dress from online and floral blazer from UO.