Seoul with Sau!

Thursday, 25 October 2012

If you don't already know, Seoul is one of my favourite cities of all time!!!
Okay, I know every other city is my favourite city...
How about favourite Asian city?
I only have three!
Tokyo, Hong Kong and Seoul :D
I LOVE the food, language (or hearing them converse), girls, dramas, that enough reasons?
And of course, my favourite Sau is there!!
I'm really, really, really x1000000 hoping for good news 
that somebody will give me their Seoul flight next month.
I need some spicy rice cake, bibimbap, bbq pork, strawberry shortcake, pancake and soy bean paste soup..........omggggggg.
I also need to buy more shampoo.
Please, please, PLEASE take my flight!

I was craving for bibimbap and this was pretty good!
I would love a bowl now.

Then we went for a haircut at Juno Hair!
Before I proceed, a little about the salon since I always get questions about it!

I always go to Juno Hair in Myeong Dong for haircuts whenever I'm in Seoul.
So far, I've did a perm and treatment with them, had a couple of haircuts 
and my hair ALWAYS looks amazing when I step out of the salon!
On our holiday to Seoul last year, H and I went for a haircut there 
and he's STILL singing praises of the cut.
Honestly, I cannot remember all my hairdressers' names but they're all skillful.
My most recent hairdresser was reallyyyyyyy handsome, 
even Sau was checking him out hehehehe haha!

Okay, prices.
Perms are expensive there.
The one I did last year was approximately 200,000won but it was so pretty and natural looking!
Haircuts are cheap though!
It's only 20,000won regardless of length, I think.

I don't know the address of the salon but from what I know, 
there are three Juno Hair salons in Myeong Dong alone.
I only visit the one next to the Adidas store,
just take the lift up to the 3rd level!

I loveeeeeee how they blow my hair!
It's like freaking messy yet it looks nice somehow.
I don't know why.

We went to my favourite BBQ restaurant at Myeong Dong for dinner after that!

Looking more and more Korean now

Magic potion.

As usual, we went to one of the many cafes dotting Myeong Dong for desserts.
This cafe specialises in tea and everything was infused with tea.
We stayed all the way till closing time and headed our separate ways
'cause we both had early morning flights to catch the next day. :/

Wish I had more time in Seoul.


  1. Hi jess!

    May I ask whr did u purchase ur celine tote? I noticed in ur latest Paris post that u were carrying a celine paperbag, did u get urs there? I'll be heading paris in a wk time and i hope to get mine thr (fingers cross thr are avail colors ard). Which celine outlet did u get urs at (if u did get urs at Paris). What size dis u get urs? Mini?

  2. Oh, and also how much did u get it for?

    Thanks for taking ur time to read and hopefully i'll grt a reply from u pretty! Been a silent reader of urs and i enjoying reading them. Do keep blogging! (:

  3. Hello! Where did u get ur cream crotchet top frm? Tia