A bundle of joy!

Saturday, 20 October 2012

My sister gave birth!
I'm an aunt!!

I don't know why but in recent months, I have RAGING maternal instincts and I cannot resist babies!!! Gosh, I even find myself cooing to babies onboard when in the past, I tried all means to avoid them 'cause they are just smelly, wet, dirty, soft little wriggly things that cannot stop crying.
Now, I just want to spend ALL my working time playing with them!

It still feels so surreal staring at this precious face.

I find it so amazing that this little angel was a part of my sister for 9 months, 
and to finally see him in flesh, the feeling is indescribable.
(We waited long enough!!)

Hehehe my nephew is definitely cuter than yours! ;p

Fash Mob sent me two items which I TOTALLY ADORE!

Glam up your outfits with this vest!
Goes surprisingly well with my girly wardrobe
and it hides those armpit fats ;)

I see myself wearing this dress to work with a blazer,
and then for a dinner date after (without the blazer!) with my boyfriend!
The quality material is a bonus! :)

Look pretty everyday with Fash Mob! ;)))))

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