Sunday, 27 January 2013

p/s: As per requests, I've updated SHOPTIPPYTAPP with some hastily taken pictures!
WIWTs seen on Instagram are at the bottom :)

Hello girls!

I've done a little spring cleaning and I've a MILLION pieces of dresses I no longer wear 
(I'm not even kidding), and I'm planning to sell them cheap!

What do you think is a good way?

It's IMPOSSIBLE to take pictures of every single piece...
I've also thought of having a stall at a flea but apparently 
they don't allow us to sell preloved items anymore?

In the meantime, 
if you are interested in any of the clothes you've seen me in, 
drop me an email at with an attached picture of the item 
and I might just sell it to you! ;)

p/s: If you haven't already heard, 
we've just launched a new collection over at TIPPYJESS!

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  1. An idea, u can sell em in bundles as mystery package